3RU 500FR Exponent Frame Layout

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Completed 500FR Exponent Frame

Layout Guidelines

Using the
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Layout tool, you can build a 3RU frame tailored to your precise needs drawing from ' wide selection of compact distribution modules.

To insert a module, either click the selection menu or double-click the rear panel image of any slot. A list of all available 500 series modules will appear; you can filter this list by typing partial model numbers in the input area at the bottom of the list. Once you select the module you want from the list, it will be inserted into the frame.

Using the Clipboard

To place a module in the clipboard, highlight a module and press Ctrl + C or click the Copy button. The contents of the clipboard will be displayed below the selection menu.

To paste a module from the clipboard, highlight the target slot and press Ctrl + V or click the Paste button. Pasting a module will overwrite any contents of the currently selected slot with the contents of the clipboard.

Completing a Frame

Get Quote

Once you are satisfied with your completed Exponent frame, and have entered the appropriate Customer Information, click the Get Quote tab. If you have provided enough information, chiefly a selected Sales Contact and your Contact Information, the submit button will be enabled. Clicking this button will send the information to the Sales Contact you selected. Afterwards you may continue editing your frame.


For your convenience, the layout tool allows you to export an image of the frame you have built in one of three formats. Click the Export tab to display download links for these images.

A web graphic similar to GIF or JPG.
A generic vector-based graphic usable by many design programs such as Adobe Illustrator.
A specialized vector-based graphic for import into a CAD program like AutoCAD.

Save / Print

Click the Save or Print tab to display the Save / Print dialogue. Saving your configuration will record your selected modules and Customer Information in the database and provide you with a URI key. By saving and/or bookmarking this link, you can completely restore your session at a later date and continue editing. Configurations you store in this fashion will be available for 90 days after their most recent recall.

Printing your frame layout will work best using Landscape orientation. Allowing printing of background colours and images is also recommended.

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Customer Information

Send Frame Layout

Get a quote, or send your finished layout to your selected Sales Contact.

To request a quote, or confirm a pre-ordered layout, click the Send button above to send your finished frame layout to the Sales Contact you have selected.

Save / Print Configuration

Generate a URI which you can bookmark and continue editing later
For best printing results, select 'Landscape' orientation.

Front Panel View

Click the "View Front" tab to toggle the view.

Export as Graphic