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  • Bi-directional mux/demux of up to 16 wavelengths in the 1270nm to 1610nm spectrum (ITU-T G.694.2 compliant)
  • Expandable from 4 or 8 to 12 or 16 channel systems
  • Passive design for any bit rate
  • Low insertion loss to conserve system power
  • High optical isolation for low crosstalk
  • Fully hot swappable from front of frame with no fiber disconnect/reconnect required
  • SC/PC, FC/PC* connector options
  • Fiber protector to prevent connector damage
  • Occupies 1 or 2 card slots and can be housed in the 1RU 7801FR frame which holds up to four single or two dual slot modules, the 3RU 7800FR frame which has a 15 slot capacity, the portable 3RU 350FR frame which has a 7 slot capacity, or a standalone enclosure which holds a single module.

* 7705CWDM to be used ONLY in Single Mode Fiber applications


  • Multi-channel transport of video, audio, data, control in fiber limited applications
  • Cost reduction exercises through fewer leased fibers
  • Studio and Facility extension/expansion
  • STL and TSL links
  • Signal aggregation for outdoor and event coverage
  • Signal aggregation for security and monitoring

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CWDM Module Packages

Ordering InformationDescriptionTotal Slots
7705CWDM-M44 Channel CWDM Mux (1510nm - 1570nm)1
7705CWDM-D44 Channel CWDM Demux (1510nm - 1570nm)1
7705CWDM-M88 Channel CWDM Mux (1470nm - 1610nm)2
7705CWDM-D88 Channel CWDM Demux (1470nm - 1610nm)2
7705CWDM-M4 & 7705CWDM-M8LB12 Channel CWDM Mux (1270nm - 1570nm)3
7705CWDM-D4 & 7705CWDM-D8LB12 Channel CWDM Demux (1270nm - 1570nm)3
7705CWDM-M8 & 7705CWDM-M8LB16 Channel CWDM Mux (1270nm - 1610nm)4
7705CWDM-D8 & 7705CWDM-D8LB16 Channel CWDM Demux (1270nm - 1610nm)4


Optical Input / Output
ConnectorSC/PC or FC/PC female housing
7705CWDM-41510 - 1570nm
7705CWDM-81470 - 1610nm
7705CWDM-8LB1270 - 1450nm
Channel Spacing20nm
Passband @ 0.5dB> 13nm
Channel Uniformity< 1.5dB
Isolation Adjacent Channel> 30dB
Directivity> 50dB
Fiber Size9µm core / 125µm overall
Return Loss> 45dB
Link Loss with Mux and Demux Combination
7705CWDM-4< 2.5dB Maximum Loss
7705CWDM-8< 3.5dB Maximum Loss
7705CWDM-8LB< 5.5dB Maximum Loss
7705CWDM-8LB Expansion Port< 3.5dB Maximum Loss
7705CWDM-4 & 7705CWDM-8LB< 6.0dB (1270nm - 1570nm)
7705CWDM-8 & 7705CWDM-8LB< 5.5dB (1270nm - 1450nm)
< 7.0dB (1470nm - 1610nm)
Number of Slots1 (7705CWDM-4) or 2 (7705CWDM-8 & 7705CWDM-8LB)

Ordering Information

NotesCWDM Detailed Ordering Options PDF (26.4kB)
7705CWDM-M44 Channel CWDM Mux
7705CWDM-D44 Channel CWDM Demux
7705CWDM-M88 Channel CWDM Mux
7705CWDM-D88 Channel CWDM Demux
7705CWDM-M8LB8 Channel CWDM Low Band Mux with expansion port
7705CWDM-D8LB8 Channel CWDM Low Band Demux with expansion port
Ordering Options
NotesRetention screws have been added to the rear panels of these units. Please note that rear panels from older MUX DEMUX units will not be backwards compatible with newer rear panel units. (See block diagram for rear panel drawings)
* FC/PC connector option is available on 'COMMON' and 'EXPANSION' ports only (SC/PC on remaining fiber I/O ports)
Rear plate and fiber connector must be specified at time of order - eg: [model]+SC+3RU
Connector Suffix
Rear Plate Suffix
+1RU1RU rear plate for use with 7701FR Multiframe
+SAStandalone Enclosure Rear Plate
+3RU3RU rear plate for use with 350FR, 7700FR-C or 7800FR Multiframes
350FRPortable Multiframe which holds 7 single slot modules
7700FR-C3RU Multiframe which holds 15 single slot modules
7800FR3RU Multiframe which holds 15 single slot modules
7701FR1RU Multiframe which holds 3 single slot modules
S7701FR7700 Series Standalone Enclosure
Patch Cable
CB-FP1M-SCPCSingle mode fiber cable, 1m, SC/PC male termination
CB-FP1M-STPCSingle mode fiber cable, 1m, ST/PC male termination
CB-FP5M-SCPCSingle mode fiber cable, 5m, SC/PC male termination
CB-FP5M-STPCSingle mode fiber cable, 5m, ST/PC male termination
CB-FP10M-SCPCSingle mode fiber cable, 10m, SC/PC male termination
CB-FP10M-STPCSingle mode fiber cable, 10m, ST/PC male termination