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DreamCatcher™ DC-LITE-CLIENT

Desktop Logging and Editing Station

The DreamCatcher™ Lite Client is a portable remote client that provides full access to your DreamCatcher™ cluster. The compact design allows for logging, editing and content management controls from an intuitive user interface. The addition of a DC-LITE-CLIENT to any DreamCatcher™ cluster provides an additional resource that will enhance the quality of any production.

The DC-LITE-CLIENT allows a single operator to log for an entire production through an graphical interface quickly and accurately. Through the DreamCatcher™ 10GbE interface the DC-LITE-CLIENT provides instant access to all content on the network for effective logging capabilities.

The DC-LITE-CLIENT provides another powerful interface for skilled editors to craft their story. The portable client provides access to the DreamCatcher™ revolutionary editing platform without tying up valuable operation stations. The intuitive touch interface also allows editors to contribute content without requiring in-depth editing knowledge.

The DreamCatcher™ 10GbE cluster allows the DC-LITE-CLIENT unprecedented access to content on the DreamCatcher™ network, attached storage or network share storage. Using a DC-LITE-CLIENT station a single operator can efficiently manage the flow of content for an entire production.


  • An advanced touch-based interface
  • Compact, portable design
  • Control over any remote output
  • Support for high frame rate camera playout
  • Remote viewing of any input on the DreamCatcher™ 10GbE network
  • Integrated multiviewer
  • Graphical logging and metadata insertion tools
  • Integrated search engine across a federated database
  • Bin organization for simple content management
  • Control over the combined transcoding power of the DreamCatcher™ network



2x 1GbE
Connector Type DreamCatcher™ SFPs, RJ-45


User Interface VUE-Configurable UI


3x USB 3.0
2x USB 2.0
1x USB-C


Voltage AC-100-240V, 47 – 63Hz
Current 8 – 4A

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DC-LITE-CLIENT DreamCatcher™ Lite Client