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The 2406BIAST-2 is a high-performance dual channel Bias Tee, suitable for a wide range of satellite antenna applications. Typical applications are seen when the downstream device of the LNB does not supply the 10MHz reference source and/or DC power. This next generation Bias Tee provides a neat and simple solution to supply the 10MHz and DC power to dual LNBs on the same RF cable as the L-Band outputs of the LNBs.

The 2406BIAST-2 comes equipped with 2x L-Band inputs (LNB 1/2), 2x L-Band outputs (Rx 1/2), a 10MHz reference input and DC input. The L-Band inputs come from the LNB and pass through to the L-Band outputs (Rx 1/2) to the downstream devices. The 10MHz input and DC power is multiplexed and sent to both L-Band inputs (LNB 1/2) to supply 10MHz reference and DC power to both LNBs.

The LNBs can be powered by the downstream device if applicable (i.e. Evertz RF over Fiber transmitter) as the 2406BIAST-2 features DC passthrough. If the downstream devices do not have DC power or if external DC power is preferred, an external DC input is available for a current up to 1000mA.

  • Compact, mountable form factor
  • DC passthrough for LNB power
  • External DC input
  • Weatherproof, IP65-rated (+WP option)
  • Compatable with LNBs, BUCs, modems and more
  • Dual channel to support two LNBs
  • 22kHz tone on/off LNB local oscillator control, DiSEqC protocol
  • Low insertion loss
  • Passive device for high reliability
  • Low passband ripples
  • Can be mounted inside Evertz' 2400ODU Integrated Fiber Transport System

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L-Band Inputs2
L-Band Outputs2
10MHz Inputs1
DC Inputs1
ConnectorsF-Type (SMA, BNC optional)
Impedance75Ω (50Ω optional)
Frequency Range100 – 2500MHz
Thru Loss0.5dB maximum
Ripple/Flatness±0.5dB maximum
Input VSWR1.5:1 maximum
Output VSWR1.5:1 maximum
Input Return Loss14dB
Output Return Loss15dB
LNB Power Supply and Control
Voltage13/18V DC, off (selectable)
LO Control22kHz on/off (selectable) DiSEqC
Maximum Current1000mA
ProtectionShort circuit, overload
Conductor Range23-18 AWG (0.26-0.82 mm2)
10MHz Referenceexternal
Connector50Ω BNC
Input Frequency10MHz
DC Input
Voltage+18V DC nominal, +11 to +18V DC range (> LNB min input voltage required when powering an LNB)
Dimensionswith flanges
5.4" L x 2.4" W x 1.2" H
(138mm L x 61mm W x 31mm H)
Operating Temp-40 to +80°C
Relative HumidityUp to 100% condensation and frost
Dust/Water ProtectionIP65 (+WP version)

Ordering Information

2406BIAST-2High performance dual-channel Bias Tee, passes through DC and L-Band with a 10MHz reference multiplexer; external DC input option for built-in LNB powering (external power supply sold separately)
Ordering Options
+WPWeatherproof option
+PSExternal DC power supply brick, 100 – 240V AC auto-ranging input, indoor mounting with F-Type connector
Connector Options
-S5050Ω, SMA connectors
-B5050Ω, BNC connectors