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The XRF4 is a non-blocking, high-density wideband RF router for signals from 40 – 2450MHz. In a mere 4RU form factor, the XRF4 starts from a base 8x8 configuration and is expandable in increments of eight-channel input and/or output cards. The XRF4 platform features a modular hot-swappable architecture, built-in 10" touch screen control panel and redundant power supplies and frame controllers. Optional features include crosspoint redundancy, direct fiber input modules, integrated spectrum analyzer and more. The XRF4 IO modules are individually software-upgradable to support LNB powering and/or automatic gain control.

  • Performance • Industry's best performing large-capacity router with superior frequency response, isolation, return loss and noise figure to preserve signal margin.
  • Flexibility • Various connector options, adjustable gain and direct fiber options offer flexibility to meet any application requirement. Built-in gain allows expansion up to 512x1024 using Evertz' passive splitters & combiners with no added point of failure.
  • Reliability • All active components are modular and hot-swappable, facilitating quick serviceability and maximum uptime.
  • LNB Powering • Optional integrated LNB power supplies with 22kHz LO control, individually controllable on all inputs. Active current protection, advanced monitoring/alarming and automatic recovery per port.
  • Monitoring & Control • Integrated 10" touch screen display and built-in spectrum analyzer allow quick control and monitoring of all routes using customizable graphical user interfaces. User-friendly web browser provides access to all router controls and monitoring using Evertz' own VistaLINK PRO third-party compatible SNMP software. Immediate control and monitoring of routes, gain, threshold adjustments, RF power levels and LNB current values using Evertz' own MAGNUM control software.

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Matrix Sizes8x8 up to maximum frame configurations 64x128 or 128x64
System ExpansionInputs and/or outputs expandable in increments of 8; expansion beyond maximum configuration is achievable with additional frames and passive splitters/combiners up to 512x1024
RF Input
Impedance75Ω (50Ω optional)
Connector TypeBNC (SMA and F-type also available)
Input Gain Range-15dB to +15dB in 0.5dB steps
Output Gain Range-10dB to +10dB in 0.5dB steps
Fiber Optic InputAvailable with 2307LR modules
Optical InputFemale LC/UPC
RF Specifications
Bandwidth40 – 2450MHz
Frequency Response±1.5dB typ. ±2.0dB max
±0.25dB typ. ±0.5dB max over any 36MHz bandwidth
Isolation> 70dB output to output
> 70dB input to input
> 70dB input to output
RF Input Power-5dBm to -55dBm
Max RF Output Power-5dBm
Input P1dB0dB
OIP3> +12dBm
Return Loss> 17dBm typ. > 14dBm min (input and output)
Group Delay< 2.0ns
Gain Tracking±2.0dB
LNB Power
LO Control22kHz, on/off (selectable)
Voltage13/18V DC, off (selectable)
ProtectionActive: short circuit, overload
Communication & Control
EthernetSNMP, Quartz Protocol, Web Browser
PanelsIntegrated 10" touch screen panel, CP2116-E, CP2232-E panels available
SoftwareWeb, VistaLINK PRO SNMP NMS, and VUE-SW
AC InputAuto-ranging, 100 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
ConnectorIEC 60320-1 per power supply
Number4 (1+3)
Dimensions18.96" W x 6.96" H x 29.21" D
(482mm W x 177mm H x 742mm D)

Ordering Information

XRF4-FR-64x128XRF 4RU router frame, 192x IO connections, 75Ω BNC connectors, 10" integrated LCD touch screen; maximum configuration of 64x128
XRF4-FR-128x64XRF 4RU router frame, 192x IO connections, 75Ω BNC connectors, 10" integrated LCD touch screen; maximum configuration of 128x64
Ordering Options
NotesBNC 75Ω connectors by default
-B5050Ω BNC connectors
-S5050Ω SMA connectors
-F7575Ω F connectors
2307LRMiniature L-Band/Wideband Fiber Receiver
XRF4-FK-8LNBXRF4 Platform feature key to enable LNB power on 8x inputs
XRF4-FK-8AGCXRF4 Platform feature key to enable Automatic Gain Control for 8x inputs
XRF4-FCXRF4 RF router frame controller
XRF4-FC-SAFrame controller with integrated spectrum analyzer for the XRF4 router system; accessible locally using 10" touch screen or over the network using web browser
XRF4-PSXRF4 RF router power supply module
XRF96XRF4 system mid-point module