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The 7720DAC-A4 is a high-quality, 24-bit, digital to analog audio converter which converts 2 AES/EBU digital signals to 4 balanced analog audio signals. The 7720DAC-A4 has two independent AES/EBU converters. The inputs sample rate supported are 44.1 KHz and 48KHz. All analog audio outputs levels may be set individually from the front panel.

Level control is provided via a card edge toggle and the set gain level can be read out from a card edge display for convenience. The full scale digital signal can be calibrated to accommodate peak levels ranging of 12dBu to 25dBu with 0.1dB resolution.

The audio DAC features a card edge VU meter for quick confidence monitoring. Four separate level indicators are provided via bargraphs for quick validation of audio program material.

  • AES3/IEC-958 or AES-3id/SMPTE276/S/PDIF
  • 24-bit, high-quality conversion
  • 44.1 and 48KHz sampling rate
  • 0dBFS programmable from 12dBu to 25dBu
  • Support for 4 channels of balanced analog audio (2 AES/EBU)
  • Clock recovery via VCXO for extra stable sample clock generation
  • A card edge display provides a 4 channel bar graph type level indicator display for confidence monitoring
  • Local card edge display for level setup
  • Drives directly 600Ω loads
  • VistaLINK® capable for remote monitoring, control and configuration capabilities via SNMP; using VistaLINK® PRO, CP-2116E or CP-2232E Control Panels. VistaLINK® is available when modules are used with the 3RU 7800FR frame and a 7800FC VistaLINK® Frame Controller module in slot 1 of the frame

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Analog Audio Input
Number of Inputs4
TypeBalanced analog audio
ConnectorRemovable terminal strip
Input Impedance10kΩ minimum (differential)
Sampling Frequency48kHz (freerun or locked to the reference)
Signal Level0dB FS = 8dBu to 27dBu (programmable via 0dB/+6dB jumper and card edge fine gain with -10dB +10dB range)
Frequency Response±0.1dB (20Hz to 20kHz)
SNR100dB with input at -1dB FS
THD+N< 0.001% (> 100dB) @ 20Hz to 20kHz, -1dB FS
CMRR> 100dB @ 1kHz
Crosstalk< -100dB @ 20Hz-20kHz
Inter-channel Phase Error< 1°, 20Hz-20kHz
Reference Input
StandardNTSC (SMPTE ST 170), PAL (ITU624-4), DARS
Number of Inputs1
ConnectorBNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A
Signal Level
Maximum2V p-p video (composite only)
MinimumSync level 150m (composite only)
DARSSMPTE 276M, 1V p-p
Frequency Lock Range±100ppm from nominal
Input ImpedanceHigh impedance
Return Loss> 25dB to 10MHz (with external 75Ω termination)
AES Audio Output
StandardSMPTE 276M single ended AES
Number of Outputs2
ConnectorsBNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A
Sampling Rate48kHz
Impedance75Ω unbalanced
I/O Delay0.87ms
Voltage+12V DC
Power10 watts (nominal)
EMI/RFIComplies with FCC Part 15, Class A
EU EMC Directive
Number of Slots1

Ordering Information

7720DAC-A4Dual AES to Quad Analog Audio Converter with unbalanced AES inputs
7720DAC-A4-BDual AES to Quad Analog Audio Converter with balanced AES inputs
Ordering Options
NotesRear plate must be specified at time of order - eg: [model]+3RU
Rear Plate Suffix
+SAStandalone Enclosure Rear Plate
+3RU3RU rear plate for use with 350FR, 7700FR-C, 7800FR or 7801FR Multiframes
350FRPortable Multiframe which holds 7 single slot modules
7700FR-C3RU Multiframe which holds 15 single slot modules
7800FR3RU Multiframe which holds 15 single slot modules
7801FR1RU Multiframe which holds 4 single slot modules
S7701FR7700 Series Standalone Enclosure
7800FCVistaLINK® Frame Controller
CP-2116E-HRemote Control Panel
CP-2232ERemote Control Panel