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The ATOM–Box is a versatile USB recorder and streaming encoder in a compact form factor. Designed for multiple broadcast and AV applications it allows low cost recording of sport, studio productions, compliance video, and music on to a USB drive as H.264 encoded MPEG–4 files. These files can be played back on virtually any computer, mobile device, and modern smart TVs, making this file format an almost universal playback medium.

The ATOM–Box is also a high quality streaming encoder that can stream files to the Internet for others to view live while also making a recording — it’s one box with two functions! It is fully equipped with a full range of input interfaces including HD/SD–SDI, DVI, VGA, YUV, AV and HDMI.

The ATOM–Box a flexible platform that can be used as a standalone device or rack mounted in a 1RU chassis when multiple recorders are required. One of its many benefits is that it’s simple to use; insert a USB drive, press the REC/ STOP button for instant recording, then press it again to stop. For streaming video and audio, press the STREAM/STOP button for live video over IP. For optimizing recording and streaming performance, a simple Web UI is available for accessing the ATOM-Box's recording and streaming parameters.

The use of the H.264 codec ensures high-quality recordings encoded as MPEG–4 files with impressive video and audio quality for resolutions of up to 1920x1080p/60 with AAC audio bit rates up to 384 kHz and a sample rate of 48 kHz at 16–bit. The Web UI provides adjustable bit rate, standard or high profile MPEG–4 or TS, and users can further optimize the TS transport stream signals for streaming such as TCP/UDP (unicast or multicast), RTSP over HTTP/TCP/UDP in the form of elementary stream, RTMP (local or publish), and HLS.

The ATOM–Box is a highly affordable, versatile, and compact USB recorder with a flexible design that accepts a wide range of analog and digital video signals, enabling simultaneous recording and streaming.

  • Simple-to-use USB recorder
  • High quality H.264 codec
  • Video and audio recording
  • Streaming encoder with MPEG-4 and TS files
  • TS over TCP/UDP (unicast and multicast)
  • Low latency < 0.3s
  • Up to 1080p60 fps
  • HD/SD–SDI, DVI, VGA, YUV, AV, HDMI, and analog audio inputs
  • Front easily accessible buttons for fast use
  • Recording at up to 16Mb/s

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USBUSB 2.0, high speed
> 15MB/s sustained data rate
Video CodecH.264/AVC, baseline, main, or high profile
Latency< 0.3s (RTSP/UDP streaming)
BitratePreset for 3 Mb/s, user adjustable up to 16Mb/s via Web UI
Video File FormatTS or MPEG–4 with AAC audio
Audio Codec32-384kbps, sample rate
48kHz at 16-bit
Video and Audio Inputs
Video Inputs1x HD/SD-SDI, 1x DVI, 1x VGA, 1x YUV, 1x AV, 1x HDMI
Supported Input Formats1920×1080 (p60/p50/P30/p25/p24/i60/i50), 1280×720 (p60/p50), 1280×1024 (p60), 1280×960 (p60), 1024×768 (p60), 800×600 (p60), 720×480 (p60/i60), 640×480 (p60), 720×576 (p50/i50)
Supported Output FormatsResize range from 128x128 to 1920x1080 (p60)
Audio Inputs2x RCA, 1x 3.5mm connector (stereo)
Ethernet1x RJ-45, 10/100MB/s
Power Input, DC10V-24V DC on 2.5mm connector with screw lock
Power Consumption15 watts
Dimensions6.3" W x 1.7" H x 4.7" D
(160mm x 44mm x 120mm)
Weight1.10 lbs (0.5kg)

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ATOM-Box1-USBCompact USB Recorder and Streaming Encoder