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MAGNUM Multiviewer

Multiviewer Control Software Module

MAGNUM MULTIVIEWER is a software module that unifies control and interfacing to Evertz multiviewers. MAGNUM provides a central location for configuring, managing, and controlling Evertz multiviewer products such as MVP, MViP and VIP. This module allows users configure and manage the various setup and monitoring parameters from a central web interface for the Evertz multiviewer products. MAGNUM also offers a simplified interface for updating only the specific mnemonics for the multiviewers using the Name Application thereby limiting the changes made to the system. The multiviewer web design tool built into MAGNUM is used to create the multiviewer layouts and MAGNUM MULTIVIEWER provides the central storage and recall of saved layouts.


  • Ethernet control of Evertz Multiviewer products
  • Dynamic UMD and Tally Support
  • Multiple NameSets for Source and Destinations
  • Control Panel Interfacing
  • Onscreen Control
  • Layout recall
  • Web based interface
  • Hot Redundancy (-R)
  • Name App

MULTIVIEWER Control System Overview

Ordering Information

Notes Baseline MAGNUM-OS, MAGNUM-HW-C or MAGNUM-HW is required to enable these Software Keys
One Software Key supports one MAGNUM cluster composed of two or more MAGNUM servers
SK have annual license renewal (first year included) which provides access to minor version updates and 24*7 support
MAGNUM-SK-MV-D1 MAGNUM Software Key to enable support for single display layout control