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The DreamCatcher™ 200NZ Series is a scalable IP-based low bit rate content recorder that enhances any DreamCatcher™ cluster by adding ingest, storage and compute capabilities. The rugged 3RU chassis supports native capture of up to 12x low bit rate IP inputs.

The DC-200NZ Series is available in three storage options with the ability to easily double each storage selection. Storage options from 800GB to 12TB available supporting 30 hours to 480 hours of storage @50MB/s. Each system has an additional 1TB of near line secondary storage for archiving content.

The DC-200NZ Series is designed to seamlessly integrate into an IP facility built around Evertz' revolutionary 10GbE SDVN technology. The DC-200NZ Series allows you to utilize the revolutionary DreamCatcher™ feature set in a native IP-based production environment.

The DC-200NZ Series allows for native low bit rate long GOP recording while utilizing Evertz' IP SDVN technology to provide unprecedented access from any client connected on the network. The IP-based design allows for hundreds of nodes to be connected on a DreamCatcher™ cluster for an unprecedented level of scalability.

  • Advanced 10GbE IP-based architecture
  • Capture up to 12x 3G/HD inputs
  • Support for HD, 3G
  • Integrated transcoding engine
  • Storage configurations: 800GB to 12TB
  • Continuous loop recording with automatic clip protection
  • 3x redundant power supplies
  • Integrated search engine across a federated database

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HD720p59.94Hz, 720p50Hz, 1080i59.94Hz, 1080i50Hz
3G1080p59.94Hz, 1080p50Hz
Up to 12x HD, up to 12x 3G
Up to 16x channels of embedded audio per input
2x 1GbE, 4x 10GbE
Connector TypeDreamCatcher™ SFPs, RJ-45
User InterfaceVUE-Configurable UI
2x USB 2.0, 4x USB 3.0
Power Consumption
950 watts Max Rated, 800 watts Nominal
Complies with FCC part 15 Class A, EU EMC Directive, CISPR 22 Class A Digital Device or Peripheral, IEC 60950-1:2005+A1+A2
VoltageAC-100-240V, 47 – 63Hz
Current8 – 4A
RedundancyTriple redundant power supplies
Storage Capacity
800GB~30 hours at 50Mb/s
1.6TB~60 hours at 50Mb/s
3.2TB~120 hours at 50Mb/s
6.4TB~240 hours at 50Mb/s
Recording MethodContinuous Loop Record
Secondary Capacity
1TB~30 hrs at 100MB/s

Ordering Information

DC-210NZ800GB: ~30 hours @50Mb/s, 12x HD/3G inputs, Low Bit-Rate Long GOP Recorder
DC-220NZ1.6TB: ~60 hours @50Mb/s, 12x HD/3G inputs, Low Bit-Rate Long GOP Recorder
DC-230NZ3.2TB: ~120 hours @50Mb/s, 12x HD/3G inputs, Low Bit-Rate Long GOP Recorder
DC-260NZ6.4TB: ~240 hours @50Mb/s, 12x HD/3G inputs, Low Bit-Rate Long GOP Recorder
DC-IODreamCatcher Input Card Supporting baseband, SMPTE ST 2110 and ASPEN
3482TXE-X19-ABulk XD-CAM encoder
Ordering Options
+1TBNZAdditional 800GB (~15 hours at 100Mb/s) for the DC-210NZ
+2TBNZAdditional 1.6TB (~30 hours at 100Mb/s) for the DC-220NZ
+3TBNZAdditional 3.2TB (~60 hours at 100Mb/s) for the DC-230NZ
+6TBNZAdditional 6.4TB (~120 hours at 100Mb/s) for the DC-260NZ