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Evertz Support FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Evertz GPS Products operate after April 7, 2019?


The week count in the GPS system will roll over on April 7, 2019. The Evertz 5600MSC, 5601MSC, and 5700MSC products will not be affected by this as long as they are running current firmware. Units using the Acutime 2000 and Acutime Gold antennas will continue to operate correctly until April 20, 2036. Units using the newer Acutime GG and Acutime 360 are expected to correctly operate into the 22nd century.

It is important to ensure that firmware in these products is updated before April 7, 2019.

Why am I seeing "" on my TV?

What you are seeing is a test message generated by a broadcaster using our closed captioning equipment. Normally you would never see this message, as it is used for set-up and troubleshooting of a system, and for Web TV information. You are seeing it because your television has been inadvertently set to display the closed captioning Text 2 (T2) channel. Disable closed captioning on your television or switch to another closed captioning channel - either CC1 or CC2 - and this should resolve the problem.

Consult your television manual for instructions on how to accomplish this; in most cases, there will be a Closed Captioning button on your television remote control, or an item in the on-screen setup menu.

Returning Product for Repair, Calibration and/or Evaluation

If you feel your device needs service or has an issue you need help with, please contact our service department via email ([email protected]) or by phone at 905-335-7570 with the exact part number, serial number and a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing.

If Service cannot correct the issue with reconfiguration and it is determined that the device needs to come back for repair, a service technician will submit a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) request to the RMA department. Once your RMA has been processed, the RMA department will issue you an RMA number and they will provide you with instructions on how to return your device for repair.

You can check the status of your RMA with your RMA Number and product Serial Number on our RMA Status Check page.

For all other returns or RMA enquiries please contact our RMA department directly via email ([email protected]).

Is it necessary to order the GPS or MODEM option with the NTP option for the 5601MSC?

It's not necessary to order the GPS or MODEM option with the NTP option in the 5601MSC.

However, if the intended use of the 5601MSC is as an NTP server (generator of time) the 5601MSC must have some sort of time reference. This can be LTC, VITC if genlocked, GPS (recommended), Modem, or another NTP server.

If the intention is simply to use NTP to set the time of the 5601MSC, then no other reference is needed.