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EQX26 Multi-frame - 1152x1152

Enterprise Hybrid Video/Audio/IP Router

EQX26 has the ability to route up to 576x576 signals in a compact 26RU frame. Additionally, EQX26-FRQT-XLINK2 includes 18x XLINK connections. The EQX26 frame offers the ability to scale up to a 1152x1152 system without requiring complex, expensive external splitting or use of active DAs for sources or combining and switching of destinations. The expansion capabilities of EQX26 provide peace of mind that the routing matrix can scale up beyond the constraints of a single frame as applications change and grow. All these factors and more make EQX26 most suitable for applications like network and local broadcasters, mobile production, cable, military, government, and corporate applications.

The EQX platform is Evertz' flagship routing and distribution solution, designed for high availability by adopting extensive industry-leading redundancy for all critical system elements. With its time-proven, robust characteristics, EQX is ideal for mission-critical and demanding 24/7 environments.

Multiframe Features

  • Redundancy of all signals between chassis
  • Path-by-path crosspoint redundancy for all outputs
  • Redundant frame controllers
  • Redundant single point of control
  • Optional audio embedding and de-embedding
  • ADMX supports over 30,000 discrete audio channels for embedding and de-embedding across frames
  • Redundant power supplies for both frames
  • Front-loading, hot-swappable I/O cards, crosspoints and frame controllers
  • Front-to-rear cooling, hot-swappable fans accessible from front of the frame
  • Ability to combine EQX26 frames to expand to 1152x1152 and beyond


  • High Performance, Format-Agnostic Platform

  • 3G-SDI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, ASI, SMPTE ST 310M, ST 2110, ST 2022-6, RDD-37, UHD/4K
  • Any fiber optical signals from 3Mbps to 3Gbps
  • Video over IP gateway interface (SDVN)
  • Input and output expansion in steps of 18
  • Source-by-source intelligent auto-configuration:
    • Input equalization (on/off)
    • Output reclocking (on/off)
    • ASI Mode (on/off)
    • Variable switch point
  • Advanced System Control and Interfacing

  • Supports the full range of Quartz remote control panels
  • Full VistaLINK® PRO command and control, SNMP and audio/video monitoring (AVM)
  • Ethernet, serial RS-422/232, F-Link and Q-Link port
  • MAGNUM Unified Control System
  • CP-2232/2116 advanced control panels
  • VUE user interface
  • High Availability, 24/7 Design

  • Fully modular, hot-swappable design
  • Passive MI, interconnection and rear plates
  • Redundant frame interconnections
  • Path-by-path crosspoint redundancy
  • Redundant frame controller
  • Redundant power supply
  • Redundant cooling fans for IO and crosspoint, replaceable from the front
  • Comprehensive system monitoring bus
    • AVM monitoring of I/O and crosspoint modules
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Power supply monitoring


Redundant Protection

  • Redundant crosspoint
  • Redundant frame controller
  • Redundant power supply
  • Redundant cooling fans

Video Inputs

Formats SMPTE ST 259M, ST 292M, ST 310M, ST 424M, ASI, ST 2110, ST 2022-6, RDD-37, UHD/4K
Signal Level 800mV p-p
Impedance 75Ω terminating
Return Loss > 15dB typical (5 – 1500MHz)
> 10dB typical (1.5 – 3GHz)
Cable Equalization Belden 1694A @ 270MHz 300-500m, @ 1.5GHz 100-200m, @ 3GHz 90-150m
Connectors BNC IEC 61169-8 Annex A

Video Outputs

Signals Supported SMPTE ST 259M, ST 292M, ST 310M, ST 424M, ASI, ST 2110, ST 2022-6, RDD-37, UHD/4K
Reclocking Configurable
Non-reclocking Configurable
Impedance 75Ω terminating
Return Loss > 15dB typical (5 – 1500MHz)
> 10dB typical (1.5 – 3GHz)
DC Offset 0 ±0.5V
Output Jitter 0.2UI
Connectors BNC IEC 61169-8 Annex A

Reference Timing

Switching Reference Analog 525/625/tri-level HD looping connections
Connector 2x BNC IEC 61169-8 Annex A
Signal Level 1V p-p ± dB
Impedance 75Ω terminating (active loop out optional)
Reference Timing 4x independent timing planes, programmable output by output


Serial RS-422/232 4x D9 female
Ethernet 10/100baseT, 4 x RJ-45


Height 45.5" (115.5cm), 26RU
Width 19" (48.3cm), 19" rack mount
Depth 19.4" (49.3cm) over hinges and BNCs


Voltage Auto-ranging 100 – 240V 50/60Hz; up to 4x load-sharing PS modules in 1RU frame, separate main input per module or external 48V DC
Power 1200 watts per PS module
Redundancy Separate 1RU frame with up to 4x PS modules for 1:1 redundancy available

Ordering Information

PKG-2-EQX26-SFC-XPT Package for a 1152-2 frame EQX system, includes necessary X-LINK cables, frame controllers and primary crosspoint

*Please contact the factory for more information.