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Web Based Router Control Interface

Web based router control interface for MAGNUM-ROUTER control systems. Router control panel available by simply by launching a web browser and connecting to a licensed MAGNUM control system. Interface offers per user authentication and profiles for controlling source and destination availability for routing.


  • Accessed by launching a web browser (chrome, firefox, safari) and pointing it the address of the MAGNUM server
  • String search of available ports using the Filter Src or Filter DST boxes
  • Source and destination categories/tags
  • Assignment of custom logos to buttons
  • Profiles (source / destination availability) assigned to the interface are assigned per user and is not globally shared
  • User account login to prevent users from using the "admin" account
  • Ability to Lock destinations
  • Ability to Protect destinations
  • Ability to multi-select destinations
  • Ability to recall assigned Salvos
  • Simple clean interface with the option of TAKE mode or TAKE Toggle

Ordering Information

Notes Requires a MAGNUM-ROUTER control system running MAGNUM version 1.13 or higher
MAGNUM-ROUTER-VCP-WEB Web based control panel. Individually licensed and can be run using web browsers including those on mobile devices.