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EQX Routing Platform

The #1 Routing Solution for Mission Critical Applications

The EQX platform is Evertz flagship routing and distribution solution designed for high availability by adopting extensive industry leading redundancy for all critical system elements. With its proven robustness and redundancy, the EQX is ideal for mission critical and demanding 24/7 environments including network and local broadcasters, mobile production, cable, military, government and corporate applications.

EQX Family

EQX offers different frame sizes to choose from in order to meet the requirements of any application: the smaller 10RU frame supports 180x180 (or 180x360 using double density outputs plus X-LINK outputs); the half 16RU frame supports 288x288 (or 288x576 using double density outputs plus X-LINK outputs); and the full 26RU frame supports 576x576 (or 576x1152 using double density outputs plus X-LINK outputs). The traditional EQX is a very compact solution, perfect for trucks, mobile applications, or areas where space is a concern.

Further, EQX26 offers the ability to scale up to a 1152x1152 system without requiring complex, expensive external splitting or use of active DAs for sources or combining and switching of destinations. The expansion capabilities of EQX26 provide peace of mind that the routing matrix can scale up beyond the constraints of a single frame as applications change and grow. All these factors and more make EQX26 most suitable for applications like network and local broadcasters, mobile production, cable, military, government and corporate applications.

Key Features of the EQX Platform

High Performance Format-Agnostic Platform

  • SMPTE SDI over fiber
  • 10/25/100GbE video over IP gateway interfaces
  • Scalable to 576x1152 in a single 26RU frame
  • Scalable to 288x576 in a single 16RU frame
  • Scalable to 180x180 in a single 10RU frame
  • Input/output expansion in increments of 18
  • Up to 2304x2304 with redundancy in multiple frames
  • Source–by–source intelligent auto–conguration:
    • Input equalization (on/off)
    • Output reclocking (on/off)
    • ASI mode (on/off)
    • Switch point (variable)

Advanced System Control and Interfacing

  • MAGNUM Unified Control System
  • VUE user interface
  • CP–2232/2116 advanced control panels
  • Supports the full range of Quartz remote control panels
  • Full VistaLINK® PRO command and control, SNMP and AVM
  • Ethernet, Serial RS–422/232, F–Link and Q–Link port

High Availability, 24/7 Design

  • Full modular design
  • All modules are hot–swappable
  • Passive frame/MI
  • Full redundant design
  • Path–by–path crosspoint redundancy
  • Redundant frame controller
  • Redundant power supply (separate 1RU)
  • Comprehensive system monitoring bus
  • VistaLINK® PRO SNMP:
    • AVM monitoring of I/O and crosspoint modules
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Power supply monitoring

Ultra Wide Band Routing

By offering a format-independent data path, the EQX supports many different signals and bandwidth types, including SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, UHD / 4K and SMPTE ST 310 digital video formats, as well as media IP Gateway (IPG) cards for SDVN hybrid routing solutions, optical formats and other high data rate signals. In addition, the EQX supports four independent timing planes which will provide independent SMPTE-compliant switching for up to four different digital video signal formats.

Green Technology

With the Flexibility of the EQX frame where all I/O and XPT active parts are modular and hot swappable from the front of the router we have been able to take advantage of new technology that allows for reduced power consumption and heat dissipation in the input, output and XPT module. This provides a more efficient router with quieter fans, while still maintaining the industry leading performance of the EQX router platform.

System Flexibility

The inspired modular approach of the EQX design provides excellent in-service expansion capabilities. In convenient increments of 18, the number of inputs and / or outputs can be increased from the base size of 18x18 up to 576x576 and beyond, with square and non-square configurations.

Input & Output Flexibility

The EQX offers a large number of Input and output options to meet the many different requirements in a facility or mobile applications. We have options for audio embedding and de-embedding, Frame Sync, IP video and line sync outputs for soft / quiet switching to name a few. Contact the factory with your specific router needs for a precise router system solution.

Intelligent Auto-Configuration

The EQX has an exceptional source-by-source intelligent auto configuration facility allowing the path to each destination to be independently and instantly reconfigured to suit the requirements of the source being switched. This includes auto selecting the reclocking / non-reclocking circuitry and the ASI mode, as well as selecting the correct switch point.

Simple Maintenance

The advanced design of the EQX ensures that all active components including input / output / crosspoint modules, frame controllers, cooling fans and power supplies are accessible from the front of the frame and can be hot swapped at any time for maintenance.

Independent Monitoring

The EQX provides extensive signal monitoring of both inputs & outputs, power supply voltages, interior temperatures and fan speeds. All monitored data is available through SNMP for facility-wide monitoring systems such as VistaLINK® PRO.

Comprehensive Control

The EQX provides comprehensive connectivity to accommodate the most demanding installations. The internal frame controllers provide complete connectivity to any number of remote control panels and 3rd party control devices such as automation systems via multiple Q-Link, F-Link, Ethernet and Serial ports.

Optical Routing

The EQX Router can accept optical signals at any data rate between 3MB/s and 3GB/s. Whether it is SMPTE259M or 292M compliant signals over fiber or proprietary optical signals such as Evertz G-LINK or from a 3rd party, the EQX will accept the signals, route them through the digital core and re-launch them on fiber. The EQX can also take in digital signals via coax and launch them on fiber or accept optical signals and send them out electrically via coax.

Audio Routing

The EQX has superior audio routing capabilities. It supports the ability to de-embed AES from any input signal and deliver it as discrete AES, analog audio, MADI or Studer A-LINK signals. It can also re-embed (in any order) audio with other de-embedded AES channels, analog inputs, discrete AES, MADI, and / or Studer A-LINK, Calrec Hydra2™ and an array of IP audio, such as AES67, SMPTE ST 302M and Dante® audio.

Multiviewer Processor Integration

The EQX integrates X-LINK on the 10, 16 and 26RU models. X-LINK is a high density interconnection used on a wide variety of Evertz' multiviewer processors that does not use up standard router outputs. A 576x576 EQX will still have the full 576 outputs while supporting more than 500 additional outputs to a multiview processor. X-LINK technology is a unique Evertz signal interconnection carrying 32x uncompressed baseband signals over a single connector.

MAGNUM Unified Control System

Evertz' MAGNUM Unified Control System addresses the ever-growing challenges broadcasters face as facilities become larger, more complex and distributed. MAGNUM has been designed to unify the control and operation of the routing core, master control, production switching, MAGNUM-SDVN and multiviewer. MAGNUM bridges all the major components within the broadcast path under a single point of control enabling broadcasters to simplify facility workflow and gain efficiency while reducing operational costs.

From a core routing perspective MAGNUM provides a superior, unified control / interface to Evertz EQX and other Evertz routing SDI products. MAGNUM can configure and manage systems ranging from a single router system (with hundreds of sources / destinations) to large enterprise sized systems (with thousands of sources / destinations that utilize tie-lines). Based on MAGNUM's Router control module, MAGNUM-SE has been designed and released to support and manage smaller routing systems.

MAGNUM, as a SDVN orchestration and controller, controls both Hybrid SDI and IP applications. MAGNUM provides seamless integration of SDI and High Bandwidth Ethernet switch fabrics for video applications by providing operators with the same control interfaces (source / destination / take) found in legacy SDI facilities.

Hybrid IP Routing

The Evertz IP Video Media Gateway family includes modules that fit into any EQX frame, enabling all traditional EQX systems to operate in collaboration with Evertz' new format agnostic IP switch fabrics. The traditional routing control is preserved in this Hybrid solution through the use of Evertz MAGNUM unified control system.

EQX Routing Technology Audit Program

Evertz has created a program that allows customers to take stock of their current technology resources and provide options to meet their long term business objectives. Evertz will work with EQX customers to develop a cost–effective plan to extend the life of and future–proof their existing EQX systems.

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Excluding frame X-LINK outputs
576x576 In 26RU 1152x available (PSU separate 1RU)
288x288 In 16RU 576x available (PSU separate 1RU)
180x180 In 10RU 360x available (PSU separate 1RU)
Inputs & Outputs Selectable in blocks of 18

Video Inputs

Formats SMPTE ST 259M, ST 292M, ST 424M, ST 2082, ASI, RDD-37, ST 2022-6, ST 2110
Optical Formats SMPTE ST 292M, G-LINK, any optical signal between 3MB/s and 3GB/s and 6/12G for UHD/4K signals
Signal Level 800mV p-p
Impedance 75Ω terminating
Return Loss > 15dB typical (5 – 1500MHz)/
> 10dB typical (1.5 – 3GHz)
Cable Equalization Belden 1694A: @ 270MHz 300-500m, @ 1.5GHz 100-200m, @ 3GHz 90-150m
Connectors BNC IEC 61169.8 Annex A

Video Outputs

Signals Supported SMPTE ST 259M, ST 292M, ST 424M, ST 2082, ASI, RDD-37, ST 2022-6, ST 2110
Reclocking Configurable
Non-Reclocking Configurable
Impedance 75Ω terminating
Return Loss > 15dB typical (5 – 1500MHz)/
> 10dB typical (1.5 – 3GHz)
DC Offset 0 ±0.5V
Output Jitter 0.2UI
Connectors BNC IEC 61169.8 Annex A

Fiber Inputs/Outputs

SFP1R-2 Dual optical SFP receiver, up to 3GB/s
Connector LC/PC
Operating Wavelength 1270-1610nm
Maximum Input Power -1dBm
Optical Sensitivity -21dBm±1dBm
SFP1T13-2 Dual optical SFP transmitter, up to 3GB/s, 1310nm
Connector LC/PC
Wavelengths 1310nm
Output Power -2dBm±1dBm

Contact factory for more SFP options.

Reference Timing

Switching Reference Analog 525/625/tri-level HD looping connections
Connector 2x BNC IEC 61169.8 Annex A
Signal Level 1V p-p ±3dB
Impedance 75Ω terminating (active loop out optional)
Reference Timing 4x independent timing planes, programmable output by output


Q-Link 4x 75Ω video cable (500m max.)
F-Link 2x RJ-45
Serial RS-422/232 2x D9 female
Ethernet 10/100baseT, 2x RJ-45


26RU 45.5" H x 19" W x 19.4" D
(115.5cm H x 48.3cm W x 49.3cm D)
16RU 28" H x 19" W x 19.4" D
(71.1cm H x 48.3cm W x 49.3cm D)
10RU 17.5" H x 19" W x 19.4" D
(44.5cm H x 48.3cm W x 49.3cm D)
Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Cooling Fan-cooled, front to rear


Voltage Auto-ranging, 100 – 240V 50/60Hz, up to 4x load-sharing PS modules in 1RU frame, separate main input for each module or external 48V DC
Power 1,500 watts per PS module; 2,000 watts per green 26RU (576x576), 1,100 watts per green 16RU (288x288), 700 watts per green 10RU (180x180)
Redundancy Separate 1RU frame with up to 4x PS modules for 1:1 redundancy

For additional detail please refer to the specific router chassis page

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