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Customizable User Interface

What is VUE?

VUE is a tool set providing intelligent operational interfaces.

VUE is a software-defined interface that uses widgets and visualization to provide contextualize interactions to satisfy user's intent. Its flexible interactions can be provided on multiple platforms.

VUE is the perfect tool to create more efficient and effective workflows within any media or broadcast environments.

Learn more about VUE's Router Control features Learn more about VUE's Multiviewer Control features


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Context Oriented
Intuitive Interface
Adaptable Application


VUE can now be accessed remotely on your LAN or WAN with the VUE-ANYWHERE feature. This will enable your VUE to be accessible via any browser. This means you'll have access to all of your broadcast devices, through VUE. VUE will provide you controls (like XY Routing, A/V Proc, SNMP, etc) and visualization in a single interface.

Platform Features

Users can access and control multiple systems from a single interface. VUE improves productivity and cost efficiency by enabling a single operator to manage an entire broadcasting infrastructure and operation: from content creation to distribution.

Touch Capabilities
  • VUE makes controls easier by utilizing a touch monitor
  • Uses intuitive touch-gestures which simplifies operations
Context Oriented Workflow
  • Build up your own layouts using our widgets
  • VUE can switch between different layouts, ensuring you have the right tools for the job.
  • With MAGNUM Schedule, VUE can automatically switch from one context (QC workflow with proc controls) to another (Producer workflow)
Centralized Management
  • VUE layouts are shared between VUE's
  • User Permission Groups
  • Point-and-Click configuration
  • Centrally manage software revisions across network of VUE clients
Third Party Control
  • Works with third party routers
  • Includes full control for many Third Party Devices:
    • Tektronix PRISM
    • Harmonic's SPECTRUM X
    • Advanced Media Server System
    • Viz Ticker, and Viz Multichannel

How it Works

VUE Design Studio allows you to drag and drop widgets to create layouts.

VUE Widget Tray
A router control widget is dragged from the widget tray and dropped into VUE. The widget automatically pulls a list of sources and destinations from MAGNUM.
The widget offers various settings. You can modify its appearance or technical settings through this menu.
The widget has been configured to display as many destinations, and their sources, as will fit. Click on any of the green boxes to route a new source into that destination.

Topological View

The Evertz Orchestration Layer consists of a unified software stack that acts as the centralized management hub. They work together to coordinate your broadcast and forward only relevant controls to your VUE stations. The Orchestration Layer controls, manages, and monitors all of the devices in your facility. VUE interacts with the Orchestration Layer to provide the necessary tools for the operator's task.

Interactive UI

Click on the different elements for more information about VUE's customizable UI widgets.


• Production

Simplified router-interface combined with native video decode creates an easy workflow for working in a Production Environment.

• Quality Control

Visualize your content, and give your operations exactly the controls they need to correct any issues you encounter.

• Control Monitoring

VUE integrates into systems like MAGNUM and VistaLINK PRO to give you the tools to monitor multiple inbound and outbound feeds at once.

• Head End

VUE can show you pre-encode, post-encode, and your return feed in a single workstation. You'll also be able to flip between channels quickly in order to monitor multiple feeds.

• Hub and Spoke

Manage your playout systems seamlessly with VUE. VUE integrates with Evertz Mediator and OvertureRT to provide multi-channel playlist control, asset management, and feed monitoring.

• Distribution

Native VUE decode will completely change the way you monitor outbound content. You can simultaneously display your air path, while providing automatic change over controls.

Types of Users

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The Engineering Operator
The Technical Operator
The Creative Operator

Product Comparison

  • Windows Application*
  • No Decode
  • Windows Application
  • Users with existing computers for portability
  • User Provided Screen*
  • 4x H.264 or 2x J2K
  • Workstation
  • Power users
  • User Provided Screen*
  • Thin Client for remoting into Server VUE
  • Turn-key / throw down
  • Alternative to extending VUE via KVM
  • 2RU Touch Screen & Button (CP251)
  • 1x H.264
  • Rack Mountable
  • Retrofitting existing consoles for router control & more
  • 10" Touch Screen 1280x800
  • No Decode
  • Desktop Panel
  • Suitable for low tech users
  • 13" Touch Screen 1920x1080
  • 1x H.264
  • 1920x1080 Small Screen
  • Versatile users
  • User Provided Screen*
  • Bulk Compressed IP, SDI, & 2110 visualization
  • Multiseat
  • Extends VUE Screen through a web browser
  • Extremely low latency
  • High quality video and audio

Note: Decoding capability may vary with stream bitrate
* Up to 4K resolution

VUE: How-To Videos

VUE 101: How to connect a new VUE client to MAGNUM
VUE 102: How to build a Router and MV layout on VUE-TOUCH2
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