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VUE: Multiviewer Control Features

VUE TOUCH 2 Multiviewer Control

The VUE-TOUCH-2's compact screen doesn't compromise on functionality. Optimize your multiviewer workflow with VUE.

Pinned Router Control Workflow

Our multiviewer control is top notch. VUE will receive the specific multiviewers you need to control from MAGNUM and our asset-management features.


  • Layout Recall
  • Route into multiviewer pips
  • Route into multiviewer inputs
  • Full-screen pip's source on long-press
    • This tells the multiviewer to enter a 1x1 layout and use the source that was selected
  • Choose any pip's audio to play
  • Fire and save a multiviewer snapshot. This is the ability to configure multiple multiviewers in a single button press
  • Route a pip's source into a QC monitor (or other destination)
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