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The 3080IPG-ASI-IPGE platform is a complete hardware based solution to concurrently tranport ASI to IP, IP to ASI. It can also regenerate IP from IP input with different settings, such as MAC, IP Unicast/Multicast addressing, add RTP and FEC. The 3080IPG-ASI-IPGE platform is capable of bridging traditional compressed world (ASI) with the emerging video over IP networks.

Controlled by the industry leading VistaLINK® PRO, the 3080IPG-ASI-IPGE is a high density, high performance encap / de-encapsualtor. It offers the capability to send and receive 32 ASI signals from a unicast or multicast IP stream. For contribution application, the 3080IPG-ASI-IPGE offers industry leading standard FEC support for encapsulation or de-encapsulation.

The 3080IPG-ASI-IPGE fits in the Evertz® 3700FR, EMX1-FR and EMX3-FR and EMX6-FR chassis and is SNMP controlled via VistaLINK® PRO.

The 3080IPG-ASI-IPGE platform provides ASI inputs and outputs over DIN connectors and network interfaces via SFP RJ45 or SFP Fiber GigE. There are 2 ordering configurations, 4x SFP cages each capable of 1G Ethernet or 2x SFP+ cages each capable of 10G Ethernet.

The 3080IPG-ASI-IPGE platform is available in 3 density variations all offering high density conversions: 3080IPG-ASI16-IPGE, 3080IPG-ASI24-IPGE, 3080IPG-ASI32-IPGE

  • 16/ 24/ 32xASI inputs per DVB TR101 891-213Mbits/s
  • 16/ 24 /32xASI outputs per DVB TR101 891-213Mbits/s
  • Internal TSM-Lite for monitoring (ETR-290)
  • ASI Input bandwidth management, monitoring (Min and Max Bitrate Threshold)
  • GigE bandwidth management
  • De-encapsulation of incoming Transport Streams over IP with FEC support to ASI
  • Auto fail-over to the redundant incoming Transport Streams over IP
  • Encapsulation of outgoing Transport Streams over IP with FEC support from ASI
  • Flexible SFP Ethernet I/O for 4x 10/100/1000 or 2x 10GbE I/O (SFP+)

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Inputs & Outputs
  • 32xASI inputs per TR101 891-213Mbits/s
    • Min ASI Bitrate: 100kb/s per input
    • Max ASI Bitrate: 213Mbits/s per input
  • 32xASI outputs per TR101 891-213Mbits/s
    • Min ASI Bitrate: 100kb/s per output
    • Max ASI Bitrate: 213Mbits/s per output
SFP Modules
4xSFP Modules(see ordering information)
ConnectorRJ45 (SFPTR-RJ45-SGM-AV)
ConnectorFemale Duplex LC/UPC (on SFP)
Transmit Wavelengths
Receive Wavelengths1270-1610nm
Optical Output Power
SFP1G-TR13-A-9 to -3dBm
SFP1G-TR15S0 to +5dBm
SFP1G-TR15H0 to +5dBm
SFP1G-TRCxxH0 to +5dBm
SFP10G-TR13-A-8 to +0.5dBm
SFP10G-TR15S0 to +3dBm
SFP10G-TR15H0 to +3dBm
SFP10G-TRCxxH0 to +3dbm
SFP10G-TRDxxxH-3 to +3dbm
Receive Sensitivity
Encapsulation parameters
  • IP encapsulation for ASI input: MAC 802.3 ⇒ IPV4 ⇒ RTP ⇒ UDP ⇒ MPEG (RTP can be turned on and off)
    Select 1 to 7 MPEG packets per IP frame
  • Optional FEC encoding (Pro MPEG forum code of practice #3- release 2<cop3>) with L&D following the following range:
    L*D ≤ 100
    1 ≤ L ≤ 20
    4 ≤ D ≤ 20
  • IP address (IP, Subnet mask, Gateway) for the source
  • IP address for the destination (Unicast and Multicast)
  • Selection of the source port and destination port
  • Set Local MAC address of the equipment
De-Encapsulation Parameters
  • Join Multicast by providing correct messaging using IGMP V2, V3
  • Selection of the UDP Ports
  • Auto fail-over to redundant multicast address
Power Consumption
95 watts
Number of Slots2

Ordering Information

NotesContact factory for 10 GigE availability and for other optical interface options
3080IPG-ASI16-IPGEIP En/De-Capsulator with 16 ASI I/O and 4x SFP 1GE
3080IPG-ASI24-IPGEIP En/De-Capsulator with 24 ASI I/O and 4x SFP 1GE
3080IPG-ASI32-IPGEIP En/De-Capsulator with 32 ASI I/O and 4x SFP 1GE
SFP Optical Ordering Options
SFPTR-RJ45-SGM-AV10/100/1000 RJ45 SFP module
SFP1G-TR13SFP Optical Transciever, 1.25Gbs, 1310mm, SMF, 20km
SFP1G-TR15SSFP Optical Transciever, 1.25Gbs, 1550mm, SMF, 40km
SFP1G-TR15HSFP Optical Transciever, 1.25Gbs, 1550mm, SMF, 80km
SFP10G-TR13-ASFP+ Optical Transceiver, 10Gbs, 1310nm, SMF, 10Km
SFP10G-TR15SSFP+ Optical Transceiver, 10Gbs, 1550nm DFB, SMF, 40km max
SFP10G-TR15HSFP+ Optical Transceiver, 10Gbs, 1550nm DFB, SMF, 80km max
SFP10G-TRCxxHSFP+ Optical Transceiver, 10Gbs, CWDM (1470-1610nm) DFB, SMF, 80km max (70km for 1590, 1610nm)
SFP10G-TRDxxxHSFP+ Optical Transceiver, 10Gbs, DWDM (ch 20-60) DFB, SMF, 80km max
Rear Plate Suffix
+6RU6RU rear plate for use in 6RU slots
3700FR3700 Series 6RU ATP frame, includes one 3000PS power supply
EMX1-FR1RU EMX Router frame which holds 2 single slot modules
EMX3-FR3RU EMX Router frame which holds 5 single slot modules
EMX6-FR6RU EMX Router frame which holds 15 single slot modules