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The 9000DWDM modules are bi-directional Multiplexor/De-multiplexors which combine/separate 32 or 40 different DWDM wavelengths over a single fiber. The 9000DWDM's are housed in an Evertz 1RU unit.

  • Bi-directional mux/demux of 32 or 40 wavelengths in the C-Band DWDM spectrum (ITU-T G.694.1 compliant)
  • 0.8nm (100GHz) channel spacing
  • Passive design for any bit rate
  • Low insertion loss to conserve system power
  • High optical isolation for low crosstalk
  • SC/PC, FC/PC connector options

* 9000DWDM to be used ONLY in Single Mode Fiber applications

  • Multi-channel transport of video, audio, data, control in fiber limited applications
  • Cost reduction exercises through fewer leased fibers
  • Studio and Facility extension/expansion
  • L-band & IF Link Transport
  • STL and TSL Links
  • Signal aggregation for outdoor event coverage
  • Signal aggregation for security and monitoring

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Optical Input / Output
ConnectorSC/PC or FC/PC
9000DWDM-32ITU C28-C59 (1554.94nm - 1530.33nm)
9000DWDM-40ITU C20-C59 (1561.42nm - 1530.33nm)
Channel Spacing0.8nm (100GHz)
Passband @ 0.5dB± 0.11nm
Channel Uniformity< 1.5dB
Isolation Adjacent Channel> 25dB
Isolation Non-Adjacent Channel> 40dB
Directivity> 40dB
Fiber Size9µm core / 125µm overall
Return Loss> 45dB
Maximum Optical Power< 500mw (+27dB)
Link Loss With Mux and Demux Combination
9000DWDM-M32 &
< 8dB maximum
9000DWDM-M40 &
< 10dB maximum
Dimensions19" W x 1.75" H x 18.75" D (483mm W x 45mm H x 477mm D)

Ordering Information

NotesDWDM Detailed Ordering Options PDF (26.4kB)
9000DWDM-M3232 Ch DWDM Mux, 100GHz Spacing, ITU Channels C28 to C59, 1RU
9000DWDM-D3232 Ch DWDM De-Mux, 100GHz Spacing, ITU Channels C28 to C59, 1RU
9000DWDM-M4040 Ch DWDM Mux, 100GHz Spacing, ITU Channels C20 to C59, 1RU
9000DWDM-D4040 Ch DWDM De-Mux, 100GHz Spacing, ITU Channels C20 to C59, 1RU
Ordering Options
NotesFor ST and FC connector options, the channel number of the ordered unit must be added - eg: +ST32 or +FC40
Fiber connector must be specified at time of order - eg: [model]+SC
For APC connectors, order with –AP suffix
Connector Suffix
Patch Cable
CB-FP1M-SCPCSingle mode fiber cable, 1m, SC/PC male termination
CB-FP1M-STPCSingle mode fiber cable, 1m, ST/PC male termination
CB-FP5M-SCPCSingle mode fiber cable, 5m, SC/PC male termination
CB-FP5M-STPCSingle mode fiber cable, 5m, ST/PC male termination
CB-FP10M-SCPCSingle mode fiber cable, 10m, SC/PC male termination
CB-FP10M-STPCSingle mode fiber cable, 10m, ST/PC male termination