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Master Control is the heart of any broadcast facility. Demands for reliability, serviceability, and signal protection are essential. Equally essential is a Master Control that can be expanded to provide for growth as facilities migrate to 3Gb/s with enhanced branding. Many broadcasters look at Master Control as a major long-term investment.

EMC Master Control Switcher

The 3025EMC Master Control Switcher has been designed to meet the growing needs in today's ever-changing Master Control environment. The 3025EMC platform provides a cost-effective solution for facilities converting to SD, HD and 3Gb/s. The hardware platform runs solid, field-proven software to form a foundation that meets the latest playout and branding needs. Other major features the platform includes are: bypass & emergency inputs, hot-swappable hardware, and redundant power supplies. Combined, these features create a reliable system for 24/7 year-round programming.

Evertz® Integrated Solution • The 3025EMC offers a unique approach to 3G/HD/SD master control with a number of options and a broad selection of configurable control panels. It can be assembled to meet any need and size. A 3025EMC system is comprised of an upstream router feeding a number of processing channels. This architecture allows systems to scale from a single channel up to a complex multichannel installation with minimal effort. The feature rich 3025EMC can be easily controlled under automation or manual control. The intelligent LCD pushbutton control panels give operators high flexibility in panel layout and user-friendly functionality. The 3025EMC integrates seamlessly with the Evertz® MVP® multi-viewer and router product lines, allowing customers to have a complete "turn-key" Master Control solution.

EMC System Diagram

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The EMC Platform

The 3025EMC is designed to support 3Gb/s, HD and SD video formats, including: 525i/59.94, 625i/50, 720p/59.94, 720p/50, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 1080p/50, and 1080p/60. Each 3025EMC processes a complete Program and Preset path using a Program and Preset input. A third Emergency input allows users to quickly go to a safe feed in case of emergency.

The 3025EMC provides a Program output and a full “look-ahead” Preview of the next transition. It provides two independent Clean outputs, where video and audio are taken from either Program or Preview processing path. The 3025EMC has built-in bypass relays, which provide maximum protection for the Program and Clean feed in cases of failure.

For audio, the 3025EMC provides support for 16 channels of embedded audio on the Program, Preset, and Emergency inputs. Embedded audio is also taken from any of the other inputs to provide more audio mixing options.

The 3025AP, Advanced Audio Processing module, can be fitted with the 3025EMC, and offers IntelliGain™ as an option for Program Loudness control, Dolby E/AC-3 decoding and encoding, Dolby UpMix and Dolby DownMix. The 3025EMC board offers four MADI inputs and outputs for discrete audio. Support for discrete AES inputs and AES outputs is provided via an external audio module called the 3025EMC-48x36-AESU.

EMC Block Diagram
EMC Control

Manual Control • The 3025EMC system was designed for ease of use in live and automated environments. The range of control panels has been optimized for size and ease of use in single and multi-channel playout applications. All the control panels use 10 character LCD buttons, providing a dynamic control environment. Every button is user-configurable, enabling panel layouts that are operator friendly. The panel layout provides a menu system, exposing the full capability of the 3025EMC to the operator. The control panels range from a 1RU version to the full size desktop control panel.

Automated Control • Each 3025EMC channel can connect to the leading automation systems through a dedicated serial port located on every channel. This gives low latency and maximum protection against on-air problems. Crosspoint control of upstream routers is handled directly by the 3025EMC so only a single port on the automation system is required for each active channel. The control protocols used by 3025EMC are supported by the major automation vendors.

Upstream Router Control • Each 3025EMC channel can control any size of router matrix ranging from 12 inputs to 1024 inputs. For "turn-key" environments, the 3025EMC integrates seamlessly with the Evertz® router product lines (from EQT to EQX). For existing routing infrastructures, the 3025EMC has support for the leading router vendors.

Branding & DVE

Branding • The 3025EMC has four internal key layers for static or animated "bugs" over the 3Gb/s, HD or SD video signal. The internal media generator also offers the options for the use of audio chimes/sniped, dynamic text for lower thirds, and dynamic text crawls. The size of each logo is variable and ranges from 1/25th to full screen. Various media formats (such as Tiff, TGA, Bitmap, and WAV files) can be imported into the Evertz® Overture™ media software and transferred to the 3025EMC via Ethernet.

The position of the logo, fade rates, clip association and animation rates can be controlled through the various control panels. Media is stored into flash memory that can be quickly recalled by the various control panel’s automation. The internal key layers can optionally be expanded to 16 (+EMG).

With a removable compact flash option, you can have access to up to 8Gb (+PC8G) & (CF8G) of on-line media storage space. The Network Attached Storage (+NAS) option utilizes the Gigabit Ethernet of the 3025EMC to connect a media server device. This option allows the 3025EMC to access virtually unlimited archived media storage. This approach in addition to the Overture™ suite simplifies the workflow.

DVE • The 3025EMC offers an optional DVE feature. The 2-channel 2-D DVE option (+DVE-2D) or a 4-channel 2-D DVE option (+DVE- 2D-2) provides live and dynamic visual effects, such as picture sizing, picture-in-picture with full preview capabilities and positioning, and is fully integrated within the 3025EMC. The DVE is fully assignable within the video-processing path of the 3025EMC. The DVE may be controlled manually or from the automation system and is independent of the key and logo (bug) layers.

Control Panel
Audio & Voice-Overs

The 3025EMC has powerful and flexible audio capabilities. With a standard 16 channels of embedded audio, it is easy to integrate into any station. Audio level adjustments may be made from the panel at any time and stored on a source-by-source basis. Internal audio shufflers allow routing from any input to any output. Also, phase correction and mono-mixing is provided.

The 3025AP (Advanced Audio Processing) with built-in sample rate converters allow any mix of 44.1kHz and 48kHz sources to be used and silently switched on-air. Optional Dolby-E/AC-3™ Decoders (+DD2) and Dolby-E™ Encoders (+DE2) allow the 3025AP to handle Dolby 5.1 programming.

Both the 3025EMC and 3025AP boards can perform two independent stereo voice-overs, each mappable to any or all output channels. Full "pre-hear" allows level and voice-over ratio to be set prior to going on-air. Voice-overs can be taken to air combined with another transition or independently.

Evertz® award-winning IntelliGain™ (+IG) can be added to the 3025AP to provide Program Loudness control.


Video Connections
InputsProgram, Preset, Keyer-1 Fill, Keyer-1 Key, Emergency, Keyer-2 Fill, Keyer-2, Key, Keyer-3 Fill, Keyer-3 Key, DVE, Background 1, 2, AUX 1, 2, and 3, Program Bypass, Clean Bypass
StandardsSMPTE ST 259, SMPTE ST 292, SMPTE ST 424
Signal Level800mV p-p nominal
Impedance75Ω terminating
Return Loss15dB typical (5 MHz – 1485MHz)
Cable equalizationBelden 1855A, 300m @ 270MHz, 100m @ 1.5Gb/s, 100m @ 3Gb/s
ConnectorsDIN 1.0/2.3 or BNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A
Timing window±½ line w.r.t. Reference input
Outputs4 Standard (dual): Program, Preview, Clean, Aux
StandardsSMPTE ST 259, SMPTE ST 292, SMPTE ST 424
Signal Level800mV p-p ±10%
Impedance75Ω terminating
Return Loss15dB typical (5MHz – 1485MHz)
DC Offset0V ±0.5V
ConnectorsDIN 1.0/2.3 or BNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A
Switching Reference
Reference InputAnalog 525/625 or Tri-level
Signal level1V p-p ±3dB
ConnectorDIN 1.0/2.3 or BNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A
Q-LinkDIN 1.0/2.3 or BNC per IEC 61169-8 Annex A
Serial6 serial (configurable RS-232/RS-422)
DB9 female (on two breakout panels)
EthernetDual 10/100/1000BT, 8-pin RJ45
General Purpose Inputs/Outputs
Inputs16 (standard)
Outputs16 (standard)
TypeOpto-isolated, active low
ConnectorTerminal block (on breakout panel)
LTC Reader
StandardSMPTE ST 12-1
Frame Rate25Fps and 30Fps nominal
Connectors3-pin female XLR type connector
Level0.2V to 4V p-p, balanced or unbalanced
Height10.5” (266mm)
Width19” (483mm)
Depth14.5” (368mm)
Module15 single slot modules
Height5.25” (133mm)
Width19” (483mm)
Depth15.75” (400mm)
Module5 single slot modules
AC Mains InputAuto ranging, 100-200V AC, 50/60Hz
Max. Oper Current9.5A (@115V AC nominal)
4.0A (@220V AC nominal)
Single ChannelApprox. 90 Watts
ConnectorIEC 60320 - 1 per power supply
AC Mains InputAuto ranging, 100-200V AC, 50/60Hz
Max. Oper Current4.6A (@100V AC nominal)
1.85A (@240V AC nominal)
Single ChannelApprox. 90 Watts
ConnectorIEC 60320 - 1 per power supply

Ordering Information

3025EMC-HDSDHD/SD Master Control with Channel Branding Module
3025EMC-3G3G/HD/SD Master Control with Channel Branding Module
Main Processing Modules
3025EMC-IO-DINDIN I/O Rear Module for 3025EMC
3025EMC-IO-XLINKXLINK I/O Rear Module for 3025EMC
3025EMC-IO-BNCBNC I/O Rear Module for 3025EMC
Main Processing Module Options
+EMGMedia Graphics expansion
+DVE-2DTwo channel 2D DVE
+DVE-2D-2Four channel 2D DVE
+TXTTexting option for crawls and CGs
+TPAir Temperature probe
+PC8GUpgrade of playout cache to 8GB
+CF8GUpgrade of compact flash to 8GB
+EEAS crawl insertion support (North America only)
+NASNetwork attached storage support
Audio Modules
3025EMC-48x32-AESUExternal AES input and output board for the 3025EMC
3025APAdvanced Audio Processing module for 3025EMC
Audio Module Options
+UMXSingle Stereo to 5.1 Upmix
+DMXSingle 5.1 to Stereo Downmix
+DD2Dual Dolby E®/AC-3 decode
+DE2Dual Dolby E® encode
EMX6-FRFrame for 3025EMC modules. Up to five 3025EMC modules
EMX3-FR3RU frame for 3025EMC modules.
Frame Options
+PSRedundant power supply for EMX6-FR
+78PQTRedundant power supply for EMX3-FR
Control Panels
EMC-DCPDesktop control panel for 3025EMC and QMC-2
QMC-CP-1000EQMC Auxiliary Control Panel - Fully programmable panel with 16 integral 10 character LCD buttons and Ethernet. 1RU rack mount
QMC-CP-EQMC Control Panel - Standard panel with fully programmable 10-character LCD buttons and Ethernet. 2RU rack mount
QMC-CP-2048EQMC Buddy Panel - Three rows of 16 integral 10 character LCD buttons which can used in conjunction with other QMC control panels for extended control. 2RU rack mount with Ethernet
EMC-DCP-SWSoftware version of QMC-DCP