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High VQ Low Latency HEVC Encoder & Decoder

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MIO-XPS is part of Evertz XPS encoder series, a set of high quality and low latency video encoder decoder devices for video transport, remote production, cloud on-ramp, Internet streaming and disaster recovery applications.

As a part of the SCORPION platform, MIO-XPS has the advantage of leveraging the catalogue of signal support and processing functions in the MIO toolkit. Embed discrete microphones, timecode or GPIs, perform up/down/cross conversion, color correction or adjust audio levels. Create your customized remote network on-ramp using MIO-XPS in the SCORPION platform.


  • Dual-slot MIO module
  • 4x HD-BNC connectors
  • 3G/HD support (12G ready)
  • Can be deployed across all SCORPION chassis
  • Requires SCORPION-18-PSX-HP/PS3/PS6 when used in SCORPION-X18
  • Integrated control and monitoring using MAGNUM, VUE, VistaLINK® PRO, inSITE
  • Device-hosted web GUI and web API

Software Services

  • MIO-XPS-1E1D

  • 720p, 1080i, 1080p support
  • HEVC encoder and decoder
  • 4:2:2 10-bit encoding profile
  • 10-50Mbps encoded rate
  • 150ms latency
  • 16-channel PCM audio passthrough
  • 8-channel AAC-LC audio encoding
  • SMPTE ST 2038 ANC support
  • Decoder frame sync
  • SMPTE ST 2022-2/7 transport
  • SRT transport with stream encryption


Power Consumption 20 watts
Physical Requirement Dual-slot MIO
Operating Temperature 0-85°C

Electrical Inputs

Reclocked Standards SMPTE ST 2081 (12G-SDI), SMPTE ST 424M (3GB/s), SMPTE ST 292M (1.5GB/s), SMPTE ST 259M (270MB/s), DVB-ASI
Connector HD-BNC
Impedance 75Ω (nominal)
Equalization Automatic to 80m @3GB/s, 100m @1.5GB/s, 250m @270MB/s (with Belden 1694A or equivalent cable)
Return Loss > 15dB up to 1.5GHz, > 10dB up to 3GHz, > 7dB up to 6GHz, > 4dB up to 12GHz

Electrical Outputs

Connector HD-BNC
Impedance 75Ω (nominal)
Signal Level 800mV (nominal)
DC Offset 0V ±0.5V
Rise And Fall Time
12G < 45ps
HD/3G < 135ps
SD < 900ps
Overshoot < 10% of amplitude
Alignment Jitter < 0.2UI to 270MB/s (1kHz), < 0.2UI to 1.485GB/s (100kHz), < 0.3UI to 2.97GB/s (100kHz), < 0.3UI to 12GB/s (100kHz)
Timing Jitter < 0.2UI to 270MB/s (10Hz), < 1UI to 1.485GB/s (10Hz), < 2UI to 2.97GB/s (10Hz), < 8UI to 12GB/s (10Hz)

Ordering Information

MIO-XPS Dual slot module for low latency HEVC compression. Supports 1 encode and 1 decode of 3G/HD-SDI using HEVC 10b422 and transport using ST2022-2/7 or SRT. For use in any SCORPION chassis types.

Channel License Options

evEDGE-HEVC-E evEDGE license to enable a single channel of HEVC encoding up to 422-10bit. Applicable for 3G/HD signal rates and includes AAC-LC compression.
evEDGE-HEVC-D evEDGE license to enable a single channel of HEVC decoding up to 422-10bit. Applicable for 3G/HD signal rates and includes AAC-LC compression.
evEDGE-RUDP evEDGE license for a single path of reliable UDP transport over congested or unmanaged networks.


SCORPION-SX18 1RU SCORPION chassis. Supports up to 18 single or 8 dual slot modules, 18 SFP slots, and 2 QSFP slots. Includes integrated 12G crosspoint, internal ethernet switch, power module, and power brick. Frame controllers not included.
SCORPION-6 Silent standalone SCORPION chassis. Supports up to 6 single, or 3 dual slot modules and up to 2 SFP slots. Integrated crosspoint routing and gateway support for either ST2022-1/2/6/7 or ST2110.
SCORPION-2 Silent miniature SCORPION chassis. Supports up to 2 single, or one dual slot module and up to 4 SFP slots.