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Fiber Multiplexers, Splitters & Switches

Multiplexers, Splitters & Switches

3400CWDM 4 or 8 Channel CWDM Mux Modules for 1RU 3400FR Frame
3400DS 2, 4 and 8 Channel Optical Splitters for 1RU 3400FR Frame
3400FR 1RU Passive Optical Frame
3400MS 2 and 4 Channel Optical Monitoring Splitters for 1RU 3400FR Frame
7705CWDM 4 or 8 Channel Mux/Demux Coarse WDM Optical Modules
7705DS 50/50 Distribution Splitter
7705DS-4 Four Channel Optical Splitter
7705DS-8 Eight Channel Optical Splitter
7705DWDM Dense WDM Optical Modules
7705MS 80/20 Monitoring Splitter
7705WDM Wideband 1310nm and 1470nm-1610nm Wavelength Division Multiplexor
7705WDM13/15 Standard 1310nm/1550nm Wavelength Division Multiplexor
7706CWDM 8 Channel Compact Form Factor Coarse WDM Optical Modules
7707BPX 2:1 Optical Bypass Protection Switch / Auto Change-over
7780M4-ASI Quad ASI TDM-Mux
9000DWDM 1RU Dense WDM Optical Mux/Demux Unit