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1GE/10GE Over Dual SONET / SDH Trunks

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The 7890ES-OCx-2 is part of the Evertz family of gateway products, which unlock the potential of IP networks for signal transport. The proliferation of carrier-grade IP networks and their associated capacity, flexibility and cost make them an attractive solution for modern video transport networks. Evertz gateway products facilitate the bridge between video SONET/STM and IP worlds, providing the extensive capability, control & monitoring, resilience and low latency demanded by content creators and transport service providers.

The 7890ES-OCx-2 is a dual SONET/SDH gateway that is used to add resiliency to traditional ethernet over fiber links. It facilitates IP transport over traditional fiber optic SONET/SDH networks. The 7890ES-OCx-2 will pass a total of two 1GE or 10GE connections over 2sONET/SDH fiber paths.


  • Facilitates Ethernet connectivity over SONET/SDH Links
  • SFP/SFP+ for 1/10 Gig Ethernet Access ports allow up to two ethernet connections for transport
  • Ethernet Access ports provide a combined maximum of 1GB/s or 10GB/s throughout with per-port user settable bandwidth limiting on the OCx/STMx trunk
  • RJ45 or Fiber SFP/SFP+ ports can be populated on the Ethernet Trunk Link, allowing copper or fiber connection
  • Fully hot-swappable from the front of the frame without de-cabling
  • Comprehensive signal and card status monitoring via four digit card edge display or remotely through SNMP and VistaLINK® PRO
  • VistaLINK® PRO capability is available when modules are used with the 7700FC and 7800FC VistaLINK® PRO Frame Controller module in slot 1 of the frame

SFP Modules

SFP ModelWavelengthOptical Output PowerReceiver SensitivityNominal Recieved WavelengthMax DistanceFiber Type

* On 2000MHz/km MMF, consult Evertz for max distance on other multimode fiber types


Ordering Information

Please contact the factory, or your regional Evertz sales representative for information on ordering this product.