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3405FR-BNC, 3405FR-BNC-48V

Fiber Optic SFP BNC Frame

The Evertz 3405FR-BNC is a high-capacity bulk optical conversion platform. With the ability to accommodate 16 Evertz 3405 series SFP's, up to 32 optical to electrical or electrical to optical conversions may be performed in a single frame. Occupying only 1RU of rack space, the 3405FR-BNC is ideal for space-limited applications. The 3405FR-BNC can accommodate any 3405 series SFP, allowing the SFP cages to be populated as needed with optical transmit, receive, regenerator or electrical distribution amplifier SFP's. The SFP positions are not limited by function - any combination of 3405SFP types may be used, making countless versatile combinations possible. Benefits of fiber optics for video transport include longer attainable distances, smaller/lighter cabling, reduced cable tray loads and electrical isolation. The 3405FRBNC provides a low-overhead means for simple electrical/optical conversion for interfacility transport, as well as overcoming the limitations imposed by coaxial cable in intra-facility applications.

3405 series SFP's are able to handle ASI, SDI, HD-SDI and 3G digital video signals, as well as other signal rates up to 3 Gig on non-reclocked versions (e.g. MADI). The SFP modules are hot-swappable, allowing for quick servicing or easy reconfiguration or expansion at any time. 16 CWDM wavelengths are also available, which when combined with Evertz CWDM products allow up to 16 signals to be multiplexed on to a single fiber, greatly conserving fiber usage.

The 3405FR-BNC supports full remote monitoring and control over SNMP/VistaLINK® when optional frame controllers are installed. The platform supports a single frame controller, or dual modules may be installed for redundancy.

Numerous parameters such as optical power and electrical signal presence and rate can be accessed remotely to monitor system integrity. The 3405FR-BNC was designed to provide carrier-grade reliability with all SFP's, power supplies, frame controllers and the fan module being hot-swappable. There are no active components in the frame itself, a patent-penBNCg feature from Evertz ensuring that the frame and coaxial cabling never need to be removed from the rack for service.

See Evertz list of available optical and coaxial 3405 Series SFP modules.


  • High density - up to 32 conversions in 1RU
  • Any combination of 3405SFP types may be installed in any slots, incluBNCg optical transmit, receive, regenerator and electrical distribution amplifiers
  • All active components are hot-swappable
  • SFP modules can be hot-swapped without de-cabling coaxial connections
  • Accommodates single or dual redundant frame controllers
  • Accommodates redundant power supplies
  • Comprehensive signal and SFP status monitoring remotely through SNMP and VistaLINK® when frame controller(s) are installed
  • Power options include discrete external supplies, or the 3405PS-6 which may be used to power up to six 3405FR units with redundancy
  • Optional integrated CWDM module does not require additional rack space and may be used to condense up to 32 signals on to two fiber strands



Density 16 SFP's, Up to 32 EO, OE, or mixture of EO and OE in a 1RU unit
Impedance 75Ω
Connector BNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A (F-type connector optional)

Communication and Control

Serial RS-232 - single Female 9-pin D connector
Ethernet SNMP over IEEE 802.3/U (10/100 BaseTx) RJ45 connector
Control VistaLINK®

Electrical Outputs/Inputs

Connector BNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A
Impedance 75Ω (nominal)


Dimensions 1.8"H x 19"W x 4.16"D
Module Capacity 16 Evertz SFP modules
Operating Temperature 0-50°C (with 3405FAN installed)
0-30°C (with 3405FAN-Q installed)


12V DC Version
Power Supply Configuration Dual External Supplies(primary / secondary 3405PSX) or 1RU Power Supply Tray (3405PS-6)
Voltage DC Input 12V DC (external power supplies required for 110-220V)
Maximum Power Consumption 40 watts (fully loaded frame with all accessories)
Note: Power consumption dependent on SFP type
Connectors 4 Pin Male XLR (12V DC)
Status Indicators PST status LEDs (each per power supply tray)


48V DC Version
Power Supply Configuration Dual External Supplies (primary / secondary)
Voltage Auto ranging 36 ⇔ 72V DC
Maximum Power Consumption 50 watts Typical (fully loaded frame with all accessories)
Note: Power consumption dependent on SFP type
Connectors 3 pin screw terminal strip -1 per power supply
Status Indicators PST status LEDs (each per power supply tray)


Safety CSA Listed, Complies with EU Safety Directive
EMC Complies with FCC part 15, Class A
Complies with EU EMC Directives

3405PSX External Power Supply Brick

AC Mains Input Auto ranging, 100 -240V AC, 50/60Hz
Number of Outputs 1
Output Voltage 12V DC
Output Connector 4 PIN XLR
Max Power Dissipation 120 watts
Status Indicators Green OK LED

Ordering Information

Notes SFP's sold seperately, please specify at the time of ordering.
3405FR-BNC Fiber Optic SFP BNC frame (does not include power supplies, SFPs, frame controllers)
3405FR-BNC-48V Fiber Optic SFP BNC frame with dual 48V DC inlets (does not include power supplies, SFP's, frame controllers)

Ordering Options

Notes Order one of the power supply options from below
+Q 3405FAN-Q Dual quiet fan option
+PSX Single power supply brick (does not apply to 3405FR-BNC-48V)
+PSX-2 Dual (redundant) power supply (does not apply to 3405FR-BNC-48V)

Power Supplies

3405PSX External power supply brick (spare or replacement)
3405PS-6 1RU 6 output power supply tray for 3405FR-DIN (powers up to 6 units - primary & secondary)


3405FC 3405 Frame controller
3405FC-2 Redundant Frame controller
3405PST Power supply tray
3405FAN 3405FR-BNC dual FAN module
3405FAN-Q 3405FR-BNC dual quiet FAN module
3405RB Recessed brackets to provide 5" recessed mounting from front of rack

Evertz SFP Modules

3405 Coaxial Coaxial Distribution Amplifier and Auto-Changeover SFP's
3405 Optical Optical Transmitter, Receiver and Regenerator SFP's

Fiber Optic Mux/Demux Modules

MTP to LC fanout cable included
3405CWDM-M8 8 Channel Mux, 1470nm to 1610nm
3405CWDM-D8 8 Channel Demux, 1470nm to 1610nm
3405CWDM-M16 16 Channel Mux, 1270nm to 1610nm
3405CWDM-D16 16 Channel Demux, 1270nm to 1610nm
3405CWDM-2-M8 Dual 8 Channel Mux, 1470nm to 1610nm
3405CWDM-2-D8 Dual 8 Channel Demux, 1470nm to 1610nm
3405CWDM-2-M16 Dual 16 Channel Mux, 1270nm to 1610nm
3405CWDM-2-D16 Dual 16 Channel Demux, 1270nm to 1610nm

Fanout Cables

Spare or replacement
CB-MTP40CM-LCPC-HB MTP to LC/UPC fanout cable for HIGH band CWDM wavelengths, 1470nm to 1610nm
CB-MTP40CM-LCPC-LB MTP to LC/UPC fanout cable for LOW band CWDM wavelengths, 1270nm to 1450nm