VUE is an intuitive and tailorable graphical control application that unifies multiple elements into a single work surface. With VUE's growing library of widgets, you can define work surfaces that enable contextual based control at your fingertips. VUE gives you the power to control routing systems, multi-viewers, branding engines, master control and terminal equipment from a single UI. Use VUE's layout and configuration tools to design a work surface that is tailored to meet your needs.

MAGNUM bridges all of the major components within the broadcast path using VUE as single point of control. This enables broadcasters to simplify facility workflow and gain efficiency while reducing operational costs.

Context Oriented

VUE provides customizable layouts to meet the needs of each user's unique operational requirements. Using the built-in widget layout and configuration engine, VUE enables users to create a tailored workspace, giving them the power to decide how much or how little they wish to control and see from a single view.

Intuitive Interface

VUE puts the control at your fingertips! VUE's highly interactive touch friendly user interface enables real time control and configuration of multiple systems using one device. Designed for touch surfaces, VUE's tailorable interface transitions operators from simple push-button panels to the interactive "look-and-feel" found in today's mobile devices.

Platform to Fit the Application

VUE is extremely versatile and can be applied to a wide range of platforms and devices. From control panels to tablets, VUE is the most flexible and scalable control application on the market.

Centralized Control

Users can access and control multiple systems from a single interface. VUE improves productivity and cost efficiency by enabling a single operator to manage an entire broadcasting infrastructure and operation, from content creation to distribution.

Take a tour of VUE's various features by interacting with the panels below.

  • Widgets

    Choose from a selection of predefined widgets for interfacing to routers, multiviewers, terminal gear, master control, and Mediator. Access generic VUE widgets for visualization and graphical implementations.

  • Personalized Design

    Graphical element widgets allow the user to personalize the work space. Using the various design elements operators can use their own graphics, text, colours to build a contextual work environment.

  • Multi System

    VUE enables the user to interact with multiple video routing, multiviewer, infrastructure, master control / branding, and playout systems. From a single unified work surface operations can now interact with these systems without having to change context.

  • Visualization

    Visualization of either baseband and/or IP encoded video with dynamic UMDs and audio bars.

  • Tailored Controls

    Access tailored device controls for SNMP enabled equipment including sliders, buttons, spin boxes, and drop downs.

  • Automation Interface

    Automation Override and Playlist widget for providing control / status of selected PlayTime Channels using the integrated Mediator system.

  • Intuitive Router Control

    Tailored controls for interfacing to router control. Provides a user defined view of router sources, icons, text size/colour, and available sources for intuitive routing control.

  • Playout Control

    Playout Device Control and Allocation Management widget integrated with Evertz' Mediator systems. Provides simple control of playout device redundancy setups and specific device controls such as source, keyer and emergency overrides.

  • Service Alarms

    Provides operators with alarm information for a subscribed service or service group. Alarms can be marked as acknowledged and/or corrected states. The service alarm log feature is integrated with Evertz' VistaLINK PRO system.

  • Live Design

    Toggle between Edit mode and Operation mode. Allows users to tailor the graphical layout of the interface to meet operation requirements for a specific task or use.

  • Penalty Box

    Prioritized notifications alerting operators to issues/events that than can be addressed in an efficient and effective manner. Integration with Evertz' VistaLINK PRO system to provide operators with alarm notfications from the devices and services that it is monitoring.


    MAGNUM provides centralized device management and configuration for enterprise VUE applications.

Hub and Spoke

Centralized multi-channel playout
  • Dynamic and simplified playout control with Mediator Asset Management System
  • Penalty Box integration for highlighting channel alarms
  • Dynamic visualization of both baseband and IP source paths for a selected channel
  • Channel selection for dynamic control and monitoring of any available channel
  • Enterprise management through MAGNUM Unified Control System

Head End

Multi-service monitoring and control system for Cable, Satellite, and IPTV providers
  • Dynamic visualization of both baseband and IP video of a selected service
  • Penalty Box integration for highlighting service Alarms and specific service faults, all using VistaLINK PRO

Content Origination

Monitoring and control of out-bound content
  • Dynamic visualization of both baseband and IP video of a selected service
  • Highlights specific service source path, Main or Backup
  • Simplified control buttons for user directed actions
  • Service Alarm VistaLINK PRO integration for highlighting specific service faults


Assisting live to air content production
  • Simplified router control interface with intuitive video selection for preparing remotes
  • Simplified router control interface with user defined favourite categories, integration with MAGNUM Unified Control System
  • User intuitive source select for audible audio monitoring
  • Visualization of both baseband and inhouse IPTV sources for monitoring


Validation of pre and post-encoding of transmission paths
  • Visualization of both baseband and IP encoded video in pathview
  • Dynamic source or destination names with quick confirmation of routes, integration with MAGNUM Unified Control System
  • Simplified router control interface with intuitive user defined icons

Remote Monitoring/QC

Monitoring and control of in-bound content
  • Dynamic visualization of selected QC source
  • Penalty Box integration for highlighting monitored source alarms, using VistaLINK PRO
  • Dynamic device controls based on selected source path
  • Real time adjustments, and dozens of controls under your fingertips

VUE Ordering Information

  • VUE-SW

    Client application with tailored touch friendly interface which includes router, multivewer, and infrastructure device widgets. Windows 7 & 8 single seat installable.

    Ordering Options

    +MC: Addition of Master Control widgets to VUE components (No Mediator)
    +MED: Addition of Mediator Control Interfacing for EMS Ingest and Playout widgets


    VUE-VCS2 provides up to 4 1920x1200 display outputs (2 per user), access up to 12 H.264 422 10Bit 20Mbs IP streams and up to 16 SD/HD SDI inputs with the +16 SDI option on a single platform

    Ordering Options

    +8SDI: Optional 8 SD/HD Inputs (Support for a total of 8 SD/HD SDI inputs on a single VUE-VCS2)
    +16SDI: Optional 16 SD/HD Input s (Support for a total of 16 SD/HD SDI inputs on a single VUE-VCS2)
    +AES4: Optional AES4 audio output card with XLR connectors
    +ENET4: Optional 4 1GbE RJ45 ports
    +MED: Addition of Mediator Control Interfacing Widgets


    Web based interface that provides control using router, multiviewer and infrastructure device widgets (Web interface is hosted from an Evertz provided server hardware platform).
    Contact Evertz Factory for more information.


    2RU Software defined VUE touch panel. VUE-TOUCH2 is a member of the VUE control surfaces that be customized for single or multi-system control applications
    Contact Evertz Factory for more information.

  • CP-3100E

    The CP-3100E is first of the VUE family of control panels and is optimized for single or multi-system control applications. Using the VUE engine the panel enables operators to integrate the control of signal routing, multi-viewers, and terminal equipment.


    Desktop hardware platform which includes router, multiviewer, infrastructure device and signal processing interfacing widgets. It has single J2K stream decode capability or 2 MPEG-2 SD/HD H.264/MPEG-4 SD/HD IP streams.

    Ordering Options

    +MC: Addition of Master Control widgets to VUE components (No Mediator)
    +MED: Addition of Mediator Control Interfacing for EMS Ingest and Playout widgets

* Please contact the Evertz factory for supported touch screen models.