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Flexible Media Processing Platform

Platform Features

SCORPION Media Processing Platform is a flexible hardware platform. Moving away from fixed function, SCORPION allows for a high degree of customization to accomplish many workflows. Based on a modular concept, SCORPION leverages a catalogue of both SFPs and miniature input and output modules (MIOs) for diverse signal support and conversion. SCORPION possesses both internal routing capabilities using a 12G crosspoint as well as flexible FPGA resources capable of deploying software based services for additional processing. All of this power enables the aggregation, routing, processing, and transport of signals over both dark fiber and IP networks.


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Post Production
Remote Production & VAR
Broadcast AV
OB Trucks

Versatile Interfaces

SCORPION has a diverse signal support catalogue. Leveraging MIO modules for a wide range of video, audio, and data formats, SCORPION is the platform for aggregating and distributing multiple signal formats simultaneously. This is accomplished with a high degree of customization using a catalogue of software.


12G / 6G / 3G / HD / SD / ASI / HDMI


Analog, AES, MADI, Intercom


Ethernet / Serial / GPIO / SCTE / USB


10 / 25 / 40 / 100G / SONET / SDH / CWDM / DWDM


Media processing in a compact modular chassis has never been more flexible. Combining onboard processing FPGAs with additional modular FPGAs (MIO-BLADE) for additional horsepower allows for a scalable and dense video processing solution. The MIO–BLADE–Z21 is a generic FPGA based compute module. A device in the evEDGE family, it is a flexible module capable of running a catalogue of software services to define function. This adds a layer of agility and flexibility with a SCORPION solution, allowing a solution to dynamically change or be updated with changing infrastructure and workflow requirements.

Visit the MIO-BLADE-Z21 product page
  • Dual 3G UDX
  • 4K UDX
  • Dual 3G Frame Sync
  • 4K Frame Sync
  • JPEG 2000 Encode / Decode
  • JPEG XS Encode / Decode
  • ST-2110 Gateway
  • Dual 3G HDR Conversion
  • 4K HDR Conversion

XPS Contribution and Streaming

MIO-XPS is part of Evertz XPS encoder series, a set of high quality and low latency video encoder / decoder devices for video transport, remote production, cloud on-ramp, internet streaming and disaster recovery applications.

As part of the SCORPION platform, MIO-XPS has the advantage of leveraging the catalogue of signal support and processing functions in the MIO toolkit. Embed discrete microphones, timecode or GPIs, perform up / down / cross conversion, color correction or adjust audio levels. Create your customized remote network on-ramp using MIO-XPS in the SCORPION platform.

Routing & Flexibility

An internal 12G crosspoint connecting all MIOs, SFPs, and processing FPGAs allows for internal routing capabilities to allow a high degree of mobility of signals throughout SCORPION chassis. Route signals internally in the chassis or over dark fiber/IP networks using VUE and MAGNUM to accomplish workflows with ease.

Versatile Enclosure

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SCORPION 18 Series

Modular I/O

SCORPION miniature input and output modules (MIOs) allow for ingest of video, audio, Ethernet and data into SCORPION media processing platforms. Supporting a wide range of different signal types, conversion, and processing features, these MIOs combined with SCORPION enclosures and software services allow for a high degree of customization and flexibility for many applications and workflows.

See the Mini I/O modules datasheet