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A Whole New VUE of the Classic Panel

It's the same old-school feel, but powered by VUE - the industry's best software-defined user interface. The VUE-CP140 improves on everything that the CP-1040E did and adds a new dimension to elevate your workflow.

VUE-CP140 Integration with MAGNUM-OS via VUE Hoster


The VUE-CP140 is a small appliance with big potential. We know you'll be impressed with the density of controls and just how easy it is to configure.

  • Familiar Form Factor
  • More functionality than any Other Hard-Button Panel on the Market
  • Utilize VUE Design Studio to build your own layouts
  • Immediate command execution
  • Operators will have access to the sources and destinations they're supposed to have through our security and access control
  • Positional Awareness
  • Centralized Management for configuration, upgrades, and logging
  • Tight integration with Magnum's SDVN control system for fluid route execution in IP domain
  • Hardware that's proven to last (hardware was initially deployed in 2008 still going strong)


  • XY Router Control
  • MV Control
  • PROC control
  • Reflex TIE-IN
  • Controls specific to each user
  • Controls specific to each type of user
  • User-access restrictions
  • Design layout from web browser
  • Tactile, unique programmable buttons
  • Redundant power supply
  • Rack mountable


  • PCR

  • Retrofit existing consoles
  • Can drive Simple or Complex workflows
  • TD/Vision Mixer (Salvos, MV snapshot)
  • Video Engineers (Proc Unity, Salvos, hot-punch routing)
  • Audio Engineer (Audio Switcher Setup, Audio Level Routing, Audio Shuffling, etc)
  • MCR

  • Rack-Room Routing Panel
  • Assist Panel
  • Assignment Desk
  • Subscription/Alias routing
  • Trucks / OBVan

  • Hardware has already been truck-proven over past 15 years
  • The most density of controls/power in a 1RU CP on the market



10/100 base T, RJ45 connector


Dimensions 19" W x 1.75" H x 2.45" D
(483mm W x 45mm H x 62mm D)
Weight 2lbs (0.9kg)
Operating Temp 0-40°C


Configuration Dual Redundant
Voltage 12V DC
Current 2A Maximum
Power 24 watts Maximum
AC Power Adapter Auto-Ranging 100V-240V AC, 50 – 60Hz

Ordering Information

VUE-CP140 Control Panel, 1RU 40 LCD Buttons

Ordering Options

+2PS Redundant Power Supply