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VUE: Router Control Features

Pinned Destinations and Sources

One of the most frequently used VUE features, the Pinned SRCs and DSTs give operators a fully customized router-profile without engineering overhead. Operators can safely customize their favourite sources and destinations without entering edit mode.

Pinned Router Control Workflow

Pinned Destinations and Sources have been designed to provide operators with a quick way to access the most important destinations and sources to your workflow.


  • Works with other router widgets [ Take Button, Router Panel + Dialer, Tag Selector ]
  • Pinned Destination widget can be connected to multiple router widgets simultaneously
  • DST and SRC list saved to user, meaning logging in on another VUE will bring your preferred destinations & sources
  • Operations mode editing of DST and SRC

Configuration of Pinned Router Widgets

Enter edit mode by pressing CTRL + E, and drag out your widgets. Make sure you've pointed your VUE at the appropriate Router System, nameset, and whatever tags you've configured in MAGNUM. Once you've dragged out the widgets, connect them via the radial menu. Once connected, LONG PRESS on a button (while in edit mode) to select a destination or source of your preference.

Configuration Features:

  • Instant or Explicit Take
  • Default Destination Mode
  • Operations Mode Editing
  • Number of buttons
  • Re-ordering of buttons (ports layout setting)
  • Show/Hide Navigation buttons (lets operator know there's more buttons than currently showing)
  • XY layout of widget
  • Text Size
  • Highlight Colouring
  • Default Destination (selects a specific destination upon layout load)

Operations Mode Editing

Engineering usually doesn't want Operators to enter 'Edit Mode' themselves, so we've given our users a safe mechanism for Operators to customize their workflow. Enable 'Operations Mode Editing' setting on your Pinned Destination and Pinned Sources widget. If an operator long-presses on a button, a dialer will pop up that lets a user select a new destination or source.


  • Can choose if VUE forgets newly configured buttons, or remembers for next time
  • Instantly route after selecting a new button
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