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Master Control Switching & Channel Branding

For any master control environment, the user-interface is highly critical. The key criteria are simplicity, flexibility, and ease-to-use. The EMC-DCP desktop control panel features assignable control buttons, using a combination of fixed and dynamic LCD buttons. The multi-colored LCD buttons are capable of displaying multiple lines of text or graphics. The EMC-DCP is integral in the complete "turn key" solution Evertz offers for master control.

EMC-DCP Desktop Control Panel

The base panel features 98 buttons and 5 shaft encoders. Using configurable menus, the EMC-DCP allows the operator access to the full capability of the EMC. There are pluggable modules for further customization. The 4.3" LCD screen and additional LCD buttons expand the EMC-DCP's functionality. The EMC-DCP is the all-in-one control surface for master control.

Preset & program bus select buttons use a quiet tactile button and a shared LCD display for source labeling. Buttons are available for dedicated key, DVE, logo and voice-over levels. Transition types and speeds can be also assigned to the tactile buttons. The other LCD buttons (with up to 255 different colors) offer 10 character displays for complete customization of the EMC-DCP. Facilities can customize the EMC-DCP to suit their needs.

The EMC-DCP base panel can be expanded with various optional sub modules. Each extends the functionality of the panel. The first optional module contains 15 buttons and 5 shaft encoders, and offers an extension to the configurable buttons of the base panel. The second optional module contains a 4.3" LCD display, ideal for audio level monitoring and logo previews from the 3025EMC or 3025SW. The third optional module contains a T-bar and fixed buttons ideal for selecting transition types.

The EMC-DCP is designed for use on a desktop, in a console, mounted in standard 19" equipment rack, or on a sliding tray in a rack.



Ethernet RJ45, 10/100/1000 Mbit/s, redundant
Serial RS-232/RS-422 DB9 female
Tally DB25 female


Voltage Autoranging 100V-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power 20 watts
Fuse Rating 250V, 4A, time delay, Complies with EU safety directive
EMI/RFI Complies with FCC Part 15 Class A, EU EMC Directive


Dimensions 19" W x 5.6"" H x 12.8" D.
(483mm W x 142mm H x 325mm D)

Ordering Information

EMC-DCP EMC Desk Control Panel

Ordering Options

+ABP Additional Button Panel
+LCD 4.3" LCD Display
+TBAR T-Bar for fader arm applications