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Operational User Interface


A Complete Workflow Out of the Box

A VUE APP is a template that can be quickly deployed to any viable VUE workstation. We have worked on over 3000 unique VUE workstations and have come out with the experience required to know what your operators will need. VUEAPPS will consolidate all required workflow elements into a single workstation.

Your APP can be further customized. We've perfected the art of making workflows for your operators. VUEAPPS makes sure your operators will have improved operational efficiency.

VUEAPPS will consolidate all required workflow elements into a single workstation. It is a pre-canned template; we've used our 10 years of creating customized VUE layouts to perfect the art of making workflows for your operators. VUEAPPS makes sure your operators will have improved operational efficiency.

Download our 'Quick VUE Stats' PNG to see what the VUE products are capable of, and which VUE APP is best suited for our different hardware platforms.

Download Quick VUE Stats

Collection of VUEAPPS

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Use Cases

VUE Professional Services

A VUE APP has been built up for the industry as a whole. However, your workflows and operators will be unique! Even your underlying signal flow and broadcast topology will be significantly different than any other facility. With this in mind, we have trained VUE deployment specialists with years of broadcast experience capable of enhancing your APP. We have remote and onsite professional services; so choose whichever works for you.

Ordering Information

Download Ordering Info Chart (PNG)

VUE Platform Breakdown

  • Simple Web-UI for XY routing
  • No Decode
  • Floating licenses
  • Simple to use, no customization
  • All VUE controls, just no video decode
  • No Decode
  • License per PC
  • Works great on a Windows Tablet
  • 2RU Touch Screen
  • 1x H.264
  • Controller Included
  • Retrofitting existing consoles for Router Control & more
  • 10" Touch Screen
  • No Decode
  • Controller Included
  • Suitable for 'Low Tech' users
  • 13" Touch Screen
  • 1x H.264
  • Controller Included
  • Suitable for 'Medium Tech' users
  • User Provided Screen
  • 1 User / 2 Screens
  • Thin Client for Remoting into your Virtual VUE
  • No Remote Access
  • User Provided Screen
  • 4x H.264 or 2x J2K
  • Stand-alone controller
  • Power Users
  • 1RU, 40 Button Touch Control Panel
  • 1 User
  • No Decode
  • No Remote Access
  • User Provided Screen
  • Bulk H.264, NDI, SRT, RIST, or 2x J2K, or 2x 2110
  • VUE Anywhere
  • Power Users
  • User Provided Screen
  • BULK H.264, J2K, 2110, NDI, SRT, RIST, and SDI
  • VUE Anywhere
  • Power Users
  • Browser-Based UI On-Prem or CLOUD Provider
  • H264, H265, HLS, NDI, SRT, RIST
  • VUE Anywhere
  • Extremely versatile

VUEAPPS Compatibility


Studio-Manager Check Check
Director Check Check
Producer Check Check
Robo-Light-OP Check Check
GFX-OP Check Check
Audio-Director Check Check
Tech-Director Check Check
Tech-Director-Pro Check Check
QC-Prod Check Check
Feed-Manager Check Check
Engineer Check Check
MCR-OP Check Check

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a single VUE host multiple VUEAPPS?
Yes. A VUE pulls it's configuration from MAGNUM. You can re-configure your VUE instantly. Within seconds you can turn your Technical Director workstation into a Quality Control workstation.
Can I modify a VUEAPP?
Yes. It's very common for customers to want modifications to their VUEAPPS.
What if my workflow is not an APP?
If your workflow is not represented by an existing VUEAPP, we'll just modify the closest approximation.
Can I combine VUEAPPS?
Yes. If your VUE station is powerful enough to combine the functions of two workflows, we can combine two workflows into a single configuration.
What if I want a Complex VUEAPP on a lighter VUE Client?
The lighter VUE clients have limited compute-resources. They are smaller devices and come with less powerful CPUs, less ram, etc. Sometimes a sophisticated workflow will over tax the client.
Do I need an VUEAPP for every VUE?
No. If you're just starting out with VUE, having a VUEAPP for all of your operational workstations makes a lot of sense. If you're a seasoned VUE user, then you can probably make your own VUE layouts. If you want a 'sand-box' VUE to play around with, then there's also no need for a VUEAPP.
Can I use VUE without a VUEAPP?
Yes. We do not limit your VUE's capabilities at all. Nothing is stopping you from being able to build your own apps except your experience!
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