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Control & Monitoring

Orchestration, Monitoring & Analytics

MAGNUM-OS MAGNUM-OS is a full stack software set that provides control, orchestration, monitoring and analytics in a single solution
570EMR-ADMX EMR IP Audio Sub System Shuffling Core
7700R-SC-BRC System Controller, single processor
MAGNUM-HW 1RU Enterprise Class Server for all MAGNUM Software Modules
MAGNUM-HW-C 1RU Compact Server for all MAGNUM Software Modules
MAGNUM-ROUTER-VCP-WEB MAGNUM web based control panel
MAGNUM ISP Intelligent Signal Pathing Module
MAGNUM Multiviewer Multiviewer Control Software Module
MAGNUM Names 3rd Party Name Interface Software Module
MAGNUM Router Router Control Software Module
MAGNUM ROUTER-VCP Software Based Virtual Control Panel
MAGNUM Schedule Simple Scheduling Control Module
MAGNUM Tally Tally Software Module

VUE Intelligent Operations & Control

VUE VUE Control Panel Software Platform
MAGNUM-ROUTER-VCP-WEB MAGNUM web based control panel
VUE-CP140 Control Panel, 1RU 40 LCD Buttons
VUE-EDGE Thin client for connecting to a Virtual VUE
VUE-EDGE-PRO Lightweight Workstation VUE Client
VUE-TOUCH2 2RU full touch screen, rack mountable control panel, tailored with VUE widgets
VUE-TOUCH10 Software Defined Touch Panel

Control Panels

CP-1000E Intelligent Remote Panel, 1RU 16 buttons
CP-1024E Advanced System Control Panel, 1RU 24 buttons, 3 display windows
CP-1040E Remote panel, 40 full color, fully programmable LCD buttons in 1RU
CP-1604E Remote Panel, multi-mode, 20 Button-per-source
CP-2024E Intelligent Remote Panel, 2RU 24 buttons, keypad style
CP-2032E Intelligent Remote Panel, 2RU 32 buttons
CP-2048E Intelligent Remote Panel, 2RU 48 buttons
CP-2116E 2RU full width panel with 1 CP-2116E Advanced System Control Panel permanently mounted in the center
CP-2116E-H Advanced System Control Panel, One Touchscreen LCD and 16 LCD Buttons
CP-2232E Advanced System Control Panel, 2RU, Two Touchscreen LCDs and 32 LCD Buttons
CP-2272E Advanced System Control Panel, 2RU, 72 LCD buttons
CP-2402E Intelligent Remote Panel, 1RU 29 buttons, 2 display windows
CP-3200E Remote Panel with keypad and display
CP-3201E Remote Panel, multi-mode, 40 Button-per-source
CP-3208E Remote Panel, eight destination, 32 Button-per-source with source display for each destination
CP-6400E Remote Display Panel, XY, keypad
CP-6401E Remote Panel, multi-mode, 80 Button-per-source
CP-6408E Control Panel, Eight Destination, XY Keypad with Displays
CP-9000 Remote control panel for products supporting "menu push"
X-NCP2 XRF and X-OO Router Control Panel
500FC 500 Series VistaLINK® Frame Controller module
500FC-DA-HD VistaLINK® Frame Controller/Reclocking DA
7700GPI VistaLINK® General Purpose Interface Module
7700PTX Universal Protocol Translator for third-party equipment
7700TPI VistaLINK® Third Party Interface
7760ND-HD Nielsen Universal Reader
7800FC VistaLINK® Frame Controller
7801FC VistaLINK® Frame Controller for 7801FR Multiframe
VLPRO-IG Standalone IntelliGain Monitoring and Graphing Software Application

inSITE - Big Data Analytics