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Big Data Analytics

Real time centralized operational intelligence for video broadcasters.
Aggregating data from all machine data points in a workflow, regardless of device type.

Get more "inSITE" on your facility and increase your operational intelligence using Evertz' Big Data Analytics solution. Evertz' inSITE provides operational intelligence for any media organization by collecting, searching, monitoring and analyzing data from any device source in your facility. inSITE allows broadcast and media organizations to extract and visualize hidden device data like never before. It also uses a wealth of information to improve operational efficiency, support and drive new business decisions and uncover new service offering opportunities.

Features & Benefits

Throughout broadcast and media enterprises, there is untapped value in the machine data generated by your business infrastructure and applications. Hidden in this data is the Operational Intelligence you require to run and optimize your operations. inSITE utilizes industry standard, open source BDA tools; Elastic, Logstash and Kibana (ELK Stack) to receive, store and visualize data, while combining these tools with a purpose built, web-based deployment and management system. inSITE includes custom, documented, industry focused SDVN data collectors and APIs for easy integration within media and broadcast environments. Evertz' unique scenario, pattern-matching, machine learning algorithms, notification subsystems and direct integration with its NMS and Control / Orchestration applications, allow inSITE to provide a powerful software tool that extends beyond basic log analysis.

Enhanced Visibility

Provides complete visibility into all of your hidden device data.

Solid & Secure

Centralized secured data collection and secure operational intelligence.

Search Optimization

Collect, search, monitor and analyze data from any structured or unstructured data source.


Evertz inSITE collects and aggregates all machine data points (logs, syslogs, events and metrics from any source). These collected data sets are correlated to provide users with more effective troubleshooting information (to identify root cause faster), key performance metrics (for system performance and resource usage), and real-time dashboards. In addition to these dashboards, inSITE provides direct interfacing with other Evertz software tools (VistaLINK PRO, MAGNUM and Mediator-X) to leverage its data analysis abilities. For broadcasters, inSITE is the leading platform for operational intelligence of their facility.

inSITE Big Data Analytics Info Store

Data Collector Types

inSITE collects data from any source, stores this data, indexes it and enables you to search, monitor and further analyze the stored data to uncover powerful insights for multiple applications. Data can be collected by activating any of the included generic or SDVN specific data handlers, but can also be extended using open source beats and Logstash plug-ins.

Common Types

  • Syslog
  • SNMP
  • Windows Event Logs
  • Windows / Linux Process Info
  • Structured Data (JSON / XML / CSV)
  • HTTP / Web Services
  • SQL Databases
  • Beats

Evertz Types

  • IP Gateway Device Logging
  • EXE IP Router Flow Data
  • Mediator-X Metrics
  • DreamCatcher™ Metrics

Intuitive Interfaces

inSITE allows management of device event data like never before and includes intuitive interfaces to leverage powerful data search and analytics functions to get more value from your device data and logs.

Configuration Tools

inSITE's web-based configuration tool allows simple setup and management. Configure and manage single server to large scale multi-node cluster systems, data collectors, shared dashboards, user access and API interfaces via this easy to use configuration tool.

Data Searching APIs

inSITE provides methods for analyzing and searching machine data and logs. These include: direct log access and searching through the web based log Discovery views; Kibana and Sense plug-in integration; data search and analysis through the many data specifc APIs. These custom inSITE APIs are targeted to users in the media and broadcast IP sector and allow simple data and analysis extraction.

Data Visualization

inSITE provides full integration of the industry standard Kibana visualization tool. This integration provides flexible analytics and a visualization platform to explore and visualize data; real-time summary and charting of streaming data; and instant sharing and embedding of web-based data dashboards for heads up display of your data required for today's media and broadcast operations.

Easy Integration

inSITE provides direct interfacing with Evertz NMS Monitoring system (VistaLINK PRO), Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN), and Orchestration and Control System (MAGNUM). This direct interface allows these operational tools to automatically leverage the data analysis abilities of inSITE. This raises fault discovery, prediction and SDVN orchestration, control verification and troubleshooting to new levels.

NMS (VistaLINK PRO) Integration

The Evertz VistaLINK PRO NMS monitoring system and inSITE Data Analytics systems have been directly interfaced to provide a more powerful monitoring and management software suite. Avoid the headaches of trying to manage and interface disparate or single function BDA systems in your environment. Evertz unites these tools through unique custom built APIs that allows the benefits of both applications to be shared across the entire platform.

Ordering Information

INSITE-ENTERPRISE-LIC-1YR One year enterprise inSITE software access license
INSITE-NODE-HW inSITE Server Hardware Node