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The 7800R4x4-RF/7800R4x4-RFI is a modular RF signal switch for routing and monitoring L-Band, IF and DTV, as well as other signals within a satellite communications facility. Starting from a base 4x4 configuration, the switch can be expanded to support distributive (fan-out) or combining (fan-in) systems with additional inputs and outputs using software license keys.

Advanced features such as slope compensation, automatic gain control, salvo operations, monitoring and alarm reporting of critical signal parameters such as input signal presence and signal-level provide flexible RF signal management are offered. Optional per port selection of 13/18V DC LNB power with active overload and short circuit protection. Direct optical input is also supported using 2307LR miniature fiber receiver.

The 7800R4x4-RF/7800R4x4-RFI is offered with variety of control interfaces and available to provide quick and simple PC or panel-based control for crosspoint control and system configuration. Additionally, this flexible routing switch can be controlled, configured and monitored via Web GUI and/or SNMP control over Ethernet, using Evertz® VistaLINK® or other monitoring and control software. This platform can be housed in Evertz 7800FR 3RU or 7801FR 1RU* multiframe.

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  • Modular switch with hot-swappable design
  • Future proof with 40 – 2400MHz operation
  • Industry's best overall signal performance, preserving signal quality from input to output. Supports the strict performance requirements of advanced modulation formats such as DVBS2 and DVBS2X
  • 70/140MHz IF, L-Band, stacked L-Band and off-air DTV all in one platform
  • Passes all modulation formats
  • Modular design; front-loading and hot-swappable
  • Non-blocking, fan-out or fan-in configuration
  • Fan-out system expansion capability up to 8x16 using license keys
  • Fan-In system expansion capability up to 16x8 using license keys
  • Up to eight programmable salvos
  • Optional 13/18V DC LNB power with active overload and short circuit protection
  • Solid State matrix switching system reduces complexity, improves reliability and increases flexibility overmanual patch bays
  • Automatic or manual gain control on all input channels
  • RF power monitoring on all input channels
  • Adjustable output level in AGC mode
  • Matrix crosspoint control using web GUI, remote control panels, VistaLINK®, or third party control software
  • System configuration, alarm monitoring, event logging and e-mail notification available through VistaLINK® or third-party control software


The 7800R4x4-RFI RF router supports both fan-in and fan-out (FIFO) configurations on the same router simultaneously. Examples of FIFO configurations are:


Switch Sizes4x4, 8x8
Fan-Out4x8, 4x12, 4x16, 8x12, 8x16
Fan-In8x4, 12x4, 16x4, 8x12, 16x8
Input/Output ExpansionIncrements of 4
Impedance75Ω (50Ω optional)
Connector TypeBNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A (SMA, F-type optional)
Input Gain Range-10 to +20dB in 1dB step (manual gain mode)
Output Gain Range-15 to +15dB in 1dB step
Output AGC Level-20 to -50dBm
Bandwidth40 – 2400MHz
RF Specifications
Frequency Response
70 – 1000MHz±0.5dB
70 – 2450MHz±4.5dB
850 – 21500MHz±1.5dB
Isolation> 60dB input to output
> 70dB output to output
> 70dB input to input
RF Input Power0dBm to -60dBm
Max RF Output Power-10dBm
Input Return Loss
70 – 2450MHz18dB
Output Return Loss
70 – 2450MHz12dB
850 – 2150MHz14dB
Input P1dB+7dBm
OIP3+20dBm at -5dBm input
Noise Figure25dB @ 0dB gain
14dB @ 20dB gain
SlopeFixed with off or +4dB slope control across 170 – 2150MHz
LNB PowerOptional with -LNB version
Voltage13/18V DC, off (selectable)
Max Current400mA
ProtectionShort circuit, overload
Communication & Control
MediumEthernet via FC, Serial
ProtocolSNMP, RS232, HTTP
SoftwareVistaLINK® PRO, web GUI via frame controller, control panel or third party control
Voltage+12V DC
Power< 48 watts
SafetyCSA Listed to CSA C22.2 No. 60065-03, UL 60065-03
IEC 60065-(2001-12) 7th Edition
Complies with CE Low voltage Directive
EMCComplies with FCC part 15, Class A
Complies with EU EMC directive
  • 2 slots for up to 8x8 configuration
  • 3 slots for up to 8x16 or 16x8 configurations

Ordering Information

7800R4x4-RF+3RUModular 4x4 wide-band Fan-Out RF Router, software upgradeable to 8x16, 75Ω BNC, 3 slots
7800R4x4-RFI+3RUModular 4x4 wide-band Fan-In RF Router, software upgradeable to 16x8, 75Ω BNC, 3 slots
Ordering Options
NotesRear plate must be specified at time of order - eg: [model]+3RU
1RU frame is only compatible with +RP2 option
+RP2Two slot rear panel 75Ω BNC connectors for 7800R4x4 routers, for a max of 8x8 router size
-B5050Ω BNC connectors
-S5050Ω SMA connectors
-F7575Ω F-type connectors
Rear Plate Suffix
+3RU3RU rear plate for use with 7800FR or 7801FR Multiframes
7800FR3RU Multiframe which holds 15 single slot modules
7801FR1RU Multiframe which holds 4 single slot modules
Feature Keys
7800R-FK-LNBSoftware cannel key to enable LNB power feature in all input channels for the 7800R4x4-RF router
7800R-FK-AGCSoftware channel key to enable Automatic Gain Control (AGC) feature for the 7800R4x4-RF router
7800R-4CK-IP-1Software channel key to enable additional four inputs (for max of 8x inputs)
7800R-4CK-IP-2Software channel key to enable additional four inputs (for max of 12x inputs) - for Fan-In version only
7800R-4CK-IP-3Software channel key to enable additional four inputs (for max of 16x inputs) - for Fan-In version only
7800R-4CK-OP-1Software channel key to enable additional four outputs (for max of 8x outputs)
7800R-4CK-OP-2Software channel key to enable additional four outputs (for max of 12x outputs) - for Fan-Out version only
7800R-4CK-OP-3Software channel key to enable additional four outputs (for max of 16x outputs) - for Fan-Out version only