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Stadium & Venue Overview

The DreamCatcher™ Suite is the leading instant replay solution used across the stadium and venue market. Experienced in every major event type, DreamCatcher™ is sure to have an elegant solution that will meet the needs of your operators and excite your fan base.

North American Football
  • Over 24 NFL venues
  • 50% of CFL stadiums
  • DreamCatcher™ is used in multiple applications including 4K and High Frame Rate
  • The addition of NGSS stats enables automated clipping and metadata tagging
  • 20 NBA teams currently using DreamCatcher™
  • More than 17 stadiums across MLB are trusting DreamCatcher™ as their replay system of choice
  • First High Dynamic Range deployment in a major market
  • DreamCatcher™ has been used in venue in each of the last 4 Stanley Cup finals
  • 16 NHL teams currently using DreamCatcher™
International Football
  • 12 MLS teams currently using DreamCatcher™ replay
  • Dynamic Playlist building makes DreamCatcher™ a top choice among MLS teams
  • Some of the first venues in this market have chosen DreamCatcher™ as their replay system of choice
  • DreamCatcher™ is often chosen for its flexibility in this emerging field

Features & Applications

The DreamCatcher™ Suite has an application to fit any of your control room needs.

Need multiple applications? No problem, the DreamCatcher™ family of products are designed to integrate seamlessly providing an end to end workflow that will take your productions to the next level.

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Clip Playout
Live Switching
Live Editing
Content Management
Fan Engagement


Multiple Access Points
By assigning each piece of hardware within your cluster a specific application or job, the DreamCatcher™ platform ensures transcodes, captures, or specific outputs are the first and only priority.
When adding multiple nodes to a large scaled cluster, you ensure redundancy across the solution. DreamCatcher™ supports automatic change over for both inputs and outputs to ensure your biggest moments will always be at your fingertips.
Future Proof Solution
Whether you are looking for high resolution formats such as 4K or 8K or looking to add High Frame Rate or perhaps even High Dynamic Range, the DreamCatcher™ platform is built to adapt with your growing needs.
Cost Effective
In a modular DreamCatcher™ set up, augmenting inputs is as simple as adding that single piece of hardware to your DreamCatcher™ cluster. The addition of outputs, additional transcode power, remote playback capability all work in the same fashion. Create your own custom DreamCatcher™ solution by purchasing exactly what you need to accomplish your ideal in venue show.

User Experience

I'm a huge fan of the DC-ONE personally... it's really changed the way we do replays here at Ottawa REDBLACKS... Some calls are very close, so being able to actually zoom in to 400% has really been able to either overturn the call or just show fans something that they might have missed.

- Jeff Hay | Gameday Production Technician Ottawa REDBLACKS Football Club

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Whether it's technical support or even operator support, [Evertz is] a phone call away. We've found that to be exceptional... If we build another control room, we think DreamCatcher™ has a place for us for the future.

– Andrew Barnhardt | Sr.Mgr Broadcast Technical Woodbine Entertainment Group

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