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2RU Flexible Media Edge

SCORPION-2RU is a flexible edge compute platform. Performing media processing, conversion, routing, aggregation and transport through use of available compute blades and discrete signal input and output modules. SCORPION is network agnostic, supporting simultaneous SDI, IP, and fiber connectivity for use in edge workflows for media transport, facility production, and processing / conversion based applications.

SCORPION has a diverse signal support catalogue. Leveraging miniature input and output (MIO) modules for a wide range of video, audio, and data formats, SCORPION is the platform for aggregating and distributing multiple signal formats simultaneously. This is accomplished with a high degree of customization to meet individual requirements and highly reconfigurable to accommodate changes in workflow.

Enabling Media Transport

  • JPEG-XS, JPEG-2K, HEVC, SMPTE ST 2022, ST 2110 codecs and protocols to accommodate different bandwidth availability and latency tolerances
  • Retransmission or FEC technology for compressed signal transport over lossy or impaired networks
  • Link, network and hardware redundancy schemes for guaranteed operation, including hitless switching operation
  • Transport remote microphones or acquire announcer feeds for use in remote production as MADI, AES or analog audio
  • Move serial data, GPIO, timing and other workflow specific ANC data along side audio and video for remote acquisition or transport applications

Perform Media Processing and Conversion

  • Video based conversion and synchronization functions like frame sync, up/down/cross and HDR conversion
  • Shuffle, embed, de-embed level adjustment, up and down mix audio regardless if it is embedded or coming from a discrete or network source
  • Embed, de-embed, filter and author data pertinent to your workflow, from SCTE to serial data to captions

Control and Power

  • Internal, hot-swappable 120/240V AC power supply (optional redundant supply available)
  • Hot-swappable frame controller with 1GbE RJ-45 for out of band management and control (optional redundant frame controller available). In-band control configuration also supported.
  • Front hot-swappable fan array facilitating front to rear cooling (replacement/spare options available)

Integrated Features

  • Internal Ethernet switching fabrics for media, management and control, supporting from 1GbE to 800GbE network connectivity
  • Control plane switching fabrics for isolation of management and control networks via frame controller GbE RJ-45 ports
  • Built-in processor for internal timing distribution, SDI routing and processing, test pattern generation and basic analyzer, and HDMI display driver

Modular Form Factor

  • Top and bottom row: 20x single or 10x dual-slot MIO modules
  • Middle rows: 8x dual-slot MIO modules
  • Catalogue of MIO modules supporting video, audio and data formats, including optional blade modules for video processing, conversion and encoding functions

Network Connections

  • Up to 4x QSFP-DD interfaces, supporting from 1GbE to 800GbE network connectivity
  • SFP network connections down to 1Gbps facilitated by MIO modules



  • 2x BNC analog reference inputs per IEC 61169.8 Annex A, analog 625/525, tri-level
  • Network timing (PTP, NTP)


Dimensions 3.6" H x 19" W x 16" D
(92 x 483 x 407mm)
Module Capacity Up to 36x slots available for SCORPION mini I/O modules
Cooling Front to rear airflow using SCORPION-2RU-FAN hot-swappable assembly


Power Supply Configuration Redundant and hot-swappable internal power supplies
Voltage Auto-ranging, 100 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 1500 watts per supply **

** Consult the SCORPION frame layout tools for individual power usage estimates.

Ordering Information

SCORPION-2RU 2RU SCORPION flexible media edge chassis. Includes one frame controller, internal power supply and fan assembly. MIOs, QSFPs, redundant PS and FC sold separately.

Ordering Options

+FC Redundant frame controller for SCORPION-2RU chassis; RJ45 connector enabling out of band control
+PS Redundant 1200 watts power supply for SCORPION-2RU chassis


SCORPION-2RU-FC Replacement or spare frame controller for SCORPION-2RU chassis
SCORPION-2RU-PS Replacement or spare power supply for SCORPION-2RU chassis
SCORPION-2RU-FAN Replacement or spare fan assembly for SCORPION-2RU chassis

QSFP Interface Options

QSFP200G-MM-SR8-100M-G Double density, 850nm QSFP optical module that supports 8x25G/10G ports; can be used in applications up to 100m
QSFP200G-SM-LR8-10K-G Double density, 1310nm QSFP optical module that supports 8x25G/10G ports; can be used in applications up to 10km