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SNMP Monitoring & Control Software

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Network Management and Monitoring

VistaLINK® PRO is an advanced end-to-end network management system (NMS) for the broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV industry. VistaLINK® PRO provides a single interface to manage the entire operational ecosystem to allow for reduction in operational expenditures (OPEX) and increase in quality of service.

VistaLINK® PRO enables operators to monitor and manage complex systems more effectively than before. VistaLINK® PRO offers a wide range of functionality including web access, fault management, configuration management, alarm/event notification, report and log management, intelligent correlation and root cause analysis, user-defined graphic views/dashboards, scheduling and automation, auto-response, and much more.

Key Features

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Alarm Log Management

VistaLINK provides full SNMP based alarm monitoring with network element fault alarm notification and logging. VistaLINK offer fault redundancy configuration and triggering as well as autoResponse scripting integration for advanced redundancy scenarios.

Configuration Client

The VistaLINK configuration client enables direct device control and configuration management, scheduled service provisioning and device configuration as well as multi-stage configurations for controlled device setup and template service creation dialogs.

Graphics GUI Client

The VistaLINK® PRO-PLUS graphical client system allows limitless graphical dashboard interface screens to be designed and linked together to provide an enterprise level graphical network monitoring solution. Graphical NMS monitoring pages expose device and signal faults better and provide faster visual fault impact and cause analysis.

HTTP Client (+WEB)

Unlock the capability of a remote system or facility health monitoring solution through VistaLINK® PRO + WEB clients. Go beyond a firewall to monitor your facility conveniently through a standard Internet browser application. The VistaLINK® PRO Web Gateway allows graphical systems created with VLPRO-PLUS to be served out (in HTML format) through a bundled Web Server, allowing users to connect using standard browsers for operational access. The Web Gateway solution provides a convenient method for isolating client connections from an internal managed hardware network.

Redundancy (+RSERV)

Due to the high reliability requirements of today's management systems, Evertz offers the ability to setup VistaLINK® PRO in a fault tolerant high availability Master/Slave redundancy model. When VistaLINK® PRO Server is configured in a redundant mode it will manage failovers internally and redirect client connections automatically.

Scheduling and Auto-Response (+SCH)

Automate facility monitoring & configuration operations or limit false alarming by scheduling changes based on times & dates or events. Program hardware and router changes to be triggered by incoming alarms or exceeded parameter thresholds. The VistaLINK® PRO AutoResponse (+SCH option) allows customized reaction or scheduled based logic routines to be added and enhance the base VistaLINK® PRO monitoring systems.

Where to use VistaLINK® PRO?

VistaLINK® PRO is ideal for end-to-end network management system (NMS) for the broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV industry. VistaLINK® PRO as an advanced NMS offers a number of benefits, such as:

Task Oriented Workflows

The combination of VistaLINK® PRO and Evertz' VUE optimizes task oriented workflow. VUE is a consolidated control client with near field monitoring and advanced control capabilities. With VistaLINK® specific widgets, VUE provides operators a consolidate view of the system with graphical dashboards, controls, alarms and high quality video (compressed and/or uncompressed). This integrated operator workstation is ideal for: hub and spoke multi-channel playout facilities, headend network operations centers, facility monitoring, transmission departments, remote monitoring, and quality control for content origination.

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Evertz Compression System Manager (CSM) is a complete compression network provisioning, monitoring and management solution for configuring Evertz full range of head end and broadcast digital video compression products. VistaLINK® CSM provides a service oriented view of the network coupled with a rich toolset in order to provide easy and intuitive management of compressed digital audio video services and networks.

Evertz CSM management software provides a graphical user interface for building and managing encoder and transcoder networks. The client software offers easy to use tools for creating network topologies, building service channel lineups, provisioning services through network elements as well as monitoring the health of the hardware elements, configured services and overall network.



VistaLINK® Intelligent Resource Management (IRM) software solution was developed for optimizing and reducing errors and complexity of day to day operational scheduling and control of live, sports and news events. VistaLINK® IRM will assist transmission operation center (TOC) operators in scheduling events and assets, reserving devices, configuring signal paths and configuring broadcast devices within those paths. VistaLINK® IRM allows a customer to intelligently manage pooled hardware resources, such as receivers and processing modules, which are connected to a central core router.


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Ordering Information

VLPRO-C VistaLINK® PRO SNMP configuration-only application software - Free with all Evertz VistaLINK® controlled modules
VLPRO VistaLINK® PRO SNMP alarm monitoring and module configuration application software (for 1 client station with 1 year maintenance support)
VLPRO PLUS VistaLINK® PRO PLUS SNMP alarm monitoring, with customizable graphics mapping support and module configuration application software (for 1 client station with 1 year maintenance support)

Ordering Options

+SCH VistaLINK® PRO automated configuration, scripting & scheduling application software option
+RSERV Redundant VistaLINK® PRO server
+TSERV Thumbnail Server option
+TPD Third Party TRAP monitoring option
+WEB-1 Remote site VistaLINK® system monitoring client (1) using Internet browser
+WEB-5 Remote site VistaLINK® system monitoring client (5) using Internet browser

Upgrade Options

VLPRO PLUS Upgrade existing VistaLINK® PRO client to VistaLINK® PRO PLUS (1 client, 1 year)
VLPRO-SCH Upgrade existing VLPRO to include automated configuration & scheduling software
VLPRO-WEB1 Upgrade for existing VLPRO to include remote site VistaLINK® system monitoring

Training & Yearly Subscriptions

VLPRO Set-up/
VLPRO Training
VistaLINK® configuration & training session (per Diem)
LIC 1, 2 or 3 Year
Extra 1, 2 or 3 year VistaLINK® PRO PLUS license & support per client