Introducing Evertz' next generation compact processing routing solution, leveraging the same unblocking signal flows offered with the industry-leading SDI routing system that included EQX video router coupled with EMR-ADMX/AUDIO and VIPX technology. All wrapped up in a compact 5RU modular router frame.

Robust by design, NEXX takes many cues from Evertz' years of industry-leading routing products: a fully-passive, modular-based frame and main interface/backplane that offers redundant control and ease of swapping components, including the crosspoint, fans and IO modules. Providing native functions such as audio embedding and de-embedding alongside additional license-enabled features for single-wire UHD/4K, frame sync paths and more allows NEXX to fit many small- to mid-sized routing environments.

NEXX proudly uses our MAGNUM control system, to provide the same workflows as our EQX-EMR by using traditional control panel interfaces and VUE for advanced local or remote context oriented user interfaces. MAGNUM offers many modules that can be used to go beyond a standard router control system, such as MAGNUM-TALLY.

Being a passive main interface/backplane and modular by design, NEXX provides a path to integrate future technology, protecting your investment and ensuring this platform can continue grow as your needs arise.

Features & Benefits

  • SDI support for SD/HD/3G/ 6G/12G data rates
  • 270MB ASI support for routing
  • Multi-rate support on a per-input basis
  • Native full audio shuffling
  • Optional input frame sync
  • Future IO module for IP and SMPTE ST 2110 uncompressed
  • Modular router with passive frame
  • Front-swappable hybrid video and audio crosspoint module
  • Fan-cooled, front to back using swappable fan trays
  • Control is made simple with MAGNUM Unified Control System

Preliminary photos, may not reflect final product.

NEXX 5RU front view
NEXX 5RU rear view
NEXX 5RU -256x256 video + audio + multiviewer

Hybrid Crosspoint Module

  • Front accessible module
  • Video paths for IO and multiviewer
  • Mono Audio crosspoint engine, day one supporting over 10K x 10K channels of mono audio

NEXX-IO-C1 Module

  • The 5RU offers 8 rear-accessible slots
  • The NEXX-IO-C1 provides HDBNC Coax connections for video and 2 SFP Auxiliary ports for discrete audio
  • License-enabled features on a per- module basis for UHD 12G single wire, Frame Syncing and Multiview displays

Licensed-Enabled Multiviewer

  • License up to 4 per NEXX-IO-C1
  • Displays are fed back into the video crosspoint making it accessible to any output by a simple route command
  • UMD static/Dynamic, ImageVideo and TSL 4&5
  • PCM audio Bars up to 16 channels per video
  • Simple to configure grid-based layout via WEB-UI


Video IO

Formats SD-SDI (270MB/s), SMPTE 259M-C
ASI (270MB/s), DVB-ASI
HD-SDI (1.485GB/s), SMPTE 292M
3G-SDI (2.970GB/s), SMPTE 424M
6G-SDI (5.940GB/s), SMPTE ST 2081
12G-SDI (11.88GB/s), SMPTE ST 2082

Audio IO per IO Module

Number of TDM/MADI 2x2
Number of Audio Channels
TDM Supports 512
MADI Supports 64
Per Video 16

Redundancy & Protection

  • Passive main interface/backplane
  • Redundant control
  • Redundant power supply
  • Swappable hybrid crosspoint
  • Swappable fan tray module

Frame Ethernet Interface

  • 4x RJ-45, control and monitoring

Protocol for Third–Party Control

  • Quartz

Reference Timing

Switching Reference Analog 525/625
Signal Level 1V p-p ±3dB
Impedence 75Ω


Height 8.75" (22.22cm) 5RU
Width 19" (48.3cm) rack mount


Voltage Auto-ranging, 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power per Module 1350W @ 110V AC, 1600W @ 230V AC

Ordering Information

NEXX‑5‑32x32‑PKG1 NEXX 5 RU base package 1 includes a 5RU frame capable of supporting 8 IO slots and 4 future AUX slots. Populated with one front-accessible video routing XPT engine, redundant control, a single 32x32 IO module for video/audio routing.

Module Ordering Options

NEXX-IO-C1 NEXX high-density FPGA accelerated IO processing hardware with HDBNC connectors, additional NEXX-IO feature keys required
NEXX-PS1 PS brick for NEXX 5RU and 3RU frames
NEXX-XC1 NEXX high-density front-accessible video and audio XPT routing engine that can be used in the NEXX 5 RU and 3 RU frames

License Ordering Options for NEXX IO

NEXX-IO-FK-32x32 NEXX IO Software feature key enabling 32x32 3G SDI
NEXX-IO-FK-FSE NEXX IO Software feature key enabling Frame Sync on one NEXX-IO module, supporting 32x3G paths and up to 16xUHD +8x3G signals with the NEXX-IO-FK-UHD.
NEXX-IO-FK-UHD Software feature key enabling 12G-SDI for single wire support for one NEXX IO module.
NEXX-IO-C1 can support up to 32x32-UHD or 24x24-4K +8x8-2K.
NEXX-IO-FK-MV1 NEXX IO Software feature key enabling one MV display on a NEXX IO module, this MV supports up to 16 grid-based windows, with audio, UMD, and tally support. Each NEXX-IO-C1 module can support up to 4 MV displays.

MAGNUM License Options

MAGNUM-SK-NEXX Magnum software key to add support for a single fully populated NEXX Router frame. This key supports one MAGNUM cluster.