Able to build and scale up link and I/O quantities to maintain the ability to grow as demand increases


Possessing the horsepower and technology to pack a wide variety of functions into our transport platforms to ensure broadcast quality and high reliability


Worldwide install base of Evertz transport products in both dark fiber and IP domains

Monitoring & Control

MAGNUM and VistaLINK offer unparalleled monitoring and control, with the ability to monitor link health and set up paths to define small to large transport interconnects with ease


Having the ability to interface with a wide variety of IP and dark fiber transport networks


Able to be configured and then re-configured for a variety of transport requirements


Possessing redundant network interfaces and leveraging the most advanced technology for continuity of service


Transporting a variety of video/audio/data signals over various types of transport media (dark fiber or IP)

Evertz ® 3700 ATP is the most advanced, scalable and flexible media transport platform for professional video, audio and datacom signal transport applications. At its heart, a sophisticated Switch Fabric allows for unicast, multicast and broadcast signal distribution over existing SONET/SDH or IP networks. The ATP platform itself may also comprise the network elements by direct connection over dedicated fiber or WDM systems. Integration with Evertz ® full 7700/7800 series product line provides comprehensive signal processing and conversion capabilities, all in one extremely versatile platform.

System Overview

With years of experience in fiber optics, TDM multiplexing, SONET/SDH, IP transport, signal processing and Switch Fabrics, Evertz ® now introduces the next generation in multi-service platforms.

The ATP leverages Evertz ® expertise and takes these proven technologies to new levels, providing an infinitely flexible, fault-tolerant transport platform consisting of the following:

  1. Signal Interfaces provide input and output connections for user video, audio, datacom and telecom signals. These cards provide multi-port signal aggregation to optimize footprint density.
    Signal standard, bandwidth, and bit errors are monitored with information available for remote monitoring via Evertz ® VistaLINK ® PRO SNMP management software.
  2. Trunk Interfaces connect to the switch fabric and encapsulate signals for transport on SONET/SDH, IP or dedicated fiber/WDM networks.
    Any of the Trunk Interfaces available may be deployed on the network, greatly simplifying network planning and allowing full utilization of various network types.
  3. The Switch Fabric lies between the Signal and Trunk Interface modules and forms the heart of an ATP node. The Switch Fabric employs a completely non-blocking architecture to route signals between the user and the network providing full ADD, DROP and PASS functionality at any node on the network. This gives ATP the ability to support any conceivable unicast, multicast or broadcast signal requirement. For applications where the number of Signal Interface and/or Trunk Interface connections grows to exceed the capacity of the Switch Fabric, additional Switch Fabric modules can be added for easy scalability.
  4. Signal Processing & Conversion modules can also be accommodated within the ATP chassis. Any 7700/7800 series module can be inserted to harness the capabilities of Evertz ® vast product line. This provides nearly unlimited additional functionality for outgoing or incoming signals, all in one platform. Signal processing/conversion functions include:
    • JPEG2000 SD & HD encode/decode
    • MPEG SD & HD encode/decode
    • Audio embedding and de-embedding
    • Video & audio D/A and A/D
    • Up/down/cross conversion
    • Dolby encoding, decoding, upmixing and downmixing
    • Audio channel mixing & reassignment
    • Frame synchronization
    • Closed captioning
    • IntelliGain inter- and intra-program audio normalization
    • Black level, gain, hue and saturation adjustment
    • Video and audio delay
    • RF demodulation

For application specific requirements, please contact Evertz ® sales or visit for a comprehensive list of all available 7700/7800 series modules.

Multi-Service Video/Audio/Data Over SONET/SDH and Core IP Networks

Whether the application entails contribution, content delivery, provisioning of video transport services or any other high-performance video/audio/datacom transport application, Evertz ® ATP provides the flexibility to handle any requirement.

With Signal and Trunk Interfaces available for all popular signal types, interface with the outside world is straightforward. Compatibility with the entire Evertz ® 7700/7800 platform provides limitless possibilities for processing and conversion of incoming and outgoing signals.

Network Operations Control

The ATP client provides extensive capability for service scheduling with network provisioning & monitoring. Dedicated circuits, occasional use services and last minute requirements can all be accommodated within the ATP scheduling client for maximum flexibility and optimum efficiency of network bandwidth. Network topology and geographic views provide operational monitoring with on screen alarming and drill down capability for diagnostics and troubleshooting. Equipment views provide further drill down capability to the card level, for status and signal diagnostics to the individual service demarcation point. This provides the required feedback to ensure service level agreement (SLA) compliance. Provisioning logs can also be exported to third party billing systems for ease of software integration.

Monitoring & Thumbnailing with the MVP ®, VIP and VistaLINK ®

Evertz ® is an industry leader in signal monitoring and multiviewer technology, and can provide options for visual monitoring and alarming of your video and audio signals throughout the network.

Multi-display solutions provide flexible, real-time, full-resolution monitoring of video & audio signals. ThumbLINK -enabled products provide a means to create low-bandwidth thumbnails of video streams and make them available throughout the ATP network, providing a superior level of confidence monitoring.

ThumbLINK & Video Status Monitoring with VistaLINK ® PRO PLUS

Operation, Monitoring and Control

The ATP employs a redundant, fault tolerant architecture to ensure constant service availability. Management systems for network configuration, provisioning and monitoring provide intuitive, user-friendly operation, while increasing network resiliency.


VistaLINK ® PRO is Evertz ® comprehensive SNMP monitoring and control software tool suite. The VistaLINK ® Pro ATP Client provides a graphical user interface for service scheduling and provisioning with timeline tracking. A network view is also provided for graphical display of the network with alarming and drill down capability at any node. Monitoring and control of hardware, signals and network configuration is also available.

VistaLINK ® PRO PLUS adds a fully user-configurable graphical environment for user customization. Starting with Global perspectives, drill down to specific nodes, frames and modules can be accomplished. Facility block diagrams and intuitive graphical renditions can be created with images from the VistaLINK ® media library.

The VistaLINK ® PRO software tool suite is a true SNMP monitoring and control package that goes beyond the ATP to unite Evertz ® Fiber optics, Satellite RF, IRD, Conversion, Compression, Transport Stream Monitoring and Multiviewer product lines under one customizable, detailed monitoring & control tool for facility wide signal monitoring and real-time equipment configuration.

Third party equipment support is also provided with Northbound and Southbound interfaces to allow complete system wide monitoring & control under one unified system.


The ATP provides the capacity for hardware, connection and control redundancy. When combined with Evertz ® hitless protection switching technology, seamless failover from primary to redundant streams is provided for optimum network performance.

3700FR & 7800FR Chassis

Two chassis are available for the ATP to accommodate large core node and small access node or customer premise applications. The 3700FR 6RU chassis accommodates sixteen Evertz 7700/7800 series card slots for Signal Interface, Trunk Interface and Signal Processing/Conversion applications. Dual, redundant Switch Fabric modules, power supplies and frame controllers can also be used.

The 7800FR 3RU chassis accommodates fifteen 7700/7800 series card slots for Signal Interface, Trunk Interface and Signal Processing/Conversion. Dual, redundant Switch Fabric modules and power supplies can also be used.

Expansion Options

Evertz ® ATP architecture allows for simple expansion beyond a single 3700FR or 7800FR chassis when additional Signal or Trunk interfaces exceed the slot count.

Additional 3700FR or 7800FR chassis can be easily added to increase capacity while maintaining common and transparent control and monitoring through VistaLINK ®.

6RU ATP Chassis

3RU Multiframe which holds up to 15 single-slot modules

Specifications & Ordering Information

3700FR Specifications


AC Input:

Auto ranging, 100 1 240V AC, 50/60Hz

Maximum Operating Current:

9.5A @ 115V AC nominal,
4.0A @ 220V AC nominal

Power Supply Configuration:

1 standard, plus 1 optional redundant


IEC 60320 - 1 per power supply



6RU - 10.5" (266mm)

Width & Depth:

19" (483mm), 14.5" (368mm)

Module Capacity:

16 x 77xx/78xx series slots
6 x 3xxx slots


Approx. 20lbs. (9kg) with 2 power supplies, no slots occupied

Ordering Information

Chassis & Information


6RU Chassis with Redundant Power Supplies


3RU Chassis with Redundant Power Supplies


3700FR Frame Controller, Controls 3700ALR

Switch Fabrics


24Gb/s, 3RU Switch Fabric Module


48Gb/s, 3RU Switch Fabric Module


72Gb/s, 6RU Switch Fabric Module


144Gb/s, 6RU Switch Fabric Module

Signal Interfaces



8xASI/SD user configurable Inputs/Outputs


8xASI/SD/HD or 4x 3G user configurable Inputs/Outputs


4xASI/SD user configurable Inputs/Outputs


4xASI/SD/HD or 2x3G user configurable Inputs/Outputs


8xSD/DVB-ASI/SDTi Inputs


8xSD/DVB-ASI/SDTi Outputs



8xAES Audio Inputs


8xAES Audio Outputs


2xMADI, 4xRS232/422 and 8x GPIO Signal Interface

Data / Telco


Dual Gigabit Ethernet


8xGigabit Ethernet with integral 24xport Ethernet Switch


1GE IP-ASI-IP Signal Interface


10GE IP-ASI-IP Signal Interface


8xT1/E1 and 2xDS3/E3 Signal Interface

Trunk Interfaces


Dual DS3/E3 Trunk Interface


OC3/STM-1 Trunk Interface


OC12/STM-4 Trunk Interface


OC48/STM-16 Trunk Interface


OC192/STM-64 Trunk Interface


1-Gigabit Ethernet Trunk Interface


10-Gigabit Ethernet Trunk Interface