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The DreamCatcher™ 200ES Series is a scalable IP-based high bit rate content recorder that enhances any DreamCatcher™ cluster by adding ingest, storage and compute capabilities. The rugged 3RU chassis supports IP capture of up to 12x 3G/HD and 3x 4K/UHD with support for SMPTE ST 2110 and ASPEN.

The DC-200ES Series is available in storage options from 1-12TB supporting 30-240 hours of content at 100MB/s respectively. Each system has an additional 1TB of near line secondary storage for archiving content.

The DC-200ES Series is designed to seamlessly integrate into an IP facility built around Evertz' revolutionary 10GbE SDVN technology. The DC-200ES' IP-based design allows for hundreds of nodes to be clustered together for an unprecedented level of scalability.

The DC-200ES Series' native J2K/AVC-I record allows for a 10-bit encoding standard that natively supports the latest camera technology including 8K, 4K/UHD, HDR and high-frame-rate inputs without the need for additional licenses.

  • Advanced 10GbE IP-based architecture
  • Capture up to 12x 3G/HD over IP
  • Capture up to 3x 4K/UHD over IP
  • Support for HD, 3G and 4K/UHD
  • Support for high-frame-rate cameras in HD, 3G and UHD
  • Support for 3G HDR and UHD HDR
  • Integrated transcoding engine
  • Storage configurations: 1TB to 12TB
  • Continuous loop recording with automatic clip protection
  • 3x redundant power supplies
  • Integrated search engine across a federated database

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Methods10GbE (SMPTE ST 2110, ASPEN)
HD720p59.94Hz, 720p50Hz, 1080i59.94Hz, 1080i50Hz
3G1080p59.94Hz, 1080p50Hz
4K/UHD4x 1080p59.94Hz
Up to 12x HD, up to 12x 3G, up to 3x 4K/UHD
Up to 16x channels of embedded audio per input
Special Camera Support
All high-frame-rate, HDR and 4K/UHD cameras are supported
2x 1GbE, 4x 10GbE
Connector TypeDreamCatcher™ SFPs, RJ-45
User InterfaceVUE-Configurable UI
2x USB 2.0, 4x USB 3.0
Power Consumption
950 watts Max Rated, 800 watts Nominal
Complies with FCC part 15 Class A, EU EMC Directive, CISPR 22 Class A Digital Device or Peripheral, IEC 60950-1:2005+A1+A2
VoltageAC-100-240V, 47 – 63Hz
Current8 – 4A
RedundancyTriple redundant power supplies
Storage Capacity
800GB~15 hours at 100Mb/s
1.6TB~30 hours at 100Mb/s
3.2TB~60 hours at 100Mb/s
6.4TB~120 hours at 100Mb/s
Recording MethodContinuous Loop Record
Secondary Capacity
1TB~24 hrs at 100MB/s

Ordering Information

DC-210ES-G2800GB: ~15 hours @100Mb/s, 12x HD/3G inputs, 3x 4K-UHD inputs. High Bit-Rate I-Frame Recorder
DC-220ES-G21.6TB: ~30 hours @100Mb/s, 12x HD/3G inputs, 3x 4K-UHD inputs. High Bit-Rate I-Frame Recorder
DC-230ES-G23.2TB: ~60 hours @100Mb/s, 12x HD/3G inputs, 3x 4K-UHD inputs. High Bit-Rate I-Frame Recorder
DC-260ES-G26.4TB: ~120 hours @100Mb/s, 12x HD/3G inputs, 3x 4K-UHD inputs. High Bit-Rate I-Frame Recorder
DC-IODreamCatcher Input Card Supporting baseband, SMPTE ST 2110 and ASPEN
Ordering Options
+1TBG2Additional 800GB (~15 hours at 100Mb/s) for the DC-210ES-G2
+2TBG2Additional 1.6TB (~30 hours at 100Mb/s) for the DC-220ES-G2
+3TBG2Additional 3.2TB (~60 hours at 100Mb/s) for the DC-230ES-G2
+6TBG2Additional 6.4TB (~120 hours at 100Mb/s) for the DC-260ES-G2