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L-Band/Wideband Standalone Fiber Receiver Series

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The 2406LR is a fiber optic receiver for signals in the satellite L-Band and other frequency ranges. It accepts a single fiber optic input on an FC/APC connector and provides a pair of equal power electrical outputs. Packaged in a small, standalone enclosure, the 2406LR is temperature-hardened and ideal for mounting on or near antenna structures, or in any application where modular/rack-mount products are not practical. The -WP version features dust and water protection for direct outdoor mounting without a secondary enclosure. When combined with the 2408LT a bi-directional link can be created, ideal for VSAT and similar applications.

Two gain modes are provided for flexible output level adjustment to suit the requirements of the coaxial distribution system and the connected equipment. Manual gain mode allows a fixed gain level to be applied to the output signal. AGC mode allows the user to set a target output level, and the 2406LR's microprocessor will automatically apply the correct amount of gain to maintain that level. Comprehensive local LED indicators provide instant information relating to optical input, DC power input and RF output levels.

For GPS applications, the 2406LR can be used to receive GPS signals over fiber when paired with a 2408LTA13-5V transmitter.


  • Mounts directly to the antenna structure or other outdoor locations
  • -WP option provides a weatherproof version of the product
  • Wide bandwidth allows use with L-Band, over-the-air DTV and other frequency ranges
  • Protocol independent design - passes all modulation formats
  • Dual, full power outputs
  • Tri-color LED status indicators for optical input, DC input and RF output levels
  • Flexible powering options including power brick (+PS option), 2400PSUA-8 or customer's own 11 – 20V DC source
  • Fiber link provides electrical isolation between antenna and facility, mitigating ground loop and lightning issues
  • Fiber transport offers increased signal quality over coax at longer distances and is not prone to high-frequency roll-off
  • Applications

  • L-Band over Fiber Transport to L-Band up-converter for uplinks
  • VSAT and other bi-directional signals
  • Portable antenna deployment
  • Any RF fiber receive application requiring a standalone device
  • GPS antenna systems


RF Outputs

Number of Outputs 2
Connector F-Type (50Ω BNC optional)
Conductor Range 23-18 AWG (0.26-0.82 mm2)
I/O Impedance 75Ω (50Ω optional)
Frequency Range
2406LR 88MHz-3GHz
2406LR-H 88MHz-2.3GHz
Return Loss
88MHz – 2.3GHz > 15dB
2.3 – 3GHz > 12dB
Output IP3 +28dBm
IMD < -55dBc at -3dBm output and 25dB gain
Output Signal Level
Manual Gain 0 to -60dBm (depending on input signal level, gain setting and optical loss)
AGC Mode -10 to -40dBm (adjustable, maintainable within available gain range)
Available Gain -6dB to +24dB in 2dB steps

Optical Input

Number of Inputs 1
Connector Female FC/APC
Operating Wavelength 1270nm-1610nm
Maximum Input Power
2406LR +3dBm
2406LR-H -7dBm
Optical Sensitivity
2406LR -14dBm @ 35dB C/N on a 36MHz carrier
2406LR-H -20dBm @ 35dB C/N on a 36MHz carrier

10MHz Performance

10MHz Modules Only
Manual Gain Range -5 to +10dB
Input Power Range +10 to -40dBm
OIP3 +29dB
Harmonic Rejection +60dB

DC Input

Voltage +18V DC nominal, +11 to +20V DC range
Connector F-Type
Conductor Range 23-18 AWG (0.26-0.82 mm2)


Dimensions with flanges
5.4"L x 2.4"W x 1.2"H
(138mm L x 61mm W x 31mm H)


Safety CSA listed to CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 62368-1:14, UL 62368-1 2nd Ed., IEC 62368-1:2014
EMI/RFI Complies with FCC Part 15, Subpart B EN 55022:1998 ICES-003


Temperature -30 to 75°C
Dust/Water Protection IP65 (-WP version only)

Ordering Information

Notes transmitters are sold separately. Please refer to the 2408LT and 7708LT Series data sheets for information on companion transmitter products for 2406LR Series receivers.
2406LR Wideband RF standalone fiber receiver
2406LR-H Wideband RF standalone Fiber Receiver, High sensitivity
2406LR-B50 Wideband RF standalone Fiber Receiver, 50Ω BNC connectors
2406LR-S50 Wideband RF standalone Fiber Receiver, 50Ω SMA connectors
2406LR-10MHz-B50 Standalone 10MHz Fiber Receiver. Standard sensitivity. BNC 50Ω, FC/APC connectors
2406LR-10MHz-S50 Standalone 10MHz Fiber Receiver. Standard sensitivity. SMA 50Ω, FC/APC connectors

Ordering Options

+PS 18V DC external power supply, 100 – 240V AC auto-ranging input, indoor mounting with F-Type connector
-WP Weatherproof
2400PSUA-8 Eight channel power supply for 2406/8 LT/LR series