MAGNUM, as a unified control system, bridges all of the major components (whether all-SDI, all-IP or hybrid) within the broadcast path under a single point of control enabling broadcasters to simplify facility workflow and gain efficiency while reducing operational costs.

Key Benefits

SDVN (Software Defined Video Networking)

MAGNUM powers Evertz' Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN). As the industry migrates towards an IP-centric facility, MAGNUM allows content providers to seamlessly transition from SDI to IP without compromise. As the SDVN orchestration and control, MAGNUM leverages Evertz 10/100GE high capacity switch fabrics, media IP gateways, and Evertz traditional SDI products such as EQX 3G/HD/SD-SDI routers. Evertz' SDVN offers broadcasters, content distributors and service providers a flexible, format agnostic and scalable infrastructure for SD, HD, 3G, and Ultra HD (4K and 8K) video.


Routing Core

  • Unifies control / interfacing to all Evertz and 3rd party routers
  • Central location for controlling Evertz routing products (EQX & IPX), 3rd party routers and router control systems
  • Configure and manage systems ranging from single router systems (with 10s of sources / destinations) to large enterprise sized systems (with 1000s of sources / destinations, that utilizes tie-lines)


  • Unifies control and interfacing to Evertz multiviewers
  • Central location for controlling Evertz multiviewer products (MVP, MVIP & VIP)
  • Configure and manage various setup & monitoring parameters from a central web interface
  • Update specific multiviewer mnemonics using the Name Application
  • Use web based Multiviewer Design Tool to create multiviewer layouts
  • Provides central storage and recall of the saved layouts

Master Control & Branding

  • Provides centralized management of multiple channel playout for dynamic control and automatic mnemonics


  • Simplifying the management and routing of IP/optical based resources within the familiar source and destination baseband architecture
  • Enables control for Evertz IP based devices such as Encoders, Decoders, IPX, and IPGs
  • Provision, schedule, and manage network and optical bandwidth & pathfinding for Evertz transport


  • Intelligent Signal Path finding by dynamically reconfiguring in-line Evertz conversion & processing devices
  • Automatic provisioning and configuration of scarce resources thereby minimizing equipment overhead and management requirements
  • Using up convert, down convert, and cross-convert devices, MAGNUM's Intelligent Signal Pathing engine dynamically re-purposes the devices based on the conversion requirements of the operator. For example simplifying the conversion process from an incoming SD signal to a HD destination


  • Schedule Events with specific start and/or end times
  • Multiple tasks per Events
  • Tasks including scheduling routes and other resources under MAGNUM
  • Recurring events
  • Per-destination timeline view
  • Agenda view (i.e. List view)
  • Show/hide historic events


  • Unifies configuration and management of the tally state and status from discrete devices
  • Central location for configuring tally setups for interfacing to switchers, discrete GPIOs, multiviewers, routers, & IMD devices
  • Create, save and recall various tally configurations for an event
  • Centrally manages and interfaces to Evertz routers and multiviewers
  • Reduces configuration time of systems


  • Automate tasks with sensors, triggers and actions
  • Web based User friendly interface
  • Easier to manage custom workflows with enable/disable settings
  • Supports various sensors and actions both Evertz and third party for ex vGPI, SNMP alarm, route update etc.
  • Built in documentation and sample reflexes for common workflows

Control Panels

  • Offers dynamic multi-system control to simple button per source panel types
  • Variety of choices for router control and interfacing using advanced multi-system panels, LCD re-legendable, or simple button per source interfaces
  • Centralized layout management & control



Increasingly complex workflows, staffing reductions, as well as size and space constraints are all challenges that media broadcasters face today. At the center of the Evertz Production solution is MAGNUM which unifies the control of all the elements found in production facilities including routing, multiviewers and tally.

MAGNUM Modules
  • Router Control
  • Multiviewer
  • Tally
  • Schedule

Master Control

Master Control is the heart of any broadcast facility. Demands for reliability, serviceability and signal protection are essential. MAGNUM unifies the control and management of these essential devices by providing robust router, multiviewer and tally interface solutions.

MAGNUM Modules
  • Router Control
  • Multiviewer
  • Tally
  • Reflex


Evertz offers high performance and cost effective solutions that optimize workflow and improve efficiency within the facility. MAGNUM provides a single unified interface for managing and controlling the various systems. Whether the requirement is interfacing for router control, centralized name management, multiviewers or Intelligent signal pathing, MAGNUM is able to simplify the operation.

MAGNUM Modules
  • Router Control
  • Names
  • Multiviewer
  • ISP
  • Reflex
  • Schedule

Outside Broadcast

In challenging, quick turn production environments MAGNUM provides a solution for unifying the control of all the elements found in mobile production including routing, multiviewing and tally. Providing a single interface for control and management enables more to be accomplished in less time and effort. A web interface allows changes to be made without being confined to a specific location.

MAGNUM Modules
  • Router Control
  • Multiviewer
  • Tally


MAGNUM simplifies the control of inbound or outbound signal process flow using its Intelligent Signal Pathing engine for automatic conversion. Management and routing of IP/optical resources, such as IP fabric or gateways is also simplified by using the familiar source and destination based architecture.

MAGNUM Modules
  • Router Control
  • Multiviewer
  • Transport
  • ISP
  • Schedule

VUE - Software Defined Touch Panels

VUE is an intuitive and tailorable graphical control application that unifies multiple elements into a single work surface. VUE gives you the power to control routing systems, multi-viewers, branding engines, master control and terminal equipment from a single UI. Use VUE's DesignStudio to create a work surface that is tailored to meet your needs. VUE clients and layouts are all centralized in MAGNUM for easier management.

VUE hardware offerings include rack mount 2RU touch panels, 10” and 13” desktop touch panels, and user provided any resolution touch displays connected to VUE-CUBE, VCS1/2 hardware platforms, all running same VUE software application.

VUE software panel offerings include VUE-WEB for virtual control panel and MV control, VUE-SW that can be installed on any PC.

Control multiple systems from a single hardware control surface with either the CP-2116E or CP-2232E. These slim, silent and user configurable panels allow users to install apps to interface with routing systems, multiviewers, terminal equipment, logo inserters, Overture RT, keyers, ATP, XRF and clip layers.

Router Control Panels

Evertz has a comprehensive range of router control panels to suit any routing needs. Features include:

  • 1RU or 2RU options
  • LCD programmable or fixed buttons
  • XY or button per source
  • Level break aways
  • Joystick interface
  • Source chopping
  • Programmable menus
  • Src/Dst scroll lists or prefix based
  • Locks
Key Benefits and Features
  • Slim and silent design
  • High resolution LCD touch screens
  • Web based configuration - no software to install
  • Reprogrammable LCD buttons
  • Multiple profiles for user based system access and customization

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Ordering Information

Note: Licensed Software keys are required for additional functionality on baseline system.
Baseline System
MAGNUM-OS MAGNUM operating system to be installed on 3rd party computer servers, VM or in cloud (Specifications required).
MAGNUM-HW 1RU Enterprise Class Server for all MAGNUM software modules.
MAGNUM-HW-C 1RU compact linux computer server with MAGNUM-OS. MAGNUM-HW: 1RU enterprise linux computer server with MAGNUM-OS and dual PS.

Software Keys

MAGNUM SDVN Software Defined Video Networking control of IP networks with software keys available for stream flows.
MAGNUM ROUTER Routing control, tieline management and mnemonics software module with software keys available per router type.
MAGNUM MULTIVIEWER Integrated Routing, centralized layout management and recall, mnemonics with the router, multi-viewer software key licensed per display.
MAGNUM-NAMES Name interchange module for MAGNUM control system. The module facilitates name interchange between MAGNUM and supported 3rd Party interfaces, allowing for central management of names within a system.
MAGNUM-TALLY Software Tally module for MAGNUM control system for gathering tally from production and master control switchers for Program / Preview / Contribution Tally / GPI / GPO.
MAGNUM-SCHEDULE MAGNUM module that allows scheduling of actions of other installed MAGNUM modules, for example top of the hour routes.
MAGNUM-ISP MAGNUM software module to provide Intelligent Signal Path finding. Dynamically reconfigure in-line Evertz conversion and processing devices as required. Thereby minimizing the equipment overhead requirement traditionally needed in a multi format facility.
MAGNUM REFLEX Software module to enable customized workflow with unique sensors, triggers and actions enabled via software key.
MAGNUM ADMX Software module to enable ADMX support for mono channel processing enabled via software key.