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CP-2116E, CP-2116E-H

Advanced System Control Panel

The CP-2116E-H remote control panel features one high resolution color touch-screen LCD display alongside an array of function assignable dynamic LCD buttons which are fully programmable. The LCD display intelligently interacts with the panel's buttons and rotary controls, updating automatically as different operation facilities are selected.

The CP-2116E-H is offered in a full width panel as a lower cost option to other Evertz advanced system control panels, or in a half width chassis which offers a mounting option for a standard owner supplied waveform monitor.

Each of the 16 LCD buttons are capable of displaying a multiple character text string or a graphical image. They can also be configured with a menu structure which allows quick navigation through the systems. When a menu button is pressed some or all of the buttons change their function and legend. Their operation is then defined by the configuration setup for this new menu. The selection of a new menu can also be configured to change the graphical display of one or both the LCD screens.

Desktop Mount - One CP-2116E-H mounted in CPH-DBK

The CP-2116E-H is an advanced system control panel and a member of the MAGNUM Control system, allowing control of automated tielines and pathfinding, and advanced breakaway routing while still supporting basic routing concepts like levels and categories. The CP-2116E-H requires the MAGNUM Control System for router control.

The CP-2116E-H panel incorporates advanced control of all of Evertz's SNMP enabled devices. Devices or certain controls of devices can be grouped and/or ganged together and associated with sources and destinations on routers so that when a particular source or destination is used the appropriate controls are loaded up for interfacing on the panels LCD screens. This allows simple but powerful interfaces to be built to control parameters and recall presets as well as integrate with router systems for SNMP equipment in your facility.

The CP-2116E-H enables users to have real-time control over and MVP or VIP system. Displays graphical visualizations of layouts prior to loading them, controls what signal is routed to what multiviewer window and selects an audio to be monitored etc.

The CP-2116E-H is a very sophisticated advanced panel that allows you to create a very powerful and very simple interface to your entire system so users have real-time control over signals, displays and their router destinations.


  • Flexible feature or menu driven configurations providing quick and simple access
  • Advanced control system interface¬∑
  • Advanced SNMP interface
  • Advanced Evertz Multieview processor interface
  • Evertz direct router control
  • One high quality touch-screen LCD display which dynamically reacts with the panels buttons and rotary controls
  • Easily reconfigured for regularly changing environments
  • Programmable buttons
  • Slim and silent design

Sample Operation Images

Router Control and Advanced Searching
Router Control and Advanced Searching
Advanced Multiviewer Display Control
Advanced Multiviewer Display Control
Advanced Multiviewer Layout Control
Advanced Multiviewer Layout Control
Advanced Terminal Gear Control
Advanced Terminal Gear Control

Sample Mounting Configurations

One CP-2116E-H mounted in a 3RU CPH-TEK with Tektronix WFM
One CP-2116E-H mounted in a 3RU CPH-TEK with Tektronix WFM
One CP-2116E-H mounted in a 2RU CPH-RMB with blank plate
One CP-2116E-H mounted in a 2RU CPH-RMB with blank plate
Two CP-2116E-H mounted in a 2RU CPH-RMB
Two CP-2116E-H mounted in a 2RU CPH-RMB



Ethernet 10/100 base T, RJ45


Voltage Autoranging 100V -240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power 20 Watts
Fuse Rating 250V, 4A, time delay


Full width panel 19" W x 3.5" H x 1.2" D
(483mm W x 89mm H x 32mm D)
Half width panel 9.5" W x 3.5" H x 1.2" D
(241mm W x 89mm H x 32mm D)
With full width 3RU chassis
for WFM mounting
19" W x 5.25" H x 1.2" D
(483mm W x 133mm H x 32mm D)
Weight 2lbs (.9kg)
Operating Temp 0 -40°C


Safety ETL Listed, complies with EU safety directives
EMI/RFI Complies with FCC Part 15 Class A regulations
Complies with EU EMC directive

Ordering Information

Notes These part numbers refer to the hardware only. Precise operation is determined by the configuration of the control panel.
CP-2116E-H System Control Panel, One Touchscreen LCD and 16 LCD Buttons, no mounting options
CP-2116E 2RU full width panel with 1 CP-2116E permanently mounted in the center

Ordering Options

+KEY Application to perform dedicated keyer (A/B Mix, Keyer and Logo Transitions, and Logo Controls)to run on the CP2232E and CP-2116E platforms. Allows users to control one or more 7725DSK-LG, 7725DSK-LG-HD, and 7825DSK2-LG-HD/3G modules


CPH-RMB 2RU rack mount bracket kit for CP-2116E-H, includes 1 blank plate. Supports two (2) CP-2116E-H panels which are field installed.
CPH-TEK 3RU rack mount bracket which supports ONE (1) CP-2116E-H mounting in an owner supplied dual Tektronix scope cage (for other WFM brands please contact factory). Panel and owner supplied scope/cage are field installed
CPH-DBK Desktop mount