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Automated Metadata Ingest, Clipping, Highlight Creation

Unprecedented Metadata Control

The DreamCatcher™ Metadata Copilot is the latest addition to the DreamCatcher™ Media Suite. The Metadata Copilot empowers customers to leverage the data that's associated with their video content, building simple, intuitive workflows for capturing and managing data, and turning it into assets producers and operators can use to tell stories.

The Metadata Copilot harnesses the power of timecode accurate statistical data, giving users unparalleled access to information about every play. Data is harvested in real time and applied to clips in the form of tags. These clips can be collected into various categories and suggested to operators as curated playlists and bins, ready for air.

Focused Production & Features

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Automated Clipping & Tagging
Highlight Creation
Automated Archiving
Custom Metadata Schemas
Session Scheduling
Supported Sports Leagues
Automated Play Tracking

Unmatched User Experience

Automated Clipping
Scheduling Session Creation & Deletion
Automated Tagging
Manual Metadata Entry & Story Configuration
Story Configuration & Orchestration
Customized Export Workflow

Flexible & Scalable Architecture

Metadata Copilot runs as a software client on the DreamCatcher™ Media Suite, leveraging the patented DreamCatcher™ network to deeply integrate Metadata relevant to your production across all clips, users and inputs.

DC-Metadata-Copilot: External Data Feed

Ordering Information

DC-METADATA-COPILOT Automated Metadata Ingest, Clipping, Highlight Creation
Metadata Manual Logger Manual Metadata Entry, Clipping, Highlight Creation

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