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Evertz Flexible Media Platform

Flexible Media Edge

SCORPION is the next generation flexible media edge hardware platform from Evertz. The platform leverages innovation in broadcast technology developed, manufactured, and deployed by Evertz over the past 20 years consolidated in a more integrated form factor to address the problems in the broadcast ecosystems of today. This is accomplished using a scalable chassis offering, broad catalog of processing and discrete IO modules (MIOs), all tied together using built in SDI and IP matrices to create highly flexible and customizable solutions. These tools are designed to address the challenges in broadcast media contribution, production, and primary distribution application spaces.

Platform Features

As production and technologies rapidly change, the ability to be flexible at the edge offers broadcasters a way to reduce friction and to adapt to new requirements. The SCORPION platform uses standards-based technology to facilitate moving and processing signals in SDI, fiber, and IP based networks. A broad catalog of video, audio, and data formats supported in a platform that can ingest, process, and normalize signals then leverage uncompressed standards or video compression codecs to move them within production or across transport networks.

  • Connectivity Agnostic

    SCORPION is able to operate in SDI, optical or IP based networks in parallel. This can help broadcasters realize an upgrade path from SDI to IP as well as to operate in hybrid environments. This offers an advantage to broadcasters to be able to simplify the edge, being able to reduce equipment such as directly ingest optical inputs into bulk encoders, gateways, or processors rather than have separate external devices, all connected internally in SDI and IP matrices that can act as virtual patch panels.

  • Signal Agnostic

    SCORPION platform is built with 4K/UHD workflows in mind, the full product suite supporting 12G-SDI and up to 800GB Ethernet to allow broadcasters to realize UHD workflows or to provide an upgrade path into higher resolution future requirements. Other video formats including 3G/HD/SD-SDI, ASI, HDMI, and analog video are also supported within the platform using our catalog of discrete and processing modules. The video signal format support is complimented by a series of audio (MADI/AES/DANTE/analog) and data (GPIO, serial, SCTE, ethernet) modules which can be selected and customized in embedding, normalization, processing, and transport workflows all within the same platform.

  • Processing and Conversion

    Video and audio processing capabilities differentiate SCORPION from other solutions currently available on the market. It allows broadcasters to realize processing workflows in production environments, or to push processing to the edge in remote production or edge QC and editing workflows in noise sensitive environments. It adds the capability in any application to perform ingest normalization or to perform conversion at partner or distribution handoffs. The processing functions include, but are not limited to, frame synchronization, up/down/cross conversion, HDR conversion using LUTs, color correction, embedding and de-embedding, audio level adjustments, and other audio and ancillary based processing.

  • Media Over IP

    SCORPION has uncompressed and compressed codec support to enable moving media over any IP network type. Whether the network is high bandwidth and dedicated to low bandwidth and lossy, SCORPION has the toolset to utilize compression codecs and protection methods like hitless merge, forward error correction, or packet retransmissions to mitigate network issues and impairments. Uncompressed protocols include ST2110 and ST2022-6 and compression codecs JPEG-XS, JPEG-2000, HEVC, and H264 (progressive).

  • Device Orchestration, Control, and Monitoring

    SCORPION can be controlled using Evertz MAGNUM-OS orchestration and management system for seamless abstraction of the underlying device layer for operation and engineering. Devices also are deployable within NMOS environments, being successfully JT-NM certified and tested. Alternatively devices also support SNMP and API interfaces for external control and monitoring.

Scalable Chassis

SCORPION is a scalable platform, providing several options depending on the quantity of signals, type of connectivity, and environment they need to operate within. Chassis ranging from high density, to medium density low noise/silent, to throwdown media extenders are available in the SCORPION platform.


    • High density SDI and IP media processing
    • 1 to 800Gbps network connectivity
    • Up to 18 dual slot processing blades
    • Integrated IP and SDI switching matricies

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  • SCORPION-18 Series

    • High density SDI, IP, Fiber media processing
    • 1 to 200Gbps network connectivity
    • Up to 8 dual slot processing blades
    • Integrated IP and SDI switching matricies

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    • Medium density media processing
    • 1 to 25Gbps network connectivity
    • Built in ST2110 or ST2022 gateway
    • Up to 3 dual slot processing blades
    • Silent and low noise options

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    • Throwdown optical media extension chassis
    • Up to 2 dual or 4 single slot module slots
    • Silent operation

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    • Low density optical media extension chassis
    • Up to 1 dual or 2 single slot module slots
    • Silent operation

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Modular Processing and Discrete IO

SCORPION leverages miniature input and output devices called MIO modules. These devices facilitate the integration of video, audio, and data signal formats into broadcast systems in various application spaces. The MIO module catalog includes a range of functionality, from simple discrete signal IO to high power compute blades for more complex processing functions.


    MIO-BLADE-Z21 dual slot compute blade for gateway, encoder, and video processing functions. Supporting ST2110, ST2022, JPEG- XS/2K, UDX, HDR, FS and more.

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    MIO-XPS dual slot compute blade for low latency and high quality HEVC and H264 encoding. Feature sets for both broadcast and streaming applications.

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    Simple video MIOs for 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD/ASI and analog video formats. Used in frames with onboard processing, for fiber transport or for additional video IOs.

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    Audio input and output devices for MADI, AES, DANTE, and analog formats. Used in production, embedding / de-embedding workflows, and fiber transport applications.

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    Data input and output devices for Ethernet, serial, GPIO, SCTE104 and USB formats. Used in production, embedding / de-embedding workflows, and fiber transport applications.

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    HDMI input and output devices for up to 4K/ UHD formats in broadcast viewing, monitoring, and QC workflows as well as some post production and proAV applications.

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    Timing devices for black burst and PTP synchronization sources. For applications at the remote edge and for WAN timing.

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