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The 350FR Portable Multiframe incorporates today's vast video/audio processing, distribution, and fiber optic needs in one portable package. The 350FR provides backwards compatibility with all existing 7700 series Evertz products. The ability to handle the high-speed requirements of 3G, HD, SD, Analog in both the Electrical and Optical domain makes the 350FR an ideal portable solution.

The 350FR supports hot swapability from the front of the frame without compromising performance or flexibility. The system provides remote monitoring & control of all 77xx VistaLINK® enabled cards via SNMP for mission critical field applications.


  • Hot Swappable Power supply and cooling fan
  • Houses up to 7 front loading processing modules (7700 series)
  • Each slot has individually configurable inputs and outputs
  • Monitoring window for verifying modules status and power supply status
  • 350FR can house a 7800FC VistaLINK® Frame Controller in slot 1 which will allow for remote control and monitoring of VistaLINK® capable products via SNMP
  • High-speed bussing and control system provided for modular applications
  • No recabling required when hot swapping modules
  • Optional redundant external power supply
  • Optional dual unit tray
  • Optional Anton Bauer Quad battery holder
  • Optional rain cover
  • Optional rear breakout extension

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Module Capacity7 single slot modules
Front Panel IndicatorsPSU status LED, Frame Fault LED
Power Supply ConfigurationDual, redundant, 1 Internal, 1 External
VoltageAuto ranging, 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption105 Watts
Fuses2A, 250V time delay
5x20mm - line and neutral
Dimensions(8.25"W x 5.25"H x 14.5"D)
(207mm W x 133mm H x 368mm D)
Full16lbs (7.25Kg)
Empty9lbs (4.1Kg)
Operating Temperature0-40°C
SafetyCSA Listed
Complies with EU Safety Directive
EMCComplies with FCC part 15,
Class A Complies with EU EMC Directives

Ordering Information

350FR3RU Portable Multiframe which holds up to 7 single slot modules with AC power supply
Ordering Options
+350PSX350FR External Power Supply
350RCSoft padded carrying case for 350FR
350RC-2Soft padded carrying case for 350FR and 350FR-BEP
350PSAdditional 350FR Internal Power Supply
350PSXAdditional 350FR External Power Supply
MBL-IRCBH+ABAnton Bauer Quad Pack (no batteries included)
350FR-RPRackmount kit for 2 x 350FR enclosures, mounts in 3RU rack space
350FR-PKITPortable kit containing 1 top handle & 4 rubber feet
350FR-BEPOptional 350FR 8 slot breakout extension panel (Does not include 350FR-BEP rear plates. Please order BEP rear plates from the 350FR-BEP Rear Plate List at the time of ordering)
TAC4 Breakouts
MBL-IRCBP-TAC4-3-STBreakout Cable Delphi Hermaphroditic TAC4 to ST/PC, 1 meter (for use with 350FR-BEP)
MBL-FS3H-TAC4-3-STBreakout Cable Hermaphroditic TAC4 to ST/PC, metal receptacle, SM, 3 foot length
TAC4 Fiber Reels
MBL-FCR-TAC4-300Cable Reel and 300m of cable
MBL-FCR-TAC4-400Cable Reel and 400m of cable
MBL-FCR-TAC4-450Cable Reel and 450m of cable
MBL-FCR-TAC4-500Cable Reel and 500m of cable
MBL-FCR-TAC4-600Cable Reel and 600m of cable
350FR-BEP Rear Plates
350BEP-2BNC-M350FR-BEP rear plate, 2 BNC plus 4 x 3-pin male XLR Connectors
350BEP-DB9-M350FR-BEP rear plate, 1dB-9 plus 4 x 3-pin male XLR Connectors
350BEP-RJ45-M350FR-BEP rear plate, 1 RJ45 plus 4 x 3-pin male XLR Connectors
350BEP-2BNC-F350FR-BEP rear plate, 2 BNC plus 4 x 3-pin female XLR Connectors
350BEP-DB9-F350FR-BEP rear plate, 1dB-9 plus 4 x 3-pin female XLR Connectors
350BEP-RJ45-F350FR-BEP rear plate, 1 RJ45 plus 4 x 3-pin female XLR Connectors
350BEP-BNC350FR-BEP rear plate, 6 BNC Connectors