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Remote Control Panel

The CP-9000 is a remote control panel for Evertz products supporting "menupush". Occupying only 1RU of space, the CP-9000 presents the user with a comprehensive set of control and display features for user-friendly and rapid control of connected devices.

The CP-9000 offers the user a number of push-buttons for selection of important functions. A set of buttons are dedicated for quick selection of top-level functions, allowing quick drill-down on important controls. For parameter entry, a full numeric keypad allows rapid and straight-forward entry of values. A rotary encoder is also provided as an easy means of scrolling through menus or increasing and decreasing values. A bright, easy to read LCD display with wide viewing angle provides the visual interface for all controlled and monitored parameters.


  • Compact, 1RU design occupies a minimum amount of rack space
  • Comprehensive set of buttons allows for quick drill-down on important control or monitoring parameters
  • Full 0-9 numeric keypad facilitates rapid entry of numeric values
  • Rotary encoder provides an easy means of scrolling through menus and incrementing or decrementing values
  • Bright, easy to ready LCD display with wide viewing angle
  • Low power consumption and auto-dimming display for long life



Network Type Fast Ethernet 100 Base-TX IEEE 802.3u standard for 100MB/s baseband CSMA/CD local area network
Ethernet 10 Base-T IEEE 802.3 standard for 10MB/s baseband CSMA/CD local area network
Connector RJ-45


Pushbuttons 24
Rotary Encoder 1
Number 1
Type Monochrome LCD


Voltage Auto-ranging 100V to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power < 30 watts


Dimensions 19"W x 1.75"H x 16"D
(483mmW x 45mmH x 406mmD)

Ordering Information

Notes Please contact Evertz to verify if the devices planned for control by the CP-9000 support "menu-push".
CP-9000 Remote control panel, 1RU, for products supporting "menu push".