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The DC-PLAYOUT is the most advanced primary clip playback server and production suite available on the market today. The rugged 3RU chassis supports playout of up to 8x channels of HD, 4x channels in 3G and 1x channel of 4K/UHD. The license-free design makes all features and configurations available to users through a simple web-based configuration tool.

The DC-PLAYOUT can operate as a standalone clip playback solution or a distributed system design with every record train, clip and playlist instantly available from any DreamCatcher operation station. The DC-PLAYOUT provides simple integration with every major production switcher through AMP, Odetics, VDCP, GPIs and PBUS. Automation control is also available through the open third-party DreamCatcher™ control protocol.

The DC-PLAYOUT is available with storage options from 800GB up to 12TB supporting approximately 15 to 240 hours of 100MB/s content storage. Each system has an additional 1TB of near line secondary storage used for archiving content.

Each system includes an integrated transcoding engine for convenient import and export of the following codecs: ProRes, DNxHD, XDCAM50, DVC Pro, AVC Intra, H.264 and MPEG-2i. The DC-PLAYOUT also includes advanced editing capabilities which allow the system to be used as an additional DreamCatcher™ content creating operation station.

  • Native AMP support as well as Odetics, VDCP, GPIO and PBUS using the DC-TPIP
  • Sub frame cue to play response time
  • A familiar controller design with an advanced touch-based interface
  • Distributed 10GbE architecture
  • Playout of up to 8x HD, 4x 3G HDR and 1x 4K/UHD HDR outputs
  • Custom content buttons for quick cueing of clips
  • Integrated transcoding engine
  • Integrated multiviewer
  • Support for up to 2x operators per system
  • Multiple storage configurations
  • Ingest of ProRes 4444 codec with Alpha channel
  • Optional live Non-Linear Editor with DC-LIVE-EDIT
  • Graphical metadata insertion tools
  • Integrated search engine across a federated database

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MethodsDIN Connector or 10GbE (SMPTE ST 2110)
HD720p59.94Hz, 720p50Hz, 1080i59.94Hz, 1080i50Hz
3G1080p59.94Hz, 1080p50Hz
4K/UHD4x 1080p59.94Hz, 4x 1080p50Hz
QuantityUp to 8x HD, up to 4x 3G, up to 1x 4K/UHD
AudioUp to 16x channels of embedded audio per output
GenlockSDI Only
NTSC/PAL black burst
Number4x 1GbE, 2x 10GbE
Connector TypeDreamCatcher™ SFPs, RJ-45
User InterfaceVUE-Configurable UI
ControllerOptional: DC-RCP-10
Production SwitcherAMP direct, GPI, PBUS, Odetics using the DC-TPIP
4x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0
Power Consumption950 watts Max Rated, 800 watts Nominal
EMI/RFIComplies with FCC part 15
Class A, EU EMC Directive
CISPR 22 Class A Digital Device or Peripheral
IEC 60950-1:2005+A1+A2
VoltageAC-100-240V, 47 – 63Hz
Current8 – 4A
RedundancyTriple redundant power supplies
Storage Capacity
800GB~15 hours at 100MB/s
1.6TB~30 hours at 100MB/s
3.2TB~60 hours at 100MB/s
6.4TB~120 hours at 100MB/s (can be doubled)

Ordering Information

DC-PLAYOUT1TB secondary storage, 4x HD Playout, 4x 3G Playout, 1x 4K-UHD Playout (requires playout and storage options from below)
Ordering Options
+1TBG2Primary 800GB content storage (~15 hours at 100MB/s)
+2TBG2Primary 1.6TB content storage (~30 hours at 100MB/s)
+3TBG2Primary 3.2TB content storage (~60 hours at 100MB/s)
+6TBG2 Primary 6.4TB content storage (~120 hours at 100MB/s)
+SDI HD-SDI/3G-SDI playout
+ST10G10GbE ports supporting SMPTE-ST 2110
+ST25G25GbE ports supporting SMPTE-ST 2110
+DC-LEIntegrated Non-Linear Editor Interface
+10GE2Additional 2x 10GbE Ports