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RF Applications

Providing the industry's highest performing, highest density, and most reliable RF solutions
to facilities around the world


Evertz designs and manufactures professional end-to-end RF solutions for Ground Satellite Communication; servicing premier teleports, broadcasters and government facilities around the world.

Evertz has been delivering reliable and high quality RF solutions for over 15 years.

With our partners ATCi and Quintech Electronics, together we have over 70 years of combined experience in delivering best-in-class RF products and solutions. To manage the underlying network, Evertz has a software toolbox for network orchestration, monitoring and management, not only for controlling and troubleshooting networks but to increase operational efficiency.


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Earth Stations / Teleports
Wireless Audio / Video
Government & Defense
Terrestrial Over-the-Air

Please reach out to Evertz directly for additional information.


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Please reach out to Evertz directly for additional information.

Antennas & Integration

The Simulsat is the world's only true full-arc multiple satellite antenna that is capable of receiving satellite transmissions from 35 or more satellites simultaneously, without adjustment or degradation in performance from one satellite to the next. The Simulsat is 2°compliant with the ability to capture signals from all C & Ku Band satellites within a 70°view arc.

Available in 2 different size and performance variations, the Simulsat is the ultimate solution for Broadcasters, Cable Television, Universities/Distance Learning, Television and Radio, Military/ Government and Business Corporations with multiple satellite reception requirements worldwide.

Additionally, Evertz provides end-to-end uplink and downlink services with their SatCOM partner, ATCi.

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Simulsat 5B
Simulsat 7A
Uplink / Teleport / Integration

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RF Over Fiber Transport

Evertz offers a wide range of fiber transport products to support a broad range of applications such as L-Band & Extended L-Band, S-Band, IF (70/140MHz) UHF/VHF, 10MHz reference, 1PPS, GPS signals, Over-the-Air DTV, FM and more.

A variety of form factors are available to suit both indoor and outdoor environments.

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Outdoor Enclosures
Indoor / Rackmount
N+1 Redundancy

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RF Over IP Transport

TVTech NAB 2024 Best of Show award

Evertz' RF over IP (RFoIP) series present a high density and modular solution for converting RF signals from analog to digital and vice versa. This new technological advancement immensely expands the possibilities in the centralization and virtualization of the ground segment; resulting in improved operational efficiencies and flexibility.

Eliminating physical distance between the satellite antenna and the reception equipment is a key benefit when converting RF to IP and Evertz has taken great care to achieve this while preserving Carrier-to-Noise Ratio (CNR) and timing, in order to reliably recover the signal.

Leveraging Evertz' RF over IP technology provides operators with increased antenna placement flexibility, offering reduced antenna cost while minimizing physical real-estate of the ground infrastructure.

Learn more about Evertz' RF over IP Solutions

Amplifiers & LNB Power Supplies

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Power Amplifiers
LNB Power Supplies
Bias Tees

View our list of RF Amplifier & LNB Power Inserter products

RF Routers / Matrix Switches

Designed for mission-critical applications, Evertz offers the most advanced and comprehensive RF signal matrices which are built upon reliable, modular and hot swappable architecture ensuring signal continuity.

With thousands of small and large scale installs, Evertz is the industry's number 1 choice when it comes to RF switching applications. Evertz RF platform serves Major Teleports, Earth Stations, Broadcasters and Headends across the globe.

All Evertz RF routers are further expandable using passive splitters/combiners and feature RF gain control, optional LNB power supply and fiber input using 2307LR miniature receiver.

Please contact Evertz for custom symmetrical or asymmetrical router configurations.

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Small Routers
Mid-Sized Routers
Large Routers
N:1 Switches
Protection Switches

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Splitters & Combiners

Passive and active RF splitters and combiners are available to suite a wide range of applications for 1x2, 1x4, 1x8, 1x16, 1x32 and beyond.

Passive splitters present a high level of reliability and unmatched density. Active splitters provide advanced remote monitoring and control via SNMP, a wide range of gain and hot-swappable form factor.

GPS signal distribution amplifiers are also available with the ability to supply 5V DC power to the upstream GPS antenna.

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Passive Splitters / Combiners
Active Splitters

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Demodulators & IRDs

Evertz has a complete offering for receiving, demodulating and decoding satellite DVBS/S2/S2x signals as well as off-air DVBT/ T2, ISDBT/T2 and cable DVBC/QAM/ATSC.

Evertz Professional receiver platform is relied upon around the world and chosen for its comprehensive remote monitoring and control capabilities, advanced features, high density and modular form factor.

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Evertz modulator solution is one of the highest density solutions on the market.

With its modular form-factor and support for DVB-S/S2/S2x and latest constellations, this platform is future proof and suitable in multiple work flows.

Features include internal and external 10MHz reference, ASI and IP input, L-band and IF output, DVB-CID, BISS-1/2 CA encryption and much more.

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RF & TS Monitoring

A wide range of RF & TS Monitoring solutions are available for real-time in-depth monitoring of critical parameter such as demodulator lock, Es/No ratio, RF power, MER/BER, packet errors, CC errors, full priority 1, 2, and 3 errors, and much more.

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Spectrum Analyzer
RF Probe
TSM Analyzer

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Monitoring & Control

VistaLINK® PRO is an advanced end-to-end Network Management System (NMS) for the broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV industry. VistaLINK ® PRO provides a single interface to manage the entire operational ecosystem to allow for reduction in operational expenditures (OPEX) and increase in quality of service.

VistaLINK® PRO enables operators to monitor and manage complex systems more effectively than before. VistaLINK® PRO offers a wide range of functionality including web access, fault management, configuration management, alarm/event notification, report and log management, intelligent correlation and root cause analysis, user- defined graphic views/dashboards, scheduling and automation, autoresponse, and much more.

Learn more about VistaLINK® PRO

MAGNUM is a unified control system that bridges all of the major components within the signal chain under a single point of control; enabling operators to simplify facility workflow and improve efficiency while reducing operational costs.

This provides a central location for controlling Evertz routing products, 3rd party routers and router control systems.

From dynamic multi-system control to simple button per source panel types, Magnum offers a variety of router control options. Interface options include advanced multi-system panels, LCD re-legendable, or simple button per source interfaces.

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