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Intelligent Resource Management (IRM) Software Solution

VistaLINK® Intelligent Resource Management (IRM) software solution was developed for optimizing and reducing errors and complexity of day to day operational scheduling and control of live, sports and news events. VistaLINK® IRM allows a customer to intelligently manage pooled hardware resources, such as receivers and processing modules, which are connected to a central core router. VistaLINK® IRM is a software "intelligent resource manager" that will assist transmission operation center (TOC) operators with regards to scheduling events and assets, reserving devices, configuring signal paths and configuring broadcast devices within those paths.

VistaLINK® IRM system allows all facility broadcast devices including router mappings to be modeled into an easy-to-use and intuitive graphical interface. Once the assets have been added to the IRM system, it will allow dynamic configuration and routing of the assets based on scheduled, time based event record entries. IRM will provide a comprehensive Manager of Managers (MoM) control, monitoring and diagnostic system to aid the TOC operators with their daily responsibilities to insure quality control of inbound and outbound feeds.

The IRM system can hold event schedule information in its own internal MySQL database or can be interfaced to an external scheduling system (via XML web service API) for ingesting and updating event details. IRM will provide a graphical interface that will allow any user in a multi-operator environment to list, build, configure and transmit the daily events using the pooled resources.

The VistaLINK® IRM system/client can be used in conjunction with the standard VistaLINK® PRO network management system and features. Existing installations and applications can remain in place and be made part of an overall VistaLINK network management system.


  • IRM is a client/server software system designed for resource configuration and management of assets used in scheduled events.
  • Includes in program scheduling and event entry system
  • Presents list of events (event run list) to client GUIs.
  • Allow hardware devices such as routers, receivers/IRDs, processing devices to be grouped into hardware resource pools
  • Asset conflict reporting and resolution.
  • Allows building and booking/reservation of resources for a registered event / service.
  • Ability to add and construct a new event that is not listed in future event schedule or provided from an external scheduling source.
  • Ability to delete events that are listed in the event provider database.
  • Ability to update events that are listed in the event provider database.
  • Can extend/alter hardware usage for an event based on time.
  • Reports status of request events through call-back and SNMP traps.
  • Logs events for history.
  • User account authentication for controlling software permissions and hardware resource access.
  • Ability to combine similar event bookings together to eliminate duplicate hardware booking reservations.
  • Hardware pooling to manage devices with similar specification attributes
  • Primary and redundant server architecture

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