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The SCORPION-2 Media Processing Platform is a miniature form factor, multi-service signal conversion, aggregation enclosure capable of simultaneously transporting video, audio and data services over 1GbE/10GbE and 25GbE Ethernet WAN networks (when equipped with MIO module capable of 10GbE or 25GbE IP processing). Using the SCORPION series of I/O Mini Modules, the SCORPION-2 is highly flexible and can accommodate a multitude of signals including single-link 12GB/s SDI, Ethernet, MADI, AES, HDMI, intercom and serial data. The SCORPION-2 will take on the function of the MIO module installed and can become a standalone IP gateway or dark fiber media converter.

When combined with other SCORPION form factors including the 1RU SCORPION-X18 or SCORPION-4, the SCORPION-2 becomes part of an integrated, scaleable transport network with point-to-point, ring and hub-and-spoke configurations enabling the sharing of content from different sites using different transport media.

The SCORPION-2 possesses a compact fanless form factor, and is designed to be operated in portable and/or low noise environments. The SCORPION-2 is ideal for mobile and live sports production applications.

  • High density and fully modular in a miniature form factor
  • All in one platform to handle video, audio, data transport needs
  • Up to 2x I/O Mini Modules can fit into the standalone frame
  • Up to 4x SFP Ports for transport connectivity
  • Supports MSA SFP transceivers
  • Diverse signal Types such as 12G/6G/3G/HD/ASI, Ethernet, Serial Data, Intercom, HDMI, USB and Intercom
  • Onboard signal integrity and link analysis
  • Multiple control options including SNMP, Web Access, Control Panels and MAGNUM
  • Fanless operation with integrated heatsink for power dissipation

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Density4x SFP's
2x SCORPION I/O Mini Modules
ImpedanceDependant on SCORPION I/O Mini Module (see appropriate specifications)
ConnectorDependant on SCORPION I/O Mini Module (see appropriate specifications)
Communication and Control
EthernetSNMP over IEEE 802.3/U (10/100/1000 BaseTx) RJ-45 connector
ControlSNMP, Web Access, Direct Control and Control Panels
Electrical Inputs/Outputs
ConnectorDependant on SCORPION I/O Mini Module (see appropriate specifications)
ImpedanceDependant on SCORPION I/O Mini Module (see appropriate specifications)
Dimensions1.25"H x 4.25"W x 6"D
Module Capacity4x Evertz SFP modules
4x SCORPION I/O Mini Modules
Operating Temperature0-50 °C
VoltageDC Input 12V DC
Power Consumption25 watts empty, 132 watts fully loaded
Connectors12V DC, auto ranging 100-240V AC 50/60Hz adapter included
Status IndicatorsLED on unit
SafetyCSA Listed, complies with EU Safety Directive
EMCComplies with FCC part 15, Class A
Complies with EU EMC Directives

Ordering Information

SCORPION-2Media Processing Platform - Miniature Frame
Compatible SFP'sSee separate Evertz compatible SFP's specifications
I/O Mini modulesSee separate I/O Mini Module specifications
Available Mini I/O Modules
NotesSee SCORPION Mini I/O Modules specification document for more details.
MIO-VB-2-12G12G/6G/3G/HD/SD/ASI video access module
MIO-GE-RJ45-IP1GbE Ethernet access module with onboard processing
MIO-AES-IPDual AES67 encapsulator and de-encapsulator
MIO-AES-IN4-IPQuad AES67 encapsulator
MIO-AES-OUT4-IPQuad AES67 de-encapsulator
MIO-AES-D4AES audio de-embedder module
MIO-MADI-2-IPSingle MADI encapsulator and de-encapsulator
MIO-DANTE-64Dante® to TDM bridge module
MIO-IT-IPIntercom transceiver module (2x analog audio in/out, 2x serial data, 4x GPIO), dual slot
MIO-AVTAnalog video/Black Burst transmit module with loop out
MIO-AVRAnalog video/Black Burst receive module
MIO-USB-AUSB-A HID interface
MIO-USB-BUSB-B HID interface
MIO-HDMI-IN-3GHDMI input access module
MIO-HDMI-OUT-3GHDMI output access module
MIO-HDMI-IN-4K4K SDI or HDMI input module, dual slot
MIO-HDMI-OUT-4K4K SDI or HDMI output module, dual slot
MIO-HDMI-IN1-4K-IPHDMI input module with onboard processing, dual slot
MIO-HDMI-OUT1-4K-IPHDMI output module with onboard processing, dual slot
MIO-HDMI-2-4K-IPHDMI microservice module
MIO-BLADE-Z21Microservice module
MIO-DE4-3G3G/HD/SD-SDI SCTE/data/LTC/GPI embedding module
MIO-DD4-3G3G/HD/SD-SDI SCTE/data/LTC/GPI de-embedding module
Recommended QSFP/SFP Modules
NotesSee SCORPION Compatible SFPs specification document for more details.
SFPTR-13SFP optical non-reclocked transceiver, 3GB/s, 1310nm, SMF
SFPTR-13-RSFP optical reclocked transceiver, 3GB/s, 1310nm, SMF
SFP3TR-13-12GSFP optical reclocked transceiver, 12GB/s, 1310nm, SMF
SFP12G-T13-2SFP optical reclocked dual transmitter, 12GB/s, 1310nm, SMF
SFP12G-R-2SFP optical reclocked dual receiver, 12GB/s, 1310nm, SMF
SFPTR-M-HDBNC-RSFP electrical reclocked transceiver, 12GB/s, HD-BNC
SFP3T13-2SFP dual optical non-reclocked transmitter, 3GB/s, 1310nm, SMF
SFP3T13-2-SSFP dual optical non-reclocked transmitter, 3GB/s, short haul 1310nm, SMF
SFP3Txx/yy-2SFP dual optical non-reclocked transmitter, 3GB/s, CWDM, SMF
SFP3R-2SFP dual optical non-reclocked receiver, 3GB/s, standard sensitivity, SMF
SFPTR-RJ45-SGM-AVSingle 10/100/1Gbps RJ-45 SFP module