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RF Routers

XRF1A with Local Control Panel (+LCP)

The XRF1A is an RF signal routing matrix for L-Band and IF satellite communications and other signals. Housed in a compact 1RU chassis and available in 8x8 or 16x16 matrix sizes, the XRF1A is a full-featured routing matrix with automatic or manual gain control and RF power meters on each input channel, as well as optional LNB power supplies. Advanced capabilities, such as salvos allow multiple matrix path changes with the push of a button.

The XRF1A features optional built-in and remote control panels for crosspoint control and system configuration. Additionally, this flexible routing matrix can be controlled, configured and monitored via serial control, SNMP control over Ethernet, Evertz X-NCP2 panel, CP-22xxxE series control panels, VistaLINK® or other third party control software.

The XRF1A 16x16 is scalable up to four units by connecting multiple frames in conjunction with Evertz SRF series passive RF splitters/combiners, which provide matrix expansion without compromising system reliability.


  • Future proof with 40 – 2500MHz operation
  • Preserves signal quality from input to output, supports strict performance requirements of advanced modulation formats
  • 70/140MHz IF, L-Band, stacked L-Band and off-air DTV all in one platform
  • Passes all modulation formats
  • Passcode protection for configuration parameters and destination locks
  • Up to 8x programmable salvos
  • Internal redundant power supply option
  • LNB power generation option with short circuit protection
  • Non-blocking, fan-out configuration
  • Solid State matrix switching
  • Automatic or manual gain control on all input channels
  • External system expansion capability up to 32x32 using additional frames and Evertz' SRF series passive splitters / combiners
  • RF power monitoring on all input channels
  • Adjustable output level in AGC mode



Matrix Sizes 8x8 or 16x16
Impedance 75Ω (50Ω BNC optional)
Connector Type BNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A (F-type connector optional)
Gain Range (Manual) -10 to +12dB
Output AGC Level -20 to -50dBm
Bandwidth 40 – 2500MHz
Flatness ±1.5dB (850 – 2500MHz)
±2.5dB (40 – 2500MHz)

RF Specifications

40 – 2500MHz
Frequency Response ±1.5dB (850 – 2500MHz)
±2.5dB (40 – 2500MHz)
Flatness Over 36MHz ±0.45dB
Isolation > 60dB input to output
> 75dB output to output and input to input
RF Input Power -10dBm to -70dBm
Max RF Input Power < 24dB
Max RF Output Power -10dBm
Noise Figure 6dB (1500MHz, Gain = +12dB) typ
15dB (1500MHz, Gain = 0dB) typ
P1dB +1dBm
OIP3 +12dBm
1dB GCP 1dBm ±3 output power
Return Loss
75Ω > 13dB (input), > 15dB (output)
50Ω > 13dB (input), > 11dB (output)

LNB Power

Voltage 18V DC, 13V DC, off (selectable)
Current 400mA
Protection Short circuit, overload

Communication and Control

Serial RS-232/RS-422 selectable
Ethernet SNMP over IEEE 802.3/U (10/100BaseTx) RJ-45 connector
Control Built-in front control panel, XNCP2, CP-2116E or CP-2232E control panels, VistaLINK®, MAGNUM or third party SNMP or serial interface


Max Power Consumption Auto-ranging 85 – 265V AC, 50/60Hz
AC Input 60 watts max without LNB power option
200 watts max with LNB power option
Connector IEC 60320-1 per power supply
Operating Temperature 0-40°C


Safety TUV listed to CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60065:2003, UL 60065:2007, IEC 60065:2001 + Amd 1:2005 EN 60065:2002, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 62368-1:2014, ANSI/UL 62368-1:2014, EN 62368-1:2014 + A11:2017, IEC 62368-1:2014
EMI/RFI Complies with FCC Part 15, Subpart B EN 55022:1998 ICES-003


Dimensions 19"W x 1.75"H x 18.75"D
(483mm x 45mm x 477mm)
Weight Approx. 9.5lbs. (4.3kg) with 2x power supplies, -LNB version

* All specifications over specified bandwidth unless noted

Ordering Information

Notes Contact Evertz sales for other matrix sizes up to 512x512, as well as 50Ω BNC, SMA and F-Type connector options
XRF1A-8x8 1RU 8x8 L-Band Router, 75Ω BNC connectors
XRF1A-8x8-LNB 1RU 8x8 RF Router, 75Ω BNC connectors and LNB power supply
XRF1A-16x16 1RU 16x16 L-Band Router, 75Ω BNC connectors
XRF1A-16x16-LNB 1RU 16x16 L-Band Router with LNB Power Supply, 75Ω BNC connectors

Ordering Options

+2PS Redundant Power Supply
+LCP Local Control Panel