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The DreamCatcher™ Production Suite

Are you ready for the revolution? A tidal wave of change is fast approaching the live production industry. When it hits, your live production tools will need to have the flexibility to instantly adapt to unexpected requirements. Is your live production infrastructure built on a platform that has the flexibility to absorb change and adapt to new demands?

The DreamCatcher™ Production Suite is designed to embrace this tidal wave of change. It leverages a patented network architecture to provide scalability, agility, and flexibility that is unmatched in the industry. DreamCatcher™ is a platform that fits into all the critical aspects of live production: capture, replay, playout, live editing, storage, logging and content management. The flexible nature of the DreamCatcher™ architecture enables efficient workflows that can be driven by all levels of production experience. The unique modularity of the DreamCatcher™ platform also leverages high capacity IP networking that dynamically adjusts to meet the demands of a large single production to many smaller ones.

DreamCatcher™ provides a set of revolutionary production tools that enhance the story telling capabilities of any live production. The DreamCatcher™ architecture provides instant access to all content on the network from any operation station, for an unprecedented level of content availability. By leveraging open architecture and access to network-wide compute resources, the DreamCatcher™ platform has eliminated render times and pulled important workflows into the live spectrum.

Unparalleled User Experience

DreamCatcher's™ user interface delivers a frictionless experience for live content creation. The intuitive touch interface highlights a modern user experience and reduces the learning curve for novice operators, while the hardware controller gives experienced operators a familiar control surface to amplify their abilities. Every DreamCatcher™ surface can be tailored to fit any user or workflow. Repetitive actions and complicated control sequences can be automated into custom buttons improving the workflow, efficiency, and accuracy of every live production.


Leveraging Evertz' extensive broadcast experience and technology, the DreamCatcher™ platform is designed for critical applications that operate at 99.999% up time. The patented networked architecture (with built-in redundancies) and advanced hardware design for robustness makes DreamCatcher™ the right choice for any live production. A wide range of global broadcasters, sports leagues and teams rely on the dependability of DreamCatcher™ to keep their live productions running smoothly.

DreamCatcher is changing the face of production and instant replay. Not only the pioneer of 4K zoom and Mosaic, DreamCatcher also offers the most robust, scalable and modern IP-based replay system in the industry today. DreamCatcher's rapid editing capabilities combined with enhanced production workflow allow replay operators to be true craftsmen in their profession.

DreamCatcher Academy

DreamCatcher Academy is a multi or single day course designed to educate operators on the configuration and controls of the DreamCatcher system. Some topics discussed include: Basic Operations | Playlist Editing | Content Management | Event Logging | Advanced Operations

DC Academy 2020 Locations & Dates

Unfortunately, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, all in-person DreamCatcher Academy programs have been cancelled until further notice. A virtual training session has been scheduled for June 16th to accommodate those who were already signed up for the remaining three sessions. Thank you for your understanding.