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Power that Sits on the Edge

The VUE-EDGE-PRO is a small desktop client that runs local to your workstation. The EDGE PRO is a powerful client that unlocks improved workflow efficiency by consolidating all of your Broadcast controls into a single UI.

  • Capable of driving any workflow for Broadcast Operators
  • Small footprint with high performance
  • No Custom Coding or Professional Services needed - you can build your own layouts
  • Centralized Engineering and Management via MAGNUM
  • Uncompromised Security by using the latest standards along with strict user-permission and access control

See What You're Doing

VUE brings context and controls together. Your controls will be side-by-side with relevant, context-oriented video decode.

Example Use-Cases:
  • Consolidate gear required for Confidence Monitoring by connecting your VUE-EDGE-PRO to your video network. Bring in a few feeds, or route a multiviewer output to your VUE for increased density.
  • VUE is great for Color Correction. Route the output of a UDX side-by-side with that UDX's controls. It's the easiest Video Shader workflow available.
  • Have a VUE's Video follow your last route. You'll have confidence that what you routed was correct.


Fully customizable; you're capable of designing your own layouts. VUE is not feature-locked.

Dynamic controls for:
  • X-Y Routing
  • Multiviewer Control
  • Infrastructure Control
  • A/V Processing controls
  • Salvos
  • Third-Party Control
  • Monitor by Exception
  • Video Decode
  • Studer Audio


Dedicated Multiviewer

Get more out of your VUE by dedicating a Multiviewer Output. Use the Multiviewer to increase monitoring density. Setup a 'quick routes' workflow to route any source present in the multiviewer output to a local monitor.


Easily identify where your sources are coming from by color-coding your names. VUE is perfect for show setup in Production environment. Features include 'category filtering', 'color-coding sources', 'lock / protect destinations' - and many more!

UDX Controls

Create the ultimate triage workstation by incorporating UDX/proc controls into a single screen with VUE'S TR101 monitoring capability. Further enhance your operations by virtualizing your Wave Form Monitor and bring it into your VUE. This is one of VUE's most popular use-cases.

For more workflows, check out Evertz' selection of VUEAPPS

VUEAPPS Compatibility


Studio-Manager Check Check
Director Check Check
Producer Check Check
Robo-Light-OP Check Check
GFX-OP Check Check
Audio-Director Check Check
Tech-Director Check Check
Tech-Director-Pro Check Check
QC-Prod Check Check
Feed-Manager Check Check
Engineer Check Check
MCR-OP Check Check



  • 4x USB 3.2 (Gen 2x1) Ports
  • 3x USB 2.0 Ports
  • 1x Thunderbolt™ 4 Port

Display Output

  • Monitor Sold Separately
  • Touchscreen Support
  • Up to 4096x2304 60Hz 36 bpp or 5120x3200 60Hz 24 bpp via Display- Port 1.4A
  • Up to 3840x2160 48-60Hz 24 bpp (RGB/YUV444) or 3840x2160 48-60Hz 12 bpp (YUV420) via HDMI 2.0b
  • Up to 4096x2304 60Hz 36 bpp or 5120x3200 60Hz 24 bpp via eDP 1.4b 3840x2160-3840x2160 48-60Hz

Audio Output

  • Intel® High Definition (Intel® HD) Audio via the Digital Display Lanes using either DisplayPort or HDMI


Voltage 5.7-20V DC ±5%
RMS Max 3.0-10.6A
Peak 12A


Temperature 0-40°C
Humidity 10-86%


  • 25 g trapezoidal waveform
  • Velocity change of 250 inches/s2


Notes Input acceleration is 3.13 g RMS
5Hz to 20Hz 0.01 g2/Hz sloping up to 20Hz @ 0.02 g2/Hz
0Hz To 500Hz 0.02 g2/Hz (flat)


  • 2 x RJ-45 1GbE LAN ports


Length 5.70"
Width 7.87" (RMS Max)
Height 1.38"

Ordering Information

VUE-EDGE-PRO Lightweight Workstation Client that can sit at your desk and drive a control interface for Broadcast Operations